National Treasure 3 Might Never Happen, Confirms Nicolas Cage, Fans Feel Heart-broken

The Cage cannot be confined. In this cage case, he won’t wait around for Disney to get their act together since he does what he wants, when he wants. It’s true that fans of “National Treasure” have been hankering for a third instalment ever since the second movie debuted back in 2007. We would gladly welcome any scraps Cage might offer, including a brief cameo in the next “National Treasure” TV series, but the situation isn’t looking bright. In fact, it may be time for us to permanently put away the several copies of the Declaration of Independence.

Cage discusses his past roles and what it was like to play a version of himself in Tom Gormican’s upcoming movie, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” in a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Although I didn’t dig very far because “National Treasure” is only mentioned once when I pulled out my hacking prowess and performed a little control + f search. a mockery

It would be my National Pleasure

When asked whether there would be a “Face/Off” sequel, Cage clears the air and reveals whether any “National Treasure” films are in the works:

“These things we read about are frequently merely speculation without any support or foundation. The same may be said for “National Treasure 3.” 14 years have passed. There isn’t anything there. So, is it enjoyable to consider? Sure.”

Technically, I suppose when he says sequels are enjoyable to think about, he’s talking about “Face/Off 2: More Face 2 Off,” but “National Tr3asur3” (it’s a work in progress) also fits the description here. It is entertaining to consider. And imagining it is enjoyable. But I suppose we must all accept the reality that it will never happen. We’re not forming a band, and we’re not looking for any more misplaced old papers. Those times are over.

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Except if you’re Lisette Alexs Gutierrez, who plays the title character in the aforementioned Disney series!

It’s disappointing that Cage made no mention of the show in this interview because it would be exciting to learn if his character, Benjamin Franklin Gates, makes an appearance or if there is a tribute to him. It seems less and less likely to happen the less he talks about it, but you can’t completely shut that book of secrets. After all, the Cage cannot be confined.

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