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7 Best Pink Gaming Chairs In 2022: All The Best Models Compared With Features


Pink gaming chairs are getting more and more popular this year since they help you personalise your setup and look great. They definitely make a statement since they stand out and add a nice burst of colour.

As we’ve seen representation from brands like Secretlab, Autofull, and AndaSeat, many of the greatest gaming chairs are often offered in some variation of pink, regardless of manufacturer and taste. However, just because these upscale brands are competing, it doesn’t necessarily follow that there aren’t any possibilities for less money. Several less expensive pink gaming chairs are also included.

Because of this, you don’t have to settle for a pink gaming chair at the expense of the premium build quality and feature set that the aforementioned brands are known for. Pink gaming chairs also come with all the best features, including 4D armrests, ergonomic designs, extra lumbar cushions, and neck support.

Should you wish to broaden your search for inexpensive furniture, we are also compiling the most recent cheap gaming chairs in a variety of colours and styles. A pink gaming chair also goes nicely with some of the greatest gaming workstations and standing desks.


SecretLab Titan Evo 2022

The top pink gaming chair on the market right now

S/R/XL seat depth: 18.9 “Height (S/R/XL): 50-52.8″/51.2-54″/53.1-56.9″ | Seat width (S/R/XL): 17.7″/18.5″/19.3” | Maximum weight (lbs): 285/285/395

magnetic headrest that is adjustable
superior construction and materials
With 4-way lumbar support
No lumbar support made of memory foam
more pricey than vintage chairs
The SecretLab Titan Evo 2022(opens in new tab) is our current top pick for a gaming chair. This denotes that it is a significant piece of equipment with a variety of alluring extra features and luxurious comfort. The Evo 2022, which combines the Titan and Omega seats from the past, is the first pink gaming chair to be offered in small, regular, and extra-large forms, allowing you to customise it to your own size.

The magnetic headgear will also attach to the back at different heights, and the new lumbar support cushion may be adjusted outwards, up, and down. All in all, this makes for a highly adaptable chair unlike any we’ve seen previously.

Armrests may be adjusted in four directions of movement and are totally magnetic, making it simple to install and replace them. If you choose the pink model, you are only able to choose SecretLab’s softweave material, which is a bit more expensive than the hybrid leatherette but which we found to be incredibly comfortable and great for keeping cool during extended sessions.

Both the standard pink model and the SecretLab Titan Evo 2022 D.Va edition are available here. The latter alternative, though slightly more expensive, is a unique edition sporting the Overwatch hero’s rabbit design.


Von Racer gaming chair

The top pink gaming chair for less than $150

Seat dimensions are 18.9″ deep, 18.1″ wide, 48.8″ to 52″ tall, and 250 lbs. maximum weight.

among the most affordable available
adjustable footrest
massage cushion
decrease in weight capacity
less choices for customising
This Von Racer pink gaming chair is a great option if you want to save money and get a lot of extra features and a comfortable seat. You are getting a PU leather chair with a full pink design and white accents on the sides, which is typically sold for roughly $129.

That USB electric massage cushion won’t, of course, take the place of your chiropractor, but it’s good to have as an extra. But for such a low-cost gaming chair, the folding, padded footrest is a great bonus. The 135° maximum recline may prevent you from taking full advantage of it, but it’s still a comfy feature for watching TV or simply unwinding on your chair.

Overall, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a racer back design, plush cushions, an ergonomic form factor, and a few extras thrown in, this pink gaming chair is an excellent option.


AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series

140 inches in depth, 50 inches in width, 60 inches in height, with a maximum weight of 200 lbs (90kg)

Visit the site and check Amazon Quick assembly outstanding aesthetics extremely comfortable The arm rests are not very thick.

Our favourite line from the company so far is the AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series, and the model we are reviewing is in the stunning Creamy Pink colour scheme. The Phantom 3 Series comes in seven various variations and styles, all of which are attractive.

The AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series(opens in new tab) marks something of a turning point in the design philosophy of the gaming chair company. This chair is the first in the line to use the easy assembling mechanism the firm calls “MagClap,” which is used in this model. When we built and tested the unit, we discovered that it was far quicker and easier to put together than other AndaSeat gaming chairs we’ve had in-house in the past. This is undoubtedly one to take into consideration if you’re looking for one of the greatest gaming chairs available in some eye-catching hues (including pink) with excellent build quality.

However, the Phantom 3 Series is a little on the smaller side, similar to some other AndaSeat gaming chair models, so this is something to keep in mind for taller and heavier people. Even though we were taller than the specified 5’9″ (180 cm) maximum, we discovered that this chair was still incredibly supportive and comfy for extended amounts of time. The backrest itself is the most comfortable the firm has ever produced, as we discovered during testing that we weren’t hemmed in but rather that the little curve sat comfortably along the back.


