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Mayara Nitão Death And Obituary: Died After Jumped From 6th Floor

Miss Serto Paraibano and former Miss Paraba Mayara Ingrid Silva Nito, 26, died this past Saturday, March 25, 2023, after leaping from a building’s sixth-floor window to escape a fire.

A heartbreaking fire scene was captured on film and posted by a Twitter user.

Cesar, Mayara’s 23-year-old brother, who also resided there, and they both made it through the fire a year and a half ago. The young man was taken to the hospital after inhaling smoke.

A few blocks from CPTM’s Vila Olmpia Station, in Rua do Rocio, an apartment caught fire.

On Saturday, shortly after 10:30 am, firefighters were requested. The father of Mayara claims that his son was asleep in one of the apartment’s two bedrooms when the fire started and that he was awakened by the smoke.

The fire soon spread after starting on the sofa in the main room, according to her father. Mayara couldn’t have eventually escaped because she was in the other room.

Her brother tried to phone her, but got no answer. At that point, Mayara would have jumped out the window. “She did it so purposefully that before she flung her purse,” the beauty queen’s father remarked.

According to the SSP, the fire would have been intense on the apartment’s sixth floor, but the smoke, which was extremely dense, spread to adjacent apartments. 13 fire teams in total were stationed at the scene to contain the damage.

She was even taken to the west zone’s Hospital das Clnicas. Her brother received care at BP-A Beneficência in central So Paulo.

The Paraba nation’s capital, Joo Pessoa, would host Mayara’s veil ceremony. Her family is anticipating the removal of the body.

Mayara’s father claimed that he is still struggling to comprehend the tragedy. “Admitting the death of a daughter who was with you just 15 days ago is really difficult. As I phoned her almost every day and yesterday I was unable to eat or sleep, this is proving to be quite difficult for me. She died? I can’t believe it. The worst thing in the world is losing a daughter. It is everything that a parent would detest.

He also mentioned that the rental unit had never been refurbished and that its electricity and gas installations had not been serviced. The building itself is over 35 years old.

Despite the fact that she was constantly on the road, Mayara was very close to her family. Her father claims she even took home four Miss contest victories.

The mayor of Itaporanga, where Mayara was crowned Miss Serto Paraibano in January of this year, declared three days of official mourning.

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