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Samantha Womack’s Husband: A Look at Their Love Story and Family Life

A devoted husband is like the captain of a sailing ship, using his abilities to steer the ship in the right direction. But did Samantha Womack’s marriage contribute to the successful trajectory of her career?

Samantha Janus, sometimes known as Samantha Zoe Womack, was born in Brighton, England, on November 2, 1972.

She is a well-known English filmmaker, model, singer, and actress. She has worked in the entertainment business for more than three decades.

Although Samantha has seen many highs and lows in her career, she is most recognised for her role as Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC serial opera “EastEnders.”

The renowned actress revealed heartbreaking news about her health on August 9th, 2022. She disclosed that she had been given a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 49.

She honoured the late Olivia Newton-John, who passed away from breast cancer the day prior, in her announcement post. The celebrity actress uploaded a photo of herself with the late musician.

She recalled Olivia’s visit to London to watch Grease during that time, as well as their meal together. Samantha wrote in her journal that night, “This was the most magical of evenings.”

Samantha concluded her remarks and tribute by stating that she was now beginning her fight against the fatal disease and had been greatly inspired by Olivia’s tenacity and fortitude.

Her followers and coworkers reacted to her post with affection, love, and encouragement.

Sharon Marshall, a soap expert for This Morning, wished the recipient “love and strength.” A another supporter wished her a quick and complete recovery.

The multi-talented actress cheerfully informed her followers that her struggle with breast cancer was won in January 2023.

Samantha recently made headlines after claiming that she would have delayed her cancer treatment in support of NHS employees who went on strike to protest inadequate pay in light of growing inflation.

She continued by saying that medical professionals who daily put their lives in danger in order to save others “shouldn’t be eating from food banks.”

Samantha has always expressed her fervent admiration for the English National Health Service.

But it becomes vital to support people protesting when the same service ends up underpaying its employees.

Samantha doesn’t like to play favourites. She continued by saying that she would have fought alongside NHS workers even if it had delayed the start of her own cancer treatment.

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a difficult pill to take. The patient must have tremendous courage, tolerance, and optimism, and they also need their families to be supportive.

Fans of the talented actress were interested to learn more about Samantha Womack’s husband and his part in her battle with cancer during this period.

Let’s examine Samantha’s love relationships and present marital status moving ahead.

Who is Samantha Womack husband?

Given that Samantha Womack, an Englishwoman, has been married twice throughout her life, it is very challenging to identify her husband.

Furthermore, neither of those marriages succeeded, therefore at the moment there isn’t a man who can call himself Samantha Womack’s husband.

Samantha began a romantic relationship with Italian national Junfan Mantovani early in her career.

When Samantha was just 25 years old, the couple were married. Samantha and Junfan split up the next year due to unforeseen circumstances, just as some had anticipated. That marriage was a hasty choice on the actress’s behalf.

Samantha’s first public relationship ended in horrible circumstances, but she was able to get past it. She also didn’t give up on the idea of falling in love again.

Later on, Samantha met and began dating Mark Womack, a co-star on Liverpool 1.

Before making a decision that might change her life, the EastEnders star gave her second romance enough time.

Sam and Mark married in 2009 after ten years of getting to know one another better.

Before they got married, they were fortunate to have two kids: a daughter named Lili Rose and a son named Benjamin Thomas.

Sadly, all the time Samantha spent analysing her relationship with Mark was for naught when they decided to split up after nearly 20 years of dating.

The Liverpool 1 co-stars Mark and Samantha split up in 2018, although they continued to live together with their kids for the following two years.

In the 2020 summer, they made their separation public.

Samantha’s life had other plans for her. Samantha fell in love for the third time when she was 48 years old.

She began dating Oliver Farnworth, a former Coronation Street cast member. While they both appeared on stage in “The Girl On The Train,” the soap opera stars grew close to one another.

Her current boyfriend is ten years younger than she is, yet they seem to be much in love. The connection convincingly shows that, after all, age is just a number.

Samantha now lives by a new motto as a result of her quick recovery from cancer. She claims that she has since learned to “never say never” and to really enjoy life.

Her desire to have additional children with her current boyfriend, Oliver Farnworth, has been sparked by her newly discovered zeal.

As she reflected on her experience receiving treatment, she remarked, “I suddenly really appreciated my kids and I really wanted to do it all again.” Her children from a previous marriage to Mark Womack are now 18 and 22 years old.

Samantha may find it difficult to achieve her goal at age 50 and after chemo, but who knows? Medical technology is at the pinnacle of advancement, and it just might find a method to appease the English actress’ craving.

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