Who Are Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, Zendaya’s Parents & Where Are They From?

Meet the Euphoria actress’s parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who have been her biggest supporters ever since her Sept. 1, 1996, birth in Oakland, California.

When Claire and Kazembe aren’t supporting Zendaya on set or at events (like the 2020 Emmys, where she won her first award), they’re rooting her on from a distance by sharing heartfelt remembrances of their daughter on their individual Instagram sites.

Zendaya maintains a private relationship with her family while having a close relationship with both of her parents in public. Zendaya shared a selfie of herself with her parents along with the caption, “My parents ain’t been together for a long time, y’all didn’t know since we private+they still homies #lateassnews,” in response to news reports that her parents had separated after eight years of marriage.

Here is information about Zendaya’s parents, as well as quotes from the actress regarding them over the years.

Zendaya’s Mom, Claire Stoermer

Claire is not only Zendaya’s mother; she also works as a teacher. The actress always had a greater regard for education as a result of this. She used to look up to her mother as a role model when she was young since she was so passionate about helping people.

“As a child, I observed my mother working in impoverished inner-city schools in the heart of Oakland, California. My mother went above and beyond, working tirelessly to show her students the value of an education that may help them improve their lives significantly, “told Teen Vogue, the actress.

She would introduce them to the arts, tutor them in Shakespearean language, and show them the glories of nature away from the city – all things they wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.

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In addition, Zendaya stated that she would “absolutely” become a teacher if she weren’t an actress.

In 2010, Zendaya first gained attention for her role as Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. She has landed a number of significant film and television roles after establishing herself as a Disney star, including roles in Dune, The Greatest Showman, the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, and Euphoria.

The two-time Emmy winner has maintained her modesty despite winning numerous accolades and garnering widespread praise, and she credits her parents for helping her stay grounded.

In 2016, Zendaya said to Ellen DeGeneres, “I must give it up to my parents.” “I’m extremely fortunate to have the parents I do. They just have always ingrained in me those fundamental principles that I believe I must uphold no matter what. I give it up for them and for my family.”

While Zendaya has dressed up for photo sessions, red carpet events, and award shows, she strongly believes in embracing one’s inherent beauty, which she attributes to her mother.

“The women in my life are my role models for beauty. It felt empowering that my mother didn’t care that she didn’t wear makeup; I don’t believe she was aware of it to me “Telling Vanity Fair, Zendaya. However, they enjoy themselves when they do indulge in glam!

Kizzmet Jewelry, a brand of jewellery created by Zendaya’s mother, including stones like chrysocolla, hematite, and amethyst.

Zendaya has shared internet posts about her career in addition to wearing her mother’s clothing. The actress praised her mom’s jewellery design and manufacturing skills on Twitter, writing, “My mom’s a dope ass jewellery designer/maker and also slays my brand.”

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Zendaya’s Dad, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Kazembe, who was a teacher like Claire, has recently served as Zendaya’s manager. The actress admitted to Us Weekly in 2014 that she “always had to take education extremely seriously” growing up due to the professions of her parents. In fact, she added, “[she] failed some spelling tests and got in a lot of trouble in second grade!”

Although Claire and Kazembe’s only child, Zendaya has five older stepsiblings from her father’s first marriage. She has two elder brothers, Austin and Julien, as well as three older siblings: Katianna, Annabella, and Kaylee.

In a 2015 interview with Time, Zendaya said, “I look up to my big sister and understand the influence she’s had on me and making me a better person. As I became older, I understood how crucial it is to have a large, supportive family.

Additionally, she admitted to Complex that she has an aunt. She admitted to the outlet in 2015, “Honestly, I think about my tiny nieces and my small nephews first.” “Because one day they’ll have Twitter and Instagram, and I’ll be like, “This is how you manage it, kids,”” she continued.

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