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The Robert Haney and Stephen Delecino Murders – Susan Monica’s Whereabouts

The weird and horrific murders of two handymen, Robert Haney and Stephen Delecino, in a remote Wimer, Oregon farm in 2012 and 2013, are depicted in Investigation Discovery’s “Signs Of A Psychopath: Having Breakfast on Him.” The police searched the barn after the Haney family reported a missing person, uncovering surprising discoveries one after another. We’ve got your back if you’re curious to learn more about this strange case, including the name and location of the murderer. So let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Robert Haney and Stephen Delecino Die?

In 2013, Robert Haney found work at Susan Monica’s 20-acre farm in rural Wimer, Oregon, thanks to a Craiglist ad. Sean Leimanis, a former worker, noted, “He was her handyman, labourer, and carpenter. He fulfilled all of her requests. Jesse Haney, Robert’s son, recalled, “My dad and Susan Monica had a pact. My father would receive some cash and be permitted to remain on the land. Dad agreed to start from scratch when building the house. He remembered how Robert enjoyed the peace and quiet of living by himself in the woods.

robert haney oregon,susan monica documentary netflix,susan monica birth name,susan monica property for saleBut in December 2013, after he hadn’t spoken to them in a while, his family became worried. We hadn’t seen or heard from my dad in two months, Jesse remarked. All of us just started to fear. On January 1, 2014, he and his siblings travelled to the Wimer farm to see how their father was doing. Owner claimed she hadn’t seen Robert in almost four months when they spoke with her. “Susan Monica said that my dad just kind of left,” Jesse recounted. She asked us to come get our father’s belongings.

When the grown children visited their father’s caravan, they suspected there had been some sort of foul play. His leather jacket was there, Jesse said. All of his tools were present, and his dog was still running around. My neck’s hairs stood up as a result of that. The Haney family notified the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office that their father was missing. One of his purported remains, maybe Robert’s leg, was discovered by the investigators in a catchment pond on the farm. Later testimony indicated that the handyman died from a gunshot wound.

robert haney oregon,susan monica documentary netflix,susan monica birth name,susan monica property for sale

Some of his remains were kept by the police in the barn in a plastic bag. The officers discovered another handyman, Stephen “Steve” Delicino, also vanished from the farm roughly a year ago as they looked into Robert’s puzzling absence. Although the searchers were unable to locate his remains, a subsequent court testimony revealed that he had been killed by a rifle shot to the head. Because she believed people should know her father had a decent heart and was a good guy, Steve’s daughter later made an appearance on national television.

Who Killed Robert Haney and Stephen Delecino?

When law authorities arrived at Susan’s farm to look into Robert’s disappearance, they discovered the place overrun with junk, debris, and improvised buildings. The missing handyman, according to the employer, had been living and working on the woman’s property for six months prior to receiving a worrisome call about a family member’s assault in the autumn. Susan also said that after hearing the news, Robert started drinking heavily until a few weeks earlier, when he abruptly left without asking her to temporarily look after his dog.

Given that Robert primarily relied on cash to get by, the authorities first had a difficult time verifying her account. However, they discovered that his Oregon Trail Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card was last used in Grants Pass, Oregon, at a Walmart, in December 2013, after tracking it. When the detectives got to the convenience shop, which was about 30 minutes away from Susan’s farm, they saw Sonia using Robert’s EBT card on their security tape. Police discovered a half human limb on her premises after executing a search warrant due to suspicions of wrongdoing.robert haney oregon,susan monica documentary netflix,susan monica birth name,susan monica property for sale

Julie Denney, a former detective with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, recalled, “It was obvious that it was not an animal bone. It resembled a human leg that had been cut mid-femur and down to the toes. Susan was taken to the police station where she was informed of their findings. The farm owner then related an odd tale about discovering Robert purportedly “eaten alive” by her pigs inside her pigpen. She asserted that she chose to kill the former employee in order to “put him out of his misery.”

During the interrogation, Susan said to the detectives, “I do that for my animals, and this was the first time I did it for a human being, and I knew it was wrong, but if it were one of my pigs suffering out there, I would have done the same thing.” She asserted that she left his body till the pigs had finished eating before collecting the remains and throwing them away in trash bags. She claimed that a wild animal may have dragged the foot to the pond after getting into one of the trash bags. Susan claimed that she feared for the safety of her piglets and did not report the event.

The farm owner said, “I do not respect human life very highly. I prefer animals over people. The existence of humans on the world, in my opinion, is the sole problem. All the other species, including dodo birds, would be present if it weren’t for mankind. Susan made a plan for the detectives to follow as they moved towards the centre after they questioned her about whether she was concealing anything else on her home. She answered, “Right there,” according to former Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Eric Henderson. You’ll find Steve there, I’m sure.robert haney oregon,susan monica documentary netflix,susan monica birth name,susan monica property for sale

According to Susan, she confronted Steve in the summer of 2012 after finding two of her missing pistols among his possessions. She stated that as they began to struggle, the revolver unintentionally fired, hitting him in the back of the head. Susan allegedly pursued Steve as he made his way towards her barn, when she pulled out her gun and fatally shot him in the head. She claimed to have buried the rest of Steve’s remains and fed the rest of his body to her pigs. Susan was accused with identity theft, misuse of a corpse, and two charges of murder.

Where is Susan Monica Now?

According to court records, Susan was born Steven Buchanan on July 8, 1948, in California. After receiving an honourable discharge from the Army, she joined the US Navy during the Vietnam War and changed her name to Susan. In 1991, after pursuing a fruitful engineering career, she acquired the 20-acre farm in the remote Wimer, Oregon, area. She also owned a company called White Queen Construction that built wrought-iron gates and fences, bred chickens, and had a herd of pigs. She said there could be an additional 17 bodies when the cops questioned if there were any more bodies.

Jordan Farris, Susan’s former cellmate at the Jackson County jail, said during her trial in April 2015 that Susan handed him a birthday card that read, “The sweetest murderer in Jackson County.” Additionally, he testified that she told him she shot an apparently inebriated Robert and pushed him into the pigpen after he reportedly assaulted her. On April 21, a jury convicted her guilty of all charges, and she was given a 50-year sentence to life in prison. Even though the authorities were unable to locate the other 17 claimed victims, they remained optimistic that someone could still be alive. The 75-year-old is a prisoner at Wilsonville, Oregon’s Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

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