Melina’s Accord In Elden Ring : To Accept Or To Refuse?

Melina’s accord in Elden Ring is essentially the Finger Maiden asking permission to travel with you. In a FromSoftware game, it’s simple to be untrusting, but you’ll need to say yes to move on. That’s because Melina is both your horse and your access to levelling up. Until you

It’s easy to imagine that you might come back to the mysterious Finger Maiden of Elden Ring once you’ve had a wonder and have a better understanding of what’s going on because she won’t go into detail about the arrangement, which makes everything very cryptic. But since she plays a significant role in the game and is someone you must cooperate with, it seems strange to convey such a crucial mechanic in such a vague manner. So, below, we’ll go through all there is to know about Melina’s agreement and what signing it actually entails.

Usually, Melina will show up when you arrive at your third Site of Grace. She officially appears after visiting three Sites of Grace from a pool of “predetermined” sites, in accordance with instructions and accompanying material from FromSoftware. The majority of people will experience this in the Gatefront Ruins location because of the way the Guidance of Grace light beams guide you.

Melina will approach you and offer you “an accord” when you get to your third (or almost third) Site of Grace. She will play the part of maiden for you if you agree to accompany her to the Erdtree since you, presumably, are maiden-less. You won’t understand what a virgin is or does at this time, or what the accord actually accomplishes, though…

However, you should definitely say yes since she not only helps you level up by showing up at Sites of Grace once you agree to aid her, but she also provides you with the Spectral Steed Whistle, which provides the solution to the conundrum of how to acquire the Elden Ring horse, Torrent. As a result, if you decline, you will have to walk everywhere and won’t be able to use the Runes you gather to raise your character’s stats. If you think that’s merely going to be a struggle to take on, think again. Without Torrent, you won’t be able to access some locations or get over other hurdles at all. As a result, you really, really want to accept.

What transpires, though, if you reject Melina’s offer at Elden Ring? Naturally, there is no levelling up or horse, but the good news is that you can speak with her whenever you rest, so you can change your mind. When you first see her, you will have the opportunity to accept her whenever you rest at a Site of Grace. This way, you won’t suffer long-term consequences if you reject her.

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