Pokemon Go Ditto Guide: How To Easily Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, luck is your best friend, so good luck if you’re trying to catch a Ditto. It’s essentially a waiting game in Pokemon Go with a 3% chance of discovering one of the Ditto disguises, or at least what enthusiasts believe are the alternatives.

Ditto obviously doesn’t appear as Ditto, and the only way to tell whether you have one is if a seemingly random Pokemon changes after being caught. According to popular opinion, only a limited number of people may be Ditto, and new lists are published each month based on anecdotal findings. However, some lists are not updated, and outdated lists are frequently copied into new entries. Eventually, all that is left to be said is that Ditto is unquestionably a Pokemon. Somewhere.

However, if you concentrate on the bigger list of Ditto disguises and use a few simple strategies, you can improve your chances of catching one in Pokemon Go. Good luck, Ditto hunters, even though it really just comes down to catching as many Pokemon as you can.


Since Pokemon Ditto is said to be capable of being anything, there is no official list of what it can be in Pokemon Go. There is, however, always an unofficial list that is mostly compiled from user-submitted accounts of catches and that appears to fluctuate month to month.

The following Pokemon started to show up more regularly in the wild after an April Fools’ joke, giving the impression that they might be Ditto. However, the occurrence was brief, so it’s not apparent if their status as potential Ditto clones has persisted.









There are no official listings of more Ditto guises in Pokemon Go; instead, lists created by fans using data from captures exist. These Pokemon have previously been a part of Pokemon Go:






























The only way to be certain is to keep trying, even though looking at a list of current Ditto disguises as perceived by the community can boost your odds. The more’mon you capture, the greater your chance of eventually catching that Ditto. There is always a chance that an event will award Ditto in the future because it has done so in the past.


Trainers won’t actually know if they’ve caught a Ditto until they’ve actually done it, as we hinted at before. A catch screen that depicts the Pokemon transforming back into Ditto will appear after trainers have successfully caught a Pokemon that Ditto can transform into.

Once this is successful, Ditto only becomes apparent. When you catch your creature, instead of the usual “Gotcha,” a “Oh?” will appear above the ball, and Ditto will then unveil its genuine, joyful, smiling self. Voila. The goal was achieved.

Shiny Ditto can also be seen in Pokemon Go’s wild locations. You can be certain that the Shiny Pokemon you come across that Ditto can transform into is not a Ditto. Trainers can, however, capture a Pokemon like Drowzee and discover that it is actually a Shiny Ditto.


Ditto catches are entirely dependent on luck, but there are a few strategies to get the most of your Pokemon Go time.

Use your nearby radar

On your nearby list, keep a look out at all times for the target Pokemon. Despite the fact that they are all rather common Pokemon, it is useful to know where each one is, especially as more and more Pokemon are being added to the mix.

Catch Ditto with lures and incense

You can capture a Ditto from both lures and incense, according to confirmation from The Silph Road(opens in new tab). If you’re remaining put but don’t want to miss out, light some incense and/or a lure, go after the Pokemon on the list, and you might find that Ditto comes to you rather than the other way around.

Dittos are the same for everyone

Ditto is always present inside a predetermined Pokemon spawn, as opposed to shiny Pokemon, which are completely random and not shared by other players. In other words, if a player discovers a Ditto while you are seeking for one, if you can get to that location, you will also find it. Ask members of a Pokemon Go Discord group to keep you informed on local developments, but act quickly because they won’t hang around for long.

Crack a Lucky Egg

Although it won’t increase your chances of catching Ditto, if you’re going on a Ditto hunt, checking every Pokemon you come across will give you tonnes of XP. For a half-hour, this XP will be doubled if you crack a Lucky Egg. Star Pieces are the same way. People, it’s time to make the most of the grind.

Hatching Ditto from eggs in Pokemon Go

Ditto cannot emerge from an egg. It must be captured using the aforementioned technique and a Poke Ball.

Using Ditto in gyms and battles

Once you obtain Ditto, you’ll discover that it has an intriguing application in Pokemon gyms. When used in battle, it assumes the form of its first foe and learns all of that foe’s moves while retaining its own CP. Keep in mind, however, that it only switches into an enemy Pokemon’s form once, so you’ll be stuck with that one for the duration of the gym battle.

Ditto will change into the opponent’s first Pokemon and replicate its moves, attack and defence numbers, and type if you decide to battle another trainer with it. Ditto won’t hold out as long in combat as trainers would want because it loses the Pokemon’s HP stat.

General Pokemon Go Ditto information

A normal Pokemon is Ditto. There is no evolved form, however you will still receive 3 candies for catching it as is customary. However, as with other Pokemon, you can strengthen it by feeding it candy and stardust. Ditto will reward you with a candy for every 3 kilometres you walk with it as your walking partner.

When you obtain a Ditto, your task is accomplished! Then, when it eventually reappears as a Special Research task, you can review this page to refresh your recollection.

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