The Untold Story Of Mike Smith From Trailer Park Boys & His Iconic Bubble Glasses

Without a doubt, the most well-known TV comedy set in a trailer park is Trailer Park Boys. The comedy is full of humorous scenes that centre on a gang of underprivileged troublemakers and the cops and staff of the trailer park who are often getting in the way of their amusement and money-making ideas. Three buddies make up the core group: Ricky (Robb Wells), whose muddled language is amusing, Julian (John Paul Tremblay), who is constantly intoxicated, and Bubbles (Mike Smith), the endearing shed-dweller.

The group’s garden engineer, Bubbles, is prone to furious outbursts and profanity. Additionally, he has a stronger affection for cats than what most people would consider “healthy.” He resides in a shed in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, where the programme is set, and he wears thick — and we mean THICK — spectacles. These are all things you already know about the character if you watch the programme, but here are some characteristics about Mike Smith, the actor who portrays him, that you probably didn’t know.

Bubbles’ glasses are actually Mike Smith’s

Before he ever appeared on camera, Mike Smith was the owner of the recognisable glasses Bubbles wears in Trailer Park Boys. That does not imply that they followed his advice. The exact opposite. According to an interview Smith gave to The Big Issue, his brain now “turns off” the eye pain. When the actor initially started working on the show, the glasses gave him significant headaches and he had to wear them for long stretches of time.

Before he was known as Bubbles, the actor would simply don the glasses to amuse his friends and wouldn’t have to wear them for very long. According to Smith, the glasses were acquired at a Texas estate sale. They cost 50 cents, and she (his girlfriend) bought them in jest because she thought I would find their thickness amusing, Smith added. In reality, Bubbles is sporting the dead man’s glasses that Mike Smith purchased. That’s really cool, no?

He was a musician, not an actor

The majority of the Trailer Park Boys have no acting experience. John Paul Tremblay, who plays Julian, and Robb Wells, who plays Ricky, both managed bars and pizza joints before getting jobs on the show thanks to their friendship with showrunner Mike Clattenburg. This may be the reason why Julian is constantly seen holding a drink. On the other side, Mike Smith was a musician prior to becoming Bubbles. Smith was a friend of Clattenburg’s, as were the other two individuals named, although he wasn’t initially requested to perform in the play.

Sandbox was an alternative rock band in which Smith played guitar. According to an interview with Mike Smith from 1996, the group received a Juno Award nomination after the release of their debut album Bionic. The group didn’t last long; it disbanded before Bubbles made an appearance in the trailer park.

Smith told SHARP Magazine, “Once the band broke up, I wanted to stay in the industry. “I knew Mike was producing a movie. He asked me to record the audio because I had a small recording studio set up in my home.”

Vanity paths lead to fame.

Mike Smith has some sketchy charges on his record

The unknown facts purportedly take a sinister turn at this point. In 2016, following a heated fight with a friend, Georgia Ling, at a Hollywood hotel, actor Mike Smith of the movie Trailer Park Boys was taken into custody on allegations of domestic assault. Although the two of them got into a loud, heated disagreement, Ling and Smith both informed USA Today that there was no battery present. Soon after the incident, the allegations were dropped, but not before Lucy DeCoutere, who plays Ricky’s on-screen love interest Lucy, quit the production.

“I cut people out of my life if I learn they are abusive. It’s quite simple, “DeCoutere tweeted this. After the incident, the rest of the cast issued a statement endorsing Smith.

A new accusation from Smith’s history was uncovered by Vice. An 18-year-old woman accused the actor of sexual assault in 2005, but she chose not to press charges after being warned that “fingers could be pointed.” According to Vice, the Bubbles actor has also received a citation for supplying alcohol to minors.

Vice received a statement from Smith’s manager that read, “Mike agreed to a voluntary interview and responded to all inquiries on his interactions with the woman. The officers did not ask him for any other information. They made no accusations. It would be irresponsible and unfair to publicise these accusations now, so many years after the fact, since no immediate police action was taken.”

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