TS-83 Techni-Sport gaming chaira strong, sturdy pink gaming chair

Seat dimensions are 25.5″ deep, 29.5″ wide, and 53″ tall “| Maximum weight: 300 pounds

Customization of the 4D armrest
metal frame
Memory foam padding
a little expensive
The TS-83 Techni-Sport pink gaming chair has a steel frame and memory foam cushions for comfort and endurance. When purchasing a more expensive chair, you should expect that level of polish, and this particular model isn’t inexpensive. Nevertheless, this chair has some great luxury features, including 4D armrests that can be adjusted for height, depth, width, and angle. It also has a faux leather texture and non-marking casters.

Although the back can only recline to a maximum of 150 degrees, it nevertheless provides a high level of comfort when resting back, and the seat is also quite wide. In reality, the chair has softer pink accents all over it, a cool grey base, and a black frame and armrests. Additionally, it’s important to note that 3% of all sales presently go toward the battle against breast cancer.


Respawn RSP-11 racing gaming chair

Height: 48.50 to 51.50″; Seat depth: 28.50″; Seat width: 26.75″; Max weight (lbs): 275

Examine Amazon

When the chair reclines, the armrests pivot.

adjustable footrest

rounded armrests

Seat is little narrower than average.
At the time of writing, the Respawn RSP-110 pink gaming chair has a reasonable pricing of $160 and a tonne of added features. While not entirely pink, this design is ideal for individuals who want to add a bit of colour without going overboard with their setup.

Here, the reclining ranges from 90 to 155 degrees, with unlimited locking positions along the way. While you won’t exactly be horizontal after doing that, there is still plenty of freedom to move around and added comfort in the form of an extensible footrest.

Of course, you also get lumbar and headrest cushions, and the armrests are padded and slope downward to offer even more comfort. The largest seat dimensions on our list are also ideal if you require a lot of space, but the frame’s maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs is a little low when compared to other options that can support 300 lbs.


Ohaho gaming chair

21″ seat depth “| Max weight (lbs): 300 | Height: 52 | Seat width: 26

Examine Amazon

Great value

PU leather is used.

180° of reclining

less compact than other seats

The Ohaho model is a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a pink gaming chair that you can use for both streaming and lounging. When you’re not working or playing, you may fully recline this chair to its maximum 180°, allowing you to unwind. Additionally, that feeling is enhanced with the flip-out extensible footrest from underneath the chair.

The pink colour scheme of the PU leather design is complemented with white side accents, a black frame, and a base. This indicates that you’re getting a respectable pop of colour.

There is also a rocking function included, with a gentle tilt up to 20 degrees and a stronger rock with a limit of 10 degrees. This is a solid contender if you’re searching for the most value for your money because that’s a pleasant feature to see in a pink gaming chair of this price.


Autofull Bunny Chair

Height: 51″ | Seat depth: 20″ | Seat width: 15″ (without bolsters) “(without the bunny ears) | Maximum weight: 330 lbs.

includes extras to make it stand out

Surrealistically beautiful

Headrest and lumbar cushion are detachable and moveable.

Not as cosy as some alternative options
For those seeking something a little more themed or dressed-up, the Autofull Bunny Chair is a fantastic option. Bunny ears for it to “wear” and a bunny tail to attach to the back are among the accessories that help it stand out from the other pink items on the market. Over the years, this famous chair has become wildly popular online, and for good reason. In terms of aesthetics, it definitely succeeds.

Its adjustable armrests are covered in soft white fabric to fit the chair’s design. Although it has detachable lumbar and headrest cushions to help with comfort, it is not quite as pleasant as some other options.

I have been using this gaming chair for the past year and I couldn’t be happier. It has been comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time while using it, and I love displaying it because it is such a statement item that perfectly complements my setup.

Although it has a somewhat expensive price tag of $400, there are frequently discounts available.

Where to find more pink gaming chairs

Check out the retailers below if the selections above don’t meet your desire for one of the many pink gaming chairs currently available. There is something for everyone at these shops because they offer a wide variety of chair selections.

Which brands make pink gaming chairs?

Pink gaming chairs are simple to locate online because of the gaming chair aesthetic’s bright nature. These seats are available from numerous brands and come in a wide variety of aesthetics. Pink versions of SecretLab’s Titan line are available, with designs accessible on the Titan Evo 2022, the best in the business. However, there are also pink gaming chairs available from brands like Respawn, Von Racer, and AK Racing.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Because so many firms are releasing their versions of dedicated seats this year, you may get gaming chairs at significantly cheaper pricing points. They also offer a variety of features that will allow you to sit comfortably and improve your gaming experience.

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