The Wheel of Time Season 2 : Release Date, Plot, New Cast, And Other Major Details

Spoilers for The Wheel of Time are below.

The Wheel of Time will continue to turn for a long time because Amazon Prime Video announced a renewal six months before the show’s November 2021 premiere.

In conclusion, season two of The Wheel of Time is a given. Filming is reportedly already well underway.

TVLine spoke with Vernon Sanders, Head of Global TV at Amazon Studios, just before the premiere finale to learn more about the motivations for the early decision to proceed with a second run:

“We’re fans of the programme, and when episodes arrived and we observed the quality of the production, and as we continued to discuss the direction that future seasons would take with [showrunner] Rafe [Judkins], we felt really sure that we had something that could last for a very long time for us.

We took a lot of time making sure we were making the proper decision because these are huge expenditures, but it has paid off for us so far. All praise goes to Rafe and his outstanding crew, as well as the cast, who is led by Rosamund [Pike as Moiraine].

Due to The Wheel of Time becoming the most watched original series on Amazon Prime Video in 2021, those investments are already paying off. This is quite encouraging for season two, which will continue to be influenced by the Robert Jordan original book series.

Join us at Digital Spy as we predict what will happen to Moiraine, played by Rosamund Pike, and all of her magical friends in season two of The Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time season 2 potential release date: When will it air on Amazon Prime Video?

Since production began in July 2021, fresh episodes may be available in the spring or summer of 2022. The release date of The Wheel of Time season two may be impacted by a different, quite significant release that will be available on Amazon later this year (more on that later).

Though not many specifics of The Wheel of Time’s ongoing on-screen narrative have been confirmed, we have discovered a few tidbits.

The season will have a same eight-episode format as the first series. A Taste of Solitude will be the title of the opening episode of the season two story, according to their official Twitter page.

One season was never going to be enough with this many Ta’veren in one place, the reveal was made with a post of an image of the script. We are insatiable! Give us more information.

This material was taken from Twitter. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

Fans were ecstatic over this message, and several demanded information on a release date or a trailer:

This material was taken from Twitter. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

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This material was taken from Twitter. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

Vernon Sanders provided an update on season two on December 22, 2021 (via TVLine): I am really excited for the public to see what we have in store for them since Rafe [Judkins] and his team have delivered us the first edits of the first episodes of season two.

In one crucial respect, The Wheel of Time excels above GOT.
Sanders responded to a question about whether Amazon intended to run season two concurrently with the eagerly awaited Lord of the Rings prequel series, which premieres on September 2, 2022:

“We’re going to release these episodes in a fairly careful manner. In our opinion, they are quite different programmes, but we are aware of our genre fans and happy about the variety of content we offer, including those two, The Expanse, The Boys, the return of Carnival Row, and the amazing show The Peripheral with [Westworld creators] Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Future prospects excite us much.

In light of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if The Wheel of Time’s second season begins immediately after Lord of the Rings’ first season ends.

The Wheel of Time season 2 cast: Who is returning?

Rosamund Pike, who is the principal actor in The Wheel of Time, will undoubtedly return in Moiraine Damodred for season two, and she is fully committed to giving it her all.

Actress Pike from the motion picture Moiraine stated:

“We are dedicating our hearts and souls to a project that is epic in scope and packed with action. That you are invested in the characters because, in the end, anyone can identify with any of them, and I believe that makes them popular with the audience.

She discussed what makes Moiraine such an intriguing character (via Entertainment Weekly).

According to Pike, at initially, we only glimpse a portion of the layers that Moiraine would exhibit as the seasons change.

She doesn’t reveal every card; in fact, she just shows a small portion of them. It’s important to remember what she tells Egwene [Madeleine Madden] in episode two: “We always tell the truth, but it may not always be the truth you think you hear” since Aes Sedai have the ability to distort the truth.

Moiraine is highly driven, she continues. By the time we first meet her in this season [series one], she has been working for a single goal for 20 years, sacrificing friendships and any other aspirations in the process. In that regard, she is really honourable, yet it’s almost terrifying.

We anticipate seeing more development in her character.

She will be joined by a number of new cast members, such as Ceara Coveney from The Amazing World of Emma, Meera Syal from Broadchurch, and Natasha O’Keeffe from Peaky Blinders. Along with those three, season two recurring roles as Uno Nomesta, Masema, and Ingtar Shinowa will be played by actors Guy Roberts, Arnas Fedaravicius, and Gregg Chilingirian.

