In Pictures: Meet Noah Shannon Green, Megan Fox’s Son Who Defies Gender Stereotypes At Such A Young Age


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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s son is Noah Shannon Green. Some of you might be familiar with Megan Fox. Almost everything about her career has made news, including the movies she’s done, the remarks she’s made, the men she’s dated, and her peculiar thumbs.

You might recall that she is best known for her work on the first two Transformers movies, Jennifer’s Body, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as her former marriage to actor Brian Austin Green (90210).


Noah Shannon Green has frequently been referred to as a girl. He defies gender norms with his hairstyle and wardrobe choices. But according to Megan Fox, this has been a problem ever since her kid was a little child.

The Transformers actress opened up to Glamour about Noah Shannon Green, saying, “Noah started wearing dresses when he was about two, and I got a bunch of books that sort of covered these things and handled a complete spectrum of what this is.


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“Transgender children have written some of the novels. Some of the novels are simply about how you can dress as you want while still being a boy, and how you can express yourself through your attire. And your sexual orientation need not even be a factor in it. I have therefore included those elements into their daily lives since they were very little so that no one feels weird, strange, or different.

When Noah was about two years old, he began wearing dresses. I then purchased a number of books that sort of addressed these issues and covered the full gamut of what this is.

Megan Fox continued by describing how talented her son is. Noah plays the piano like a pro. In one hour, he could master Mozart’s concerto, she claimed, according to Hollywood Life. I want people to see it, but I also don’t want them to have access to this kind soul and hear everything they’re going to say, which is what we all expect them to say.


When Fox was 18 and Green was 30, they first connected on the set of the sitcom Hope & Faith. However, according to Fox, due to their disparity in ages, Green was the one who was reluctant to begin a relationship. She told E! Online, “I had to persuade him that I was little more responsible, well-spoken, and had other things to bring to the table aside than being 18.”

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were engaged for four years before they finally got married in 2010, long before Noah Shannon Green was born. Fox took on the role of stepmother to Green’s then-9-year-old son Kassius Lijah when they said their “I do’s.” Kassius was born to Green and his ex-wife, the actress Vanessa Marcil (90210, General Hospital).


When Noah Shannon Green was born, Kassius quickly adopted him as a half-brother. Bodhi adopted Noah as a sibling a year later.


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Fox and Green were having trouble at this time. They filed for divorce twice throughout their difficult relationship, but the second time they decided against it when they learned Megan Fox was expecting their third child. When Journey was born, they tore up the divorce documents and decided to try again.

Noah Shannon Green, Journey’s older brother, is four years older. Sadly, despite their efforts and those of their three boys, Fox and Green were unable to make it work for their expanding family. Fox divorced his wife in October 2021 after filing for divorce in November 2020.


Prior to their announcement that Fox was expecting, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had been married for almost two years. Fox and Green welcomed Noah Shannon Green into their lives on September 27, 2012. Mom Megan happily announced the birth of Noah, who will turn 10 in a few months, on her official Facebook page.

On September 27th, I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green. He is perfect—healed, content, and happy. I will be eternally grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to experience this type of limitless, perfect love. We are humbled to be able to name ourselves the parents of this lovely soul.

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Bullies will bully, and Noah Shannon Green has saw and overheard much of it. Not that his parents haven’t made an effort to protect him from it; they have.

Noah attends a school “where the other parents share similar religious convictions. And unlike the majority of kids, the other kids aren’t truly online.

They are aware that their parents are well-known, but Megan Fox says, “their understanding of it is quite limited. When they were very little, I was aware that I should do everything in my power to safeguard them, especially by limiting their access to the internet.

“Up until now, we’ve done a really excellent job and we’ve maintained their innocence in many respects, but I know I can’t shield them forever, even though I do have a child that suffers,” the author said.

Maggie Fox
“As a result, I worry a lot about that because I wish humanity could change. Nevertheless, my child is so courageous, and I am confident that they have a good reason for choosing this road. It’s just difficult being a mom,” she says.

Noah Shannon Green, if you were to ask him, wouldn’t give a damn what the other students at school are saying about him. Fox said that Noah started wearing dresses to school at a young age.

He designs and draws costumes, she once told Sharon Osbourne, the anchor of The Talk. Though he’s only six, he has a lot of potential. He is a huge fashion fan. He’s the one who occasionally dresses himself and enjoys donning dresses. And I enrol him in a radically liberal school—almost a hippy one. However, he still has young boys telling him things like, “Boys don’t wear dresses” or “Boys don’t wear pink.”

However, even in California, he still hears from young boys who say things like, “Boys don’t wear gowns” or “Boys don’t wear pink.”

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– Megan Fox regarding her son Noah At the time, Shannon Green Fox added that she was working on encouraging young Noah to have confidence no matter what. Be yourself and don’t worry about what other little boys or girls think.

Then she recalled that earlier in the week Noah had gone to school while wearing a dress. “When he got home, I asked him, “How was it? Did any of your school mates have anything to say? And when I walked in, all the boys laughed, but I don’t care, I love gowns too much, he said.

A more accurate comment has since been made. Noah Shannon Green has frequently been spotted out wearing various dresses with Megan Fox or Brian Austin Green.

“My son is four,” he said. “I’ve heard that some people don’t like the fact that he wears dresses. I tell them, “I don’t care.” He is four years old, and he wears it if he wants to.

-Brian Austin Green, the father of Noah Shannon Green
He frequently sports Elsa’s clothing since he enjoys the movie Frozen. He also adores Snow White, and he has worn Snow White’s attire when out with his parents.

Even Brian Austin Green has made comments in the past about those who criticise his son, telling PEOPLE that his son is only four years old. “I’ve heard that some people don’t like the fact that he wears dresses. I tell them, “I don’t care.” He is four years old, and he wears it if he wants to.

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