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Red Rose Season 2 Possibilities Explored: What Might We See Next?

Michael and Paul Clarkson, who are twins, are the people behind the British horror drama series “Red Rose.” The series takes place in a small town in Greater Manchester called Bolton. It’s about a group of teenage friends whose lives turn upside down when they get a dangerous mobile app. When one of the friends dies in a strange way, the rest of the group has to face the horrors inside the app to find out what happened.

The scary premise is brought to life by the cast’s sincere performances and some touching social commentary about the internet, social media, technology, and how it affects the minds of teenagers. If you liked watching the scary and unsettling British drama, you must be wondering if there will be a second season. Then, let us tell you everything we know about what could happen in season 2 of “Red Rose.”

Will Red Rose Season 2 Happen?

Outside of the UK, the first season of “Red Rose” came out on Netflix on February 15, 2023. The first episode of the show aired on BBC Three in the UK on August 15, 2022. The first season has eight episodes, each of which is about 45 minutes long. All of the episodes were put on BBC iPlayer on August 15, 2022, and then they were shown on BBC Three every week in groups of two. The last episode of the first season came out on September 6, 2022. On the same day, the first part came out in its entirety on Netflix.

When it comes to a second season, the show hasn’t been officially renewed by its parent network. The show is made by Eleven Films, but BBC Three probably has the power to keep it going or end it. At the moment, the network hasn’t officially said that the show has been canceled, so there is still hope for a second season. The show’s creators have also not talked about the show’s future in public. But the way the first season ended makes it likely that the story could continue in a second season, even if it would be different.

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At the end of the first season, Wren and her friends seem to have deleted Red Rose from their phones and their lives. But the app reappears in Tokyo, Japan, in a new package, which suggests that its strange games and annoying effects on teenagers will continue. So, it’s clear that the ending leaves the door open for more episodes, but with new characters and a different setting. If the show is picked up for a second season and the writers decide to set the story in Japan, it is unlikely that the main cast will return for the new episodes.

In the meantime, a possible second season could look at how Red Rose changed Wren and her friends’ lives in the long run. So, they might be worried if the dangerous app comes back in a bigger way. The first season also doesn’t answer many questions about how the app was made and who The Gardener is. So, even though the setting was different, the new episodes could include the main characters from the first season while expanding the story.

All things considered, the likelihood of a second season will probably depend on how well the show does on Netflix. If the series gets more viewers than Netflix expected and does better than expected, a second season could be made in the coming months. After all, other British shows like “Sex Education,” “Derry Girls,” and “Black Mirror,” which “Red Rose” has been compared to, have also gotten a lot of attention on Netflix and been renewed for more seasons. If the second season is confirmed in the next few months, work could start on it near the end of 2023. So, the second season of “Red Rose” won’t come out until at least the second quarter of 2024.

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