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Skai Jackson’s Parents: Who Raised the Rising Star?

parents of Skai Jackson. The accomplishments of their daughter are incredibly important to Mr. Jacob Jackson and Mrs. Kiya Cole.

Jackson is a model, actor, and YouTuber from the United States.

She rose to stardom after being voted one of the most influential kids of 2016 and has since appeared in a number of films and television programmes.

She played Zuri in the Disney Channel comedy “Jessie” (2011–2015), which gave her a breakthrough role.

She was born on Staten Island, New York, on April 8, 2002. Skai Jackson’s parents unfortunately divorced when she was a small child. She has been residing with her mother ever since.

She found the separation and divorce of her parents to be difficult, but her mother’s unwavering love and support got her through it.

She claimed in an interview that her mother was her rock. I can depend on her at all times because she is always there for me. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have her as my biggest supporter throughout my career.

Even though Skai Jackson’s parents separated, their love and support allowed their daughter to succeed in her career.

Skai has achieved success as an actor, model, YouTuber, and author with the support and encouragement of her parents.

Naturally, Skai’s father has avoided the public eye, and not much is known about his private life. He is a filmmaker and producer who has contributed to a number of short films and TV programmes, according to sources.

Kiya Cole, Skai’s mother, has contributed significantly to her daughter’s professional life, though.

Her mother styled Ary J. Blige, P. Diddy, and Tupac Shakur among other famous people.

In addition to working as a brand strategist, Kiya Cole was instrumental in helping Skai establish her brand.

Despite getting divorced, Skai Jackson’s parents still had a good relationship with their daughter. She frequently shares photos of herself with her mother and father on social media.

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Who is Skai mother, Kiya Cole?

Skai Jackson’s manager, Kiya Cole, is in addition to being her mother. Her birthday is March 12, 1975. Cole began her professional life as a child model.

Cole is the second of three siblings born to Menalis and Joseph Cole. Charlie is the name of her brother, and Nona is the name of her sister.

In addition, Skai Jackson’s mother is the president of Chickie Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles and a Monroe College alumna.

Kiya and football coach Gene Salas, who has two children from a previous marriage, became engaged in 2016. In June of that year, they got married, and Gene had previously worked in Gardena, California, with the Pacific Lutheran Stingrays Football team.

Similar to her mother, Skai Jackson’s father, Jacob Jackson, later remarried and had two daughters, Aurora and Nala, who were born in 2010 and 2014, respectively, with his new spouse.

Skai has always thanked her mum for all of the support and direction she has given her.

Kiya deserves all the praise for both her debut and her accomplishment.

Who is Skai Jackson father, Jacob Jackson?

Jacob Jackson is Skai Jackson’s father.

He is not a well-known person, thus there is not much information accessible about him, but he and his daughter are quite close even though they live apart.

Additionally, Skai occasionally shared photos of herself with her father and revealed snippets of their relationship on her official Instagram account.

She claimed that he has consistently offered support for her professional endeavours.

On Father’s Day, Skai posted on her Instagram account her appreciation for her father. She posted a throwback image of the two of them along with the caption, “Throwback.”

“I appreciate you being the best father you can be, despite the distance between us. I cherish you.

Later, she posted pictures of her father celebrating his birthday and referred to him as her “day one” and “rock.”

Despite the fact that they might not reside in the same place, she has a close relationship with her father.

Skai Jackson’s early life

Actress Skai Jackson, who is of Afro-Honduran and African-American origin, is renowned for her ability.

She started performing when she was only four years old. She watched a number of TV series before deciding she wanted to be an actress.

She admired “That’s So Raven” and thought she could perform just as well as the cast members.

One of the main characters in the well-known Disney series “Jessie,” Zuri Ross, was cast when Skai persuaded her parents to accompany her to an audition.

Skai expertly handled the role of a small child who was too intelligent for her age and interested in blackmail despite her young age.

Despite the show’s four-season run coming to an end, Skai’s career remained successful. She made cameos in a number of TV episodes and films, such as “Austin & Ally” and “The Smurfs.”

Skai recently started a YouTube channel where she updates her followers on her daily activities, skincare tips, and vacation memories.

Before making her acting debut, Skai made appearances in a number of well-known brands’ national television commercials, including Band-Aid, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Old Navy.

Awards and achievements

Skai Jackson has won praise for her outstanding accomplishments during the course of her professional career.

For her performance in the television series Jessie in 2016, she was nominated for an Image Award in the category for Outstanding Performance by a Young. Her acting abilities and talent, especially at such a young age, were demonstrated by her nomination.

She was also a nominee for the 2017 Shorty Awards in the categories of Best Influencer and Celebrity for her online presence.

Her ability to interact with and amuse her followers on multiple social media platforms was honoured with this prize.

She later received the Young Entertainer Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Television Series in 2018 in recognition of her work on the TV show Bunk’d.

Her nominations and accolades attest to her brilliance, commitment, and hard work.

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