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Where Was Netflix’s Head to Head Filmed: Discovering the Shooting Spots

Saudi Arabian comedy-thriller “Head to Head” on Netflix is directed by Malik Nejer and centres on a lovesick chauffeur named Darwish who accidently picks up a former crime boss at the airport. The driver asks his untrained new CEO Fayadh for assistance after the passenger dies and he realises his error. In an effort to convince the crime family that their former godfather is still alive, they both find themselves drawn into the criminal underworld.

A number of talented Saudi actors, including Abdulaziz Alshehri, Adel Radwan, Mohammed Alqass, Ziyad Alamri, Ida Alkusay, Hesham Alhosawi, and Ahmed Kaabi, deliver humorous performances in the movie, which was originally titled “Ras B Ras.” The majority of the movie’s action takes place in the fictional Saudi city of Bathaikha, which fits the film’s absurd and animated plot and leaves spectators wondering where “Head to Head” was actually filmed. You might be interested in what we have to say if you’re in the same situation!

Head to Head Filming Locations

The whole production of “Head to Head” was shot in Saudi Arabia, ostensibly in and around Riyadh. The comedy movie’s main photography appears to have started in late October 2022 and ended in January 2023. Without further ado, let’s get a full rundown of every individual location that appears in the Netflix film!

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The majority of the crucial scenes for “Head to Head” may have been filmed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital and largest city. The production team most likely used a number of the city’s well-known modern and cultural locations. The sequences that take place in the absurdist setting of Bathaikha appear to have been shot in a Riyadh-area film studio. To bring the fictitious universe to life, the movie crew built a sizable set. The Bathaikha was allegedly built specifically for the film, down to the shabby and opulent interiors and the dark and dismal exteriors.

The author Abdulaziz Almuzaini found the ideal occasion to expose the viewers to the gloomy and distinctive imaginary city of Bathaika as the plot shifts from the city of Riyadh to its absurdist shadows. Almuzaini elaborated on this in a July 2023 interview with Arab News, saying, “That gave me a chance to truly go insane. You know you’re going to a unique town the moment you see the automobile driving down the street. ‘Don’t take this seriously,’ the movie cautions you. You’re about to enter a place where there are no laws and only its own laws. We wanted to produce a disconnect where everything start out neat and orderly and then, bam, chaos.


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You might be able to recognise some well-known local landmarks and structures in the sequences that are set in Riyadh, including Deera Square, the King Abdullah Financial District, Burj Rafal, the Riyadh TV Tower, and the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre. In addition to “Head to Head,” Riyadh has served as the location for the filming of a number of films and television shows, such as “Wadjda,” “Alkhallat+,” “The Perfect Candidate,” and the Saudi adaptation of “The Office.”

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