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Netflix’s Eye of the Storm: Filming Locations and Set Details

Netflix’s Taiwanese drama “Eye of the Storm,” which was directed by Lin Chun-Yang, deals with the breakout of an unidentified virus inside a hospital and depicts the familiar circumstances of the post-COVID era. It centres on Dr. Zheng Xia, a committed thoracic surgeon, who is sent to treat an emergency patient but ends up stranded inside the hospital on his daughter’s fifth birthday because a dangerous virus has broken out.

Dr. Xia collaborates with Jin Youzhong, one of his patients, to identify the unexpected spread and look into the virus’s genesis. Helping others during an epidemic can be the ultimate redemption, they discover as the threat looms large over everyone in the hospital. The film, which was originally titled “Yi qi,” takes place within a Taipei hospital where Dr. Xia does his utmost to assist others in coping with the illness and preserve lives. Viewers are certain to wonder where it was shot given the hospital’s environment, which features emergency rooms, hallways, and other locations typical of a hospital. If you are a person who is naturally curious, we have you covered!

Eye of the Storm Filming Locations

The whole Taiwanese portion of “Eye of the Storm,” ostensibly in and around Taipei, was shot there. Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is renowned for the harmonious contrast between its plains and mountain peaks, which makes it the perfect setting for various productions. Without further ado, allow us to walk you through each unique site that appears in the Netflix film.

Taipei, Taiwan

The main filming location for “Eye of the Storm” is said to have been Taipei, the capital and special municipality of Taiwan. The film’s location, officially known as Taipei City, was utilised to the fullest by the production team, who appeared to travel to multiple streets and communities to film various scenes.


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The National Defence Medical Centre, the National Taiwan University Hospital, Chung Shan Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and Mackay Memorial Hospital are just a few of the renowned medical facilities found in Taipei City, which is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan. It’s very likely that the film crew camped out inside a local hospital to record all of the crucial shots for “Eye of the Storm.”

Another option is that since practically the whole movie takes place inside a hospital, the cast and crew made the most of nearby Taipei City’s film studios and erected a specially designed set of a hospital on sound stages. In addition to “Eye of the Storm,” Taipei City has served as the location for a number of other movie and television productions. ‘Silence,’ ‘Yi Yi: A One and a Two…,’ ‘A Brilliant Young Mind,’ ‘Eternal Summer,’ and ‘For My Country’ are a few famous examples.

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