That’s not all, either. Ayoola Smart, star of the television series Killing Eve, joined the cast in April 2022, according to a recent announcement. At the fan convention JordanCon, executive producer Rafe Judkins made the announcement, which The Wrap later corroborated.

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Smart is anticipated to play Aviendha, a character who first appeared in the third book in the series. She is known as A Wise One and is one of the most powerful female channelers on the page, but the specifics of her on-screen character arc are currently unknown. As one of Rand al’Thor’s primary love interests, if the script stays true to the original, Aviendha and Rand al’Thor may end up being good friends.

Additionally, Liandrin Guirale, played by Kate Fleetwood, will make a comeback; however, fans will witness a totally different side of her in upcoming episodes. Fleetwood hinted at the investigation of a “deeper and darker side” to Guirale during the aforementioned JordanCon panel (via Screenrant), and she also promised some “surprises” for the show’s second season.

Aside from one notable exception, the rest of the season one cast should also be returning. Fans speculate that the new casting of Mat Cauthon, previously portrayed by Barney Harris, with The Witcher actor Dónal Finn may portend a darker future for the character.

Showrunner Rafe Judkins declined to clarify when asked why this change had been made prior to season two. He did, however, warn Deadline that the shift won’t be too startling for the audience.

“I love him in the show,” he remarked, “but it’s always hard. We’re extremely blessed that Barney is so terrific in the first season.” “Mat in season two is played by the incredible Dónal Finn. I have observed him performing his scenes on the set, and they are superb and really depict the character.

Loial, portrayed by Hammed Animashaun, is another character whose future appears uncertain in the wake of that season one finale. Fortunately, Rafe has assured EW that Loial is still very much alive:

Loial is still alive. He is shooting in Prague and is healthy. The true deaths of characters who don’t perish in the books are approaching, so I wanted people to be a little on guard. We must since we are unable to support 2,000 series regulars across several seasons. I urge people to mentally get ready because it’s coming. Hopefully, people will begin to emotionally prepare as they consider the possibility that Loial might be gone, but I was unable to. My favourite is him.

The Wheel of Time season 2 plot: What will happen?

Vernon Sanders provided a very encouraging reaction when TVLine questioned him about season two and whether it would “go even greater” than the premiere season.

“Rafe has been an excellent leader — intelligent, courteous, genuinely committed to trying to do things the right way — and Rosamund, too,” he said. Since we had developed these people and introduced this vast world, we moved into season 2 with a genuine discussion about what we could do even better. Therefore, I have no doubt that season 2 of Wheel of Time will be bigger, bolder, and more encompassing.

Book 2 of the Wheel of Time is titled The Great Hunt (Now a major TV series)

There are 14 novels in the original series, which is a lot of content to sort through, so this show needs to be bigger, bolder, and more expansive going ahead.

The second book, The Great Hunt, as well as the entire boxset, or only the first three novels, may be purchased here. The first season covers the first book, The Eye of the World.

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Rafe Judkins, who is in charge of the show, appears to be more than up to the task, as he told Deadline that he anticipates eight seasons of the series. He added: “I always have to approach it as if we’re going to get to tell the whole story that’s in the novels. If we don’t go about it that way, we’ll be setting ourselves up to fail, and these stories have such satisfying endings.

If we can, I really need to set us up to get there. In the end, I’m not in charge of that. I would love to keep growing this world if people watch it and Amazon wants to keep doing more.

Star of Wheel of Time explains unexpected queer twist
After that sinister betrayal at the end of season one, Mat’s future prospects aren’t promising. Following the conclusion, Rafe provided some insight to EW on the character’s unexpected path in season two:

“I believe Mat is the one that struggles with the darker aspects of himself the most. In season two, all of our characters will focus on exploring their deeper selves in an effort to determine how they might balance their dark and light sides.

“Mat’s battle is the most obvious and clear-cut, but I believe it allows us to position him in an intriguing situation for season two where we can also strike more of his humour. He will be portrayed by actor Dónal Finn, who excels in comic material, starting in season two. He certainly gives the character a lot of humour. It really cuts against some of the darker thoughts Mat has about whether he is a nasty guy at his core, which is why it is so wonderful to watch.

The Wheel of Time season 2 trailer: When can I watch it?

New footage ought to be available sooner rather than later because season two filming got underway before the first season had even finished playing on Amazon Prime Video.

You can bet your fantasy-loving ass that this trailer will be shown here on Digital Spy as soon as a teaser makes its way online.

New episodes of The Wheel of Time are released every Friday on Amazon Prime Video for viewing.

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