Who is Nathan Apodaca? Viral TikToker ‘Doggface’ Arrested for Marijuana Possession

The Idaho State Police detained Nathan Apodaca, a TikToker whose skating video went viral, on suspicion of marijuana possession. When the cops pulled Apodaca over, he was operating a light-duty truck with an expired registration plate.

He was arrested after the officer discovered THC gummies inside the car. A $600 bond has finally allowed the TikToker to leave custody. Who is Nathan Apodaca, though, and how did he start trending on TikTok? Find out by reading on.

Who is Nathan Apodaca AKA Doggface?

Nathan Apodaca, 40, is an Idaho native who uses the TikTok handle 420doggface208. A video of him skateboarding to work in 2020 while sipping cranberry juice and lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams went viral, catapulting him to prominence.

On September 25, 2020, when Apodaca was traveling to his place of employment at a business that processed potatoes, his car broke down. Then, he rode his longboard to the factory while recording his trip, which he eventually uploaded to TikTok.

Within a few hours, the video had more than 100,000 views after becoming quickly popular. Shakira, Mick Fleetwood, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stevie Nicks are just a few of the stars who replicated the footage.

Due to Apodaca’s reputation, he was able to land jobs and projects with numerous clients, and he quickly spent $320,000 for a five-bedroom home. The origins of the TikToker are Mexican. Before going viral, he lived in poverty his entire life.

He graduated from Eastern Idaho Technical College after attending Skyline High School and Idaho State University. He was born in 1982. The social media celebrity and Estela Chavez, with whom he has a son, are currently engaged. In addition, he has two children from a prior union.

The TikToker was Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

According to the Idaho State Police, a state trooper stopped Nathan Apodaca’s Chevrolet Silverado because it had an expired registration tag. When the police approached the car and smelt marijuana, Apodaca was looking for his registration when the officer saw several edibles in the glove box.

When the officer requested the TikToker to exit his truck, he inspected it and discovered three packages of THC gummies as well as a scraping tool covered in sticky substance. According to the police, Apodaca acknowledged having marijuana. The celebrity was subsequently detained for possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. On a $600 bond, he was nevertheless freed the same day.

Nathan Apodaca Shares his Side of the Story

The native of Idaho has now spoken about the event and stated, “The officers forgot to read me my Miranda rights during the arrest. When police discovered marijuana, they initially declared they would merely issue a ticket. They then discovered a gun and informed me that I was being arrested since I couldn’t legally own a gun due to a felony on my background.

I told the officers, “However, I do not have a crime on my record. Despite the fact that I told them this, I was detained. Before they admitted their massive error, I was detained in jail for a number of hours without being released on bond. Then I was informed that I was simply being detained on a marijuana charge and could bail out, he continued.

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