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We Tried The Islam Focused ‘Salam Web’ and This Is What We’ve Learned


Salam Web is a web browser like any other web browser which catches attention when you learn that it is a halal and sharia-compliant web browser for Muslims. In case you’re wondering what does that means?, this article will help you understand what does Salam Web does.

Haram, which basically means forbidden in Islam, are things or activities every true follower must avoid, like, watching pornography, gambling, or consuming alcohol and bacon. The said Salam Web, claims that it blocks all these Haram things and gives its users a pious experience that is compliant with Sharia Law (Islamic Law).

We, at Dotcomstories, got intrigued by the idea and decided to try the Salam Web browser, and here’s what we’ve learned :

Web Search On the Salam Web Browser (SWB): Like most browsers, SWB uses Google as its default search engine, however, it adds multiple filters to give you results.
Pros: The browser greets you with an inspirational quote, and displays useful information on the front page, such as, prayer timing and which direction to face while praying.
Cons: The filters are not as accurate as they claim. For example, we searched for Bacon shops around us and got plenty of results and recommendations.

Salam News: A dedicated News forum to broadcast news from all around the world.
Pros: Direct option to explore all the headlines from the world.
Cons: No additional feature. Everything they are providing is already available in the market.

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Salam Sadahaq: Salam Web also supports one of the strongest pillars of Islam, Zakat(Charity). You can donate as low as 10$ to support the cause mentioned in the forum.
Pros :
Cons: There is no downside to charity. If you are aware of the projects they have mentioned, it is worth trying.

Salam Chat Requires your number and email which is the first step for Data collection. We refrained from trying this feature, but you are more than welcome to try it on your own.

In conclusion, The Salam Web does provide some unique features, but as far as the user experience is concerned, it uses Chromium Open source and Google as a default search engine which makes it a lazy effort at best. A few major changes could make this browser a big hit in the Islamic community.

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