8 Movies To Add To Your Watch List If You Liked Side Effects

Jude Law, Channing Tatum, and Rooney Mara are among the main cast members of the criminal drama film Side Effects. The film directed by Steven Soderbergh examines a woman’s deterioration in mental health following her husband’s detention. When Emily’s issues just won’t go away, she seeks out mental assistance. The medication that the psychiatrist Jonathan Banks prescribes causes her conduct to change. After that, she is charged with her husband’s murder, and Banks’ future is in jeopardy.

The 2013 film explores the complexities of mental diseases as well as the relationship between a patient and their therapist. A few people’s lives were apparently plagued by some of the real-life events that served as inspiration for the film. This film is a must-see because of its strong performers and intriguing plot. The recommendations that follow are ideal if you wish to see movies with similar topics. The majority of these films that are comparable to “Side Effects” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

A Woman Under The Influence

John Cassavetes is the author and director of the drama romance film “A Woman Under The Influence.” The protagonist of the story is a woman whose odd behavior annoys her presumed husband and family. Mabel’s husband Nick adores her, but their marriage is under stress as a result of her mental illness. The film’s stars are Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk. Due to her mental health, Emily also has problems in her marriage and personal life. The impact of mental illness on people and relationships is also highlighted in “A Woman Under The Influence” through examining related topics.

Body of Influence (1993)

A prominent psychiatrist’s world is turned upside down when a mysterious, exotic woman enters the picture, forcing him to show just how far he would go to win her love. The drama-thriller film, directed by Gregory Dark, follows the breakdown of doctor Jonathan Brooks’ life. The complexity of the doctor-patient relationship is depicted in the film “Side Effects,” even though Emily and Banks are not romantically involved. This feature is also reflected in “Body Of Influence.”

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Color of Night (1994)

Bruce Willis and Jane March play the main characters in Richard Rush’s drama/mystery film Color of Night. Bill, a colorblind psychiatrist, starts having passionate sexual encounters with a strange young woman after taking over his deceased friend’s therapy group. As a result, he finds himself the target of an unknown assailant. The interaction between a patient and a psychiatrist is deeply woven into the plot of the film. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding Bill and Banks’ patients. Over one of the persons they assist, they each encounter problems.

Diabolique (1955)

The French criminal drama film, originally named “Les diaboliques,” is based on Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac’s book “Celle qui n’était plus.” It happens after a school principal was killed by his wife and mistress. To get rid of the evil man, they plot the ideal murder. The murder mystery film, which Henri-Georges Clouzot directed, depicts the ideal crime. To find out if Emily killed her husband, you’ll need to see the movie “Side Effects,” but the overall theme is the same in both.

Dressed to Kill (1980)

When Liz Blake, a prostitute, sees a mysterious woman murder Kate Miller, she is put in danger. Since Liz is thought by the police to be the murderer, the real killer seeks to silence the only witness to the crime. The film, which was written and directed by Brian De Palma, centers on a number of riddles and subtly developed story points. An innocent person is made a suspect in the murder in “Dressed to Kill,” which stars Angie Dickinson and Michael Caine. Both films also examine the mental diseases that affect the female protagonists.

Primal Fear (1996)

The criminal drama film “Primal Fear” is based on a book by William Diehl. Aaron Stampler’s life is changed irrevocably after he is accused of killing a priest as a young altar boy. Things take an unexpected turn when renowned attorney Martin Vail decides to take on his case. The murder and the case that surrounding the accused are the central themes of Gregory Hoblit’s film. We witness a murder investigation that charges Emily and the ensuing case that establishes the guilty party in the movie “Side Effects” as well. Additionally, the accused in both movies appears to be experiencing mental instability.

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The Three Faces Of Eve (1957)

The Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley book “The Three Faces of Eve: A Case of Multiple Personality” served as the inspiration for the drama mystery film “The Three Faces Of Eve.” The film, which Nunnally Johnson directed, follows Eve White as she deals with her multiple personality disorder diagnosis and her daily life. It also depicts the medical professional who is treating her. The movie depicts the diagnosis of mental diseases as well as the experiences of a troubled girl. Both “Side Effects” and “The Three Faces of Eve” depict comparable topics.

The Woman in the Window (2021)

The film “The Woman in the Window” is based on author A.J. Finn’s book of the same name. It depicts the life of an agoraphobic woman who watches over her neighbors from her window. She contacts the police after witnessing a horrifying act of violence. Her account of the events, however, is disputed and unfounded. The crime thriller film, which is directed by Joe Wright, stars Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and Anthony Mackie. In the films “Side Effects” and “The Woman in the Window,” the female leads are both troubled psychologically. They have a hard time remembering the events in order to give an accurate account because of the medications they take and the ailments they have.



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