The Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale Explained Why It Makes So Much Sense

With its own canon, Rick and Morty is waging a losing struggle.

The show has repeatedly shown that it prefers to create episodic, stand-alone stories in order to fully exploit the possibility of playing in a huge sci-fi sandbox. The authors of the programme are aware that a notion as earthbound as “narrative” will eventually lose all meaning because of infinite universes (and a sizable 70-episode order from Adult Swim), just like Rick Sanchez himself.

But viewers have never experienced that. Many Rick and Morty fans only want to follow the tale of the world’s smartest but most wounded man and his upbeat grandson, despite the promise of endless invention being made to them. Everything is extremely ironic. Dan Harmon, who co-created Rick and Morty, has devoted a large portion of his career to promoting the fundamental importance of storytelling. He even developed a “story circle” that is now a common fixture of many writers’ rooms (and probably the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Fans, however, now need structure more than ever when the Harmon writers’ room wants to have a little non-serialized fun.

And the Rick and Morty season 5 finale “Rickmurai Jack” gives fans that framework at last. This season’s Rick and Morty episodes, according to several writers’ promises made before the season began, will be more canon-focused than previous ones. Sure enough, the Rick and Morty series finale clarifies almost everything! Rick repeatedly declares that everything in the show is canon, using phrases like:

“The Citadel operates on canon,” said Rick.
We’ve gone through a lot, but he still doesn’t like, says Morty.
“Serialized drama,” said Rick.
Rick “You want to dive off the cliff? If you’re interested in my pathetic past, knock yourself out.
“Woah, dead wife,” said Morty.
Yes, now everyone can stop talking about it, said Rick.
The nearly complete canon that fans of Rick and Morty have been demanding from “Rickmurai Jack” is now available. And just in case you missed anything, we’ll go over everything. We do that, after all.

What Is Rick’s Origin Story?

Rick Sanchez is obviously embarrassed by his background. This episode explains why at last since everything is so…human. Yes, the beginning of Rick’s multiverse-jumping story begins with “sorry about dead wife,” as the show has long hinted (first in the season 3 premiere and then again in season 5 episode 8).

Previously, a good (or most likely just regular) Rick appeared in Rick C-137’s timeline and invited him to join him on his adventures. Rick, an idiot, detonated a bomb into his garage, killing his wife Diane and daughter Beth as C-137 declined. Dejected, C-137 constructed his first crude portal pistol and set off on a mission of vengeance through every timeline and realm imaginable. He murdered countless numbers of other Ricks while doing this, but he never came across the Rick he was hunting for.

Rick eventually became weary of all the bloodshed and established the Citadel of Ricks so that everyone might live in a comparatively peaceful environment. With a new Beth, he then ventured to another timeline, where he settled in for a lifetime of adventures with his little friend Morty.

What is The Central Finite Curve?

Rick C-137 and his fellow Ricks produced more than just the Citadel of Ricks. Have you ever pondered how Rick Sanchez just so happens to be the smartest being in every single world out there? Wouldn’t there be realities where a Morty, Jerry, Beth, or even a random bug was the smartest thing alive if the universe were truly infinite?

It emerges out the Ricks intended to ensure that Genius Jerry’s universe didn’t exist. They have created a barrier separating their own set of realities from all other realities. They’ve been able to choose only the worlds in which Ricks are the brightest species to utilise as their own Rick playgrounds by using a notion known as the “Central Finite Curve.” Then, how did Doofus Rick get inside? Anyone’s assumption is that.

What is Evil Morty’s Whole Deal?

In this episode, Evil Morty makes a successful comeback. Evil Morty, who was first presented as a one-off joke way back in season 1, is now possibly the most enigmatic and significant character in the Rick and Morty mythology.

We previously witnessed Evil Morty being appointed President of the Citadel, and now we see why he desired the post. The Ricks’ Central Finite Curve is something that Evil Morty wishes to escape from. He no longer desires to exist in a collection of well chosen realities in which Rick Sanchez will invariably triumph. In the end, he gets what he desires because, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey or Interstellar, the last few seconds of this episode see him entering a new set of dimensions.

Despite scoring the biggest victory of the series so far, it is still unknown where Evil Morty actually originated. Is it conceivable that he originally came from a different dimension of intelligent Mortys? Maybe. However, we believe that the reality of Rick and Morty is more in line with the Jurassic Park adage that “life finds a way.” In order to prevent the existence of characters like Doofus Rick or Evil Morty, the Ricks attempted to wall off their realm. They are unfortunate because endless universes are difficult to control.

How Cool is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Going to Be?

Very cool. This may seem like an odd diversion, but bear in mind that Jeff Loveness, who wrote the conclusion, is also the writer of the next Ant-Man and the Wasp film, in which Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film debut (after previously popping up in Loki).

In actuality, this was Loveness’ final Rick and Morty episode before departing for Marvel-land.

What Has Mr. Poopybutthole Been Up To?

Mr. Poopybutthole has faded into obscurity in the Rick and Morty universe after being a fan favourite (and suffering a nearly fatal gunshot wound) in season 2. He now behaves like an Oatu-like Watcher, impartially observing Rick and Morty’s activities from his sofa and occasionally regretfully wishes that these mortals could see what fools they are.

The monologue Mr. Poopybutthole delivers at the conclusion of this episode is very eerie. Here is the whole script page, courtesy of Loveness’ Twitter feed.

“We’re running out of time faster than we anticipate. Never do we. Oooowee.”

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