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Salvatore Anello Video – Was It A Blunder Or Cold Blooded Murder?

The video by Salvatore Anello will leave you in utter shock. Salvatore was shown in the video throwing his 18-month-old granddaughter from the 11th floor of a cruise ship, which first appeared online in 2019.

Chloe Wiegand was the name of the unhappy 18-month-old infant. Salvatore Anello grabbed his granddaughter from the 11th-story window he knew was open when they were playing in the “Kids Water Zone” of the Freedom of the Seas ship.

Salvatore later asserted that he was unaware that the window was open in the days that followed Chloe’s terrible death.

After Chloe’s passing in July, the Wiegand family filed a lawsuit against the cruise line, claiming the firm was negligent in failing to shield Chloe and other tourists from potentially hazardous open windows.

Anello has insisted that he lifted up Chloe so she could slam on the glass like she did at her older brother’s hockey games while denying knowing the window was open.

The Royal Caribbean’s management decided to thoroughly investigate the situation. According to a comprehensive investigation, Salvatore Anello, who was wearing a black shirt, leaned out the window for 8 seconds before picking up Chloe, who was wearing a white sunhat, off the floor.

While Chloe is on the floor and Mr. Anello is standing in front of the open window, he leans his upper body out of the window frame for around eight seconds. Mr. Anello knew the window was open because he had himself leaned out the window, the papers said, according to WTHR.

The footage, according to Royal Caribbean, shows Anello hoisting his granddaughter over the wooden rail to the open window and holding her in danger for around 34 seconds before she tragically falls.

Anello’s lifting and dangling of Chloe from the window, according to The Caribbean, constituted reckless endangerment of her life.

Anello was accused with negligent homicide in Chloe’s death in Puerto Rico, where he was also facing other criminal accusations.

As Anello entered a guilty plea in court, the case against the Royal Caribbean changed course.

What happened to Salvatore Anello?

Salvatore received a three-year probationary period after pleading guilty to the 2019 death of his 18-month-old granddaughter on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, according to a statement from the Puerto Rico government.

He resides in Michigan, where he will carry out his sentence there.

Anello stated in a statement following the sentencing that he and the girl’s family decided to enter a guilty plea so they could concentrate on a civil lawsuit against the cruise line.

Anello altered his plea as part of a settlement with the prosecutors after being charged with negligent homicide months after the occurrence.

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