Saving Private Ryan Characters Explained : Which Actors Played The Lead Characters!

A World War II classic and one of Steven Spielberg’s greatest works, Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece. The film’s realism was praised by veterans, and a large portion of its plot was motivated by true accounts of bravery. Spielberg dedicated the movie to his father Arnold, a radio operator and communications officer for the 490th Bomb Squadron who joined the American Army in 1941. Spielberg won his second Academy Award for Best Director, five years after winning both the Best Picture and Best Director categories for Schindler’s List. In a dramatic upset, Shakespeare in Love won Best Picture over the movie.

A perilous mission to save the young Private James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon), whose three brothers were killed in the battle of Omaha Beach that the movie had so accurately portrayed, is the focus of Saving Private Ryan. In order to spare Ryan’s parents further suffering, the US Department of War appoints Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) to locate their final living son. A courageous group that supports Miller on his crucial task joins him. Here is your guide to Saving Private Ryan’s heroes and the outstanding cast who play them.

Captain John H. Miller (Tom Hanks)

Tom Hanks garnered his fourth lead actor Oscar nomination for his gruff depiction of Captain John Miller, following back-to-back Best Actor victories for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. During the Normandy Invasion, Miller commands a risk-taking breakout unit and is commended by Allied headquarters for his fast thinking among the tumultuous carnage. Miller is first dubious about the reasons for the assignment he was sent to complete, but he does it valiantly. Ryan’s willingness to stick with the unit and hold his position at a crucial bridge as German artillery advances impresses Miller. Ryan is given the advice to earn his survival, which he remembers for the rest of his life.


Corporal Timothy Upham (Jeremy Davies)

Jeremy Davies is most known for playing Daniel Faraday on Lost, but he also has a diverse filmography that includes the movies Rescue Dawn, Spanking the Monkey, Solaris, and Dogville. Davies co-stars as Corporal Timothy Upham, who Miller hires despite his lack of combat experience due to his fluency in both French and German. Although the other soldiers make fun of him for reading aloud a book on the “bonds of brotherhood” that soldiers develop (Davies would later co-star on HBO’s Band of Brothers), Upham happily joins Miller’s teams. Upham, who frequently experiences combat phobia, becomes limp during the squad’s battle with German paratroopers. Upham, who experienced similar shell shock during the bridge struggle, makes his first kill by killing the German prisoner he had given the squad the nickname “Steamboat Willie.”

Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper)

In addition to The Green Mile, 25th Hour, Flags of Our Fathers, and True Grit, Barry Pepper has been in a number of other iconic movies. His portrayal of Robert Kennedy in The Kennedys earned him the Emmy for Best Actor in a Limited Series. Private Daniel Jackson, played by Pepper, is a skilled shooter and the first to offer to join Miller’s crew. Jackson is distinguished by his fervent religious convictions and his practise of praying before each shot. To the surprise of several of his teammates, he frequently quotes scripture while wearing a rosary bead. Jackson boasts overconfidently that he could defeat Adolf Hitler alone, yet his assurance is well-founded. During the final battle, he is able to communicate with the team and kill over a dozen Germans, but an exploding Tiger Tank shell takes his life.

Private First Class Adrian Caparzo (Vin Diesel)

After seeing Vin Diesel’s directorial debut, Strays, in which he also starred, Steven Spielberg hired him for one of his early parts in Saving Private Ryan. Mellish receives the moniker “Fish” from Diesel’s Private First Class Adrian Caparzo, who is chosen by Miller for his assistance in breaching the sea wall on D-Day. Caparzo is one of the team’s most battle-tested members, but he also has compassion. He tells his squadmates that the young girl reminds him of his niece and tries to save her as the squad enters hostile area. One of the most tragic scenes in the entire movie is Caparzo’s stunning death when he is trying to save the girl.

Private First Class Richard Reiben (Edward Burns)

Edward Burns has acted in a number of romantic comedies and action thrillers, some of which are Man on a Ledge, The Holiday, 27 Dresses, Life or Something Like It, and 15 Minutes. Alongside Miller and Horvath during the D-Day invasion, Burns plays the cigar-smoking Private First Class Richard Reiben. Reiben is a contender for Miller’s team because of his unyielding character, but he amuses his teammates along the way by telling them about his previous romantic relationships. Prior to the last fight, Reiben takes Ryan aside to explain to him what the squad has gone through to find him. Miller and Reiben argue after Miller refuses to execute the Germans who kill one of their team members. Reiben sacrifices himself during the climax while obliging Ryan to live.

Private James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon)

For the role of the young Private Ryan, Spielberg purposely chose Matt Damon because he wanted an unknown. While Saving Private Ryan was being filmed, he didn’t foresee that Damon would become a breakout star and win an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. Spielberg explicitly turned down Damon’s desire to train in boot camp with the rest of the group so that the squad’s animosity toward Ryan would appear plausible. When Miller tells Ryan about his brothers’ passing, Ryan is devastated, but he is unwilling to leave because of the strategic value of his position. As the Captain passes away, he has a heartfelt final conversation with Miller, asking Ryan to “earn this.” Harrison Young plays the elder Ryan, who makes an appearance in the movie’s opening and closing scenes.

The large cast of Saving Private Ryan also features Ted Danson as Captain Fred Hamill, Bryan Cranston as Colonel Mac, Paul Giamatti as Sergeant William Hill, and Dennis Farina as Lieutenant Colonel Walter Anderson. Nathan Fillion, who will later feature in Firefly, makes an unforgettable scene-stealing appearance as Private Frederick Ryan, who is mistaken for Ryan and given the incorrect information that his siblings were murdered.

Private Stanley “Fish” Mellish (Adam Goldberg) 

Adam Goldberg, a recurring character actor in movies like A Beautiful Mind, Dazed and Confused, Zodiac, and Babe: Pig in the City, has lately made appearances in The Jim Gaffigan Show and Fargo. Stanley, Goldberg’s Private Jewish shooter Mellish, often known as “Fish,” is distinguished by his strong New York accent. During the Normandy Invasion, Mellish survives intense gunfire and receives a Hitler’s Youth blade from his closest friend Caparzo. Mellish, despite being the most amusing and good-natured character in Saving Private Ryan, is deeply affected by the passing of his best friend. Later, while Upham is being attacked on the bridge, he fights bravely to keep Upham safe. In the end, Mellish perishes after being pierced by a bayonet.


T/4 Medic Irwin Wade (Giovanni Ribisi)

With the most recent season of the Amazon series Sneaky Pete, Giovanni Ribisi, a cherished character actor whose broad career includes Avatar, Lost in Translation, Lost Highway, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Selma among many others, attained a lead part. Irwin Wade, a medical officer who actively attempts to save dying men both during and after the battle of Omaha, is played by Ribisi. Wade takes the value of human life seriously and corrects the squad when they crack sarcastic jokes while examining the dog tags of troops who have died in action. After failing to stop a machine gun, Wade is forced to take his own life while thinking back on memories of his mother.

Technical Sergeant Mike Horvath (Tom Sizemore)

In popular ’90s classics including Born on the Fourth of July, Natural Born Killers, Heat, and True Romance, Tom Sizemore frequently made an appearance. He co-stars as Sergeant Mike Horvath, a friend of Miller’s who has supported him throughout his risky actions on D-Day since the beginning of the war. Miller, who is often reticent, is willing to speak with Horvath and designates him as his deputy in charge of the hunt for Ryan. Horvath concurs with Ryan’s choice to remain on the bridge, claiming that if they fail to defend the vital post, they will all be sent home. Horvath defends Upham during the rookie Corporal’s first engagement, but he tragically perishes after being shot in the chest.


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