Amazon Prime Original Something From Tiffany’s (2022) Ending Explained

A Christmas romantic comedy, “Something From Tiffany’s” is an Amazon Prime Original. The movie, which was directed by Daryl Wein, also stars Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, Shay Mitchell, and Zoey Deutch. The plot, which is based on a book by Melissa Hill, follows the seemingly flawless lives of two couples. After an unintentional gift mix-up, their lives are guided to the places where each of them is intended to be.

The movie radiates feelings of romance and community while exploring the wonder and excitement of Christmas and the approaching New Year. The movie also examines the flimsiness of relationships and portrays what is actually required to make a relationship succeed. We have the solutions to your worries concerning “Something from Tiffany’s” finale, so don’t be concerned! Spoilers follow!

Something From Tiffany’s Plot Synopsis

While shopping for gifts for their respective significant others, Gary and Ethan are both in the Tiffany’s store at the same time. Vanessa receives a ring from Ethan and Daisy since he intends to pop the question to her on Christmas Eve. Gary, on the other hand, gives Rachel earrings. Gary is struck by a taxi as they exit the store and sustains a concussion. Ethan jumbles the Tiffany bags while making sure Gary is okay.
When the couples exchange gifts on Christmas morning, both men are shocked to discover something very different in the Tiffany boxes. Gary accepts it and believes that it was meant to be. Gary and Rachel become engaged. Finding earrings instead of the ring he was preparing to propose with throws Ethan off his game. Even Daisy is shocked to see Vanessa’s perplexity as she accepts the present.

Ethan makes every effort to get in touch with Gary and retrieve his ring. Throughout the film, Rachel and Ethan run into each other several times. Because he doesn’t want to offend her, he avoids confronting her about the error. Gary’s refusal to return the ring leaves Ethan with no other choice. Vanessa, on the other hand, becomes uneasy since Ethan is behaving