8 Shows Like ‘Tex Mex Motors’: Exploring Similar Action-Packed TV Series

The reality TV series “Tex Mex Motors” on Netflix, which stars Sam Maloof and Rob Pitts, is about a team of skilled experts that find ancient, wrecked vehicles in Mexican junkyards and bring them all the way to El Paso, Texas, where they are restored. In this upbeat and entertaining docuseries, as they turn junkers into treasures, we gain an understanding of what it takes to turn a worn-out old car into a fully functional one.

The specialists’ major objective is to turn scrap metal into unique masterpieces that will draw interested consumers willing to part with a sizeable sum of money to support these restored works of art. Check out the similar car restoration shows we have mentioned below if the car enthusiast in you just can’t get enough information about upgrading vehicles. Several of these programmes, including “Tex Mex Motors,” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

FantomWorks (2013-2019)

‘FantomWorks’ is a reality television series that Tim Prokop and Peter Rees created. It centres on Dan Short, a former test pilot who has been restoring vintage cars since he was a youngster. After serving in the Army for a while, he made the decision to turn his passion for car restoration into a business, and FantomWorks was established. In this series, we watch as Short and his team of experts repair different sorts of cars while conflicting personalities and irate clients cause drama. As you would have guessed, practically every feature of the programme is comparable to “Tex Mex Motors.”

Full Custom Garage (2014-)

An automotive reality TV show called “Full Custom Garage” follows expert car builder Ian Roussel, who is known for taking on crazy projects and building one-of-a-kind automobiles. Every episode features Roussel’s overly imaginative thoughts as his clients put him in a difficult situation. He is therefore forced to use his magic under pressure to consistently produce a finished good that fits the demands of his clients. The difficult tasks that the experts in “Full Custom Garage” do are quite similar to those in “Tex Mex Motors.”

Garage Squad (2014-)

Similar to ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ ‘Garage Squad’ also features a group of experts known as the Garage Squad who give various old and worn-out vehicles new life and bring them back on the road. They help weekend mechanics who don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to fix their cars and get them back on the road. The Garage Squad not only transforms the vehicles but also gives their customers helpful pointers on how to preserve the end result. Similar to how the pros in “Tex Mex Motors” work on their projects, they spend hours in the garage perfecting the restoration of various non-functional cars.

Iron Resurrection (2016-)

Similar to ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ ‘Iron Resurrection’ follows skilled metal fabricator Joe Martin and his group of capable experts as they scour the Texas countryside seeking rusted-out and damaged automobiles and motorcycles. Once they locate one, they start working diligently at Joe Martin Customs to restore it, giving us a look of every stage of the process, including design, fabrication, mechanicals, and the final paint job. The result of this technique is a functional automobile with a shining exterior. The similarities between “Tex Mex Motors” and “Iron Resurrection” can be attributed to the activities of locating abandoned vehicles and restoring them.

Roadkill Garage (2016-)

‘Roadkill Garage’ is a car restoration reality series that stars former Hot Rod Magazine editors David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan. David and Mike use a variety of tools on project cars and other items to create their own moving violations and meet the Roadkill vibe. The two show us how they can manage to do the wrong things in the right way as they perform their magic on various autos. There are certain distinctions between “Tex Mex Motors” and “Roadkill Garage,” but that doesn’t change the fact that both series centre around a team of experts repairing vintage cars in a garage.

Roadworthy Rescues (2022-)

‘Roadworthy Rescues’ is a reality TV show that follows Derek Bieri as he searches for abandoned cars in places where they sit idle, much way the skilled technicians in ‘Tex Mex Motors’ scrounge to locate ancient cars to restore. After selecting the vehicles, Derek works to repair them and put them back on the road while thoroughly explaining to the audience why these vehicles are still important and valued. The mechanics in “Roadworthy Rescues” and “Tex Mex Motors” both follow the same procedure of looking, restoring, and selling.

Rust Valley Restorers (2018-)

The documentary series “Rust Valley Restorers,” produced by Matt Shewchuk and Tyson Hepburn, centres on Mike Hall, an old-school auto collector, his friend Avery Shoaf, and his son Connor Hall. They search for trash cars at the junkyard together, just like the pros in ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ and work on restoring them at their vintage car restoration shop, thanks to their experience and amazing abilities. Then, as in “Tex Mex Motors,” they try to sell the finished product on the market in the hopes of making a significant profit.

Shorty’s Dream Shop (2022-)

The reality series “Shorty’s Dream Shop,” which stars Javier “Shorty” Ponce, follows Shorty and his team as they take vintage cars and transform them into slick hot rods. Competent mechanics often transform the cars as more than just a task for them in order to sell them to deserving owners. Shorty and his team usually bring the American Dream to reality one build at a time because it isn’t complete without a terrific ride. You might compare the dynamics between Shorty and his gang to those of the workers in “Tex Mex Motors.”




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