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25 Hilarious Pakalu Papito Tweets All Single People Can Relate To #4 Is Too Good

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You might have come across some of the Pakalu Papito tweets on Twitter. You’ll enjoy his snarky wit and self-deprecating humor. Let’s check out the best of these tweets together; you might even find yourself nodding in agreement to some of these.

1. For those living alone

2. While we are on the same topic of living alone….

3. We need all kinds of bfs

4. Our thoughts. Every time.

5. Damage Repair


6. If only that could be a legit job…!

7. Conditions Apply

8. This is happened to a lot of us

9. Also my face

10. Life’s D.O.A

11. Ugh… HATE IT!

12. Priorities


13. She did

14. It’s really just science


15. Stop accepting my empty gestures!

16. Pro-procrastination


17. That’s a dropup line

18. To all the bed bugs

19. So cute!

20. Poor people problems

21. The Papito Diet

22. It never got all hot and sweaty

23. Addition.

24. No difference there

25. Keeping it real



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