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Noah Kinney Murder: Seeking Justice for a Tragic Loss

Early in January 2020, the murder of Noah Kinney occurred, upending the tranquility of the neighborhood.

A 20-year-old guy named Noah Kinney was the victim of a horrifying act of violence that irreparably changed the city.

As the circumstances of his death came to light, a tale of deceit, tenacity, and justice came to light.

How did Noah Kinney die?

In Barberton, Summit County, Ohio, on September 25, 1999, Noah James Kinney’s quest got underway.

In Houston, Texas, where he was nurtured by his grandmother Mary Kinney, Noah’s early years were characterized by a kind nature that touched everyone he came into contact with.

When he entered foster care, his life took an unexpected turn. This new chapter would take him to Fairlawn, Ohio.

Here, he lived with Niyla Kinney, a young child born to his ex-girlfriend Oahnesty Palmer.

In Oahnesty’s words, there were still traces of Noah’s energetic presence.

who remembered Noah with affection, saying, “Noah was the best father I could ask for my child. Whenever he entered a room, he instantly lit it up.

On January 8, 2020, the light that Noah emitted was extinguished.

Shortly after texting Oahnesty, Noah met his tragic end on an Akron street.

Around 11:17 PM, worried neighbors contacted 911 to report 12 gunshots and commotion in the night.

According to the testimonies, there were numerous gunshots, a vehicle was on the run, and there were distressing screams all around.

Witnesses noticed a dark-skinned, slender, and swift figure running away from the crime site.

In the midst of the mayhem, the police located Noah Kinney slumped over in the Jeep’s driver’s seat, dead and covered in gunshot wounds.

His chest had been punctured by the fatal blow, taking his life suddenly.

Who Killed Noah Kinney?

Investigators discovered Noah’s cousin, Jeffrey Law II, who was mysteriously involved when they dug deeper into the case.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they promptly arrested Jeffrey. He claimed to be a witness, but the details of what he told them didn’t add up.

While Noah was suffering harm, Jeffrey behaved oddly. He needed stitches for a cut rather than a gunshot wound.

Jeffrey’s story began to unravel as they continued to probe him. He said that persons wearing masks were emerging from a garden, but there were no footprints in the snow, contradicting his claims.

The evidence, which showed a person standing stationary and firing into the darkness, supported a different account. Shell casings could be seen in a straight path traveling to one location, indicating that the shooter didn’t move.

When they came upon surveillance footage, the course of the investigation was altered.

The revelation of Melvin Terry

The haunting CCTV film provided an insight into the sad events that led to Noah’s demise. A car that was shown on camera arrived before Noah’s Jeep by a few minutes.
Just before pandemonium broke out, the video caught Noah getting inside the automobile.

When shots were fired, Noah staggered outside and hurried to his car while the attacker kept firing.

The terrifying encounter ended with the attacker fleeing when Noah’s Jeep lost control and slammed into a driveway.

Melvin Terry Jr. was identified as a suspect because to the evidence. vigorously pursued.

Shortly before the incident, Noah and Melvin exchanged texts, the investigators found.

The trail ended at a care facility, where Melvin was recognized as a buddy of Trippy’s acquaintance. The security film clearly showed that Melvin was a Buick driver.

As Noah’s phone records indicated a connection to Melvin, the puzzle pieces started to fit together.

The key was in an auto repair shop, where a Buick owned by Melvin Sr. and Jr. was found with gunshot wounds and signs of Noah’s blood.

Melvin Terry Jr. made a tragic choice, surrendering with counsel as the noose closed around him. The subsequent trial signaled a turning point in the pursuit of justice.

Noah Kinney’s terrible shooting death will be covered in an episode of “The Murder Tapes” on Investigation Discovery titled “Blood in the Snow.”

The Murder Tapes on ID

“Noah Kinney is shot dead in a car that crashed outside a house in Akron, Ohio; detectives try to figure out who did it and rush to catch an armed killer on the run; investigators are shocked to find video evidence that cracks the case open.”

Detectives investigate the case and work to find the offender while frantically searching for an armed killer who has escaped.

Unexpected video evidence that sheds new insight on the case unexpectedly changes the course of the inquiry. The episode will air for the first time on August 22, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET.

Where is Melvin Terry Now?

Melvin Terry Jr. turned himself in with a lawyer at his side, facing accusations of first-degree murder and felony assault.

In July 2021, the trial came to a conclusion with a decision that decided his fate. The conviction of Melvin Terry Jr. on several counts reverberated across the courtroom.

His life sentence, with the potential of parole after 18 years, gave a community plagued by tragedy some kind of closure.

Melvin Terry’s deeds left Akron, Ohio, a community that now bears the weight of a young life lost too soon, an irreparable wound.

As the narrative progresses, the legacy of a good-hearted young guy endures as a ray of hope in a society that struggles with the specters of murder and treachery.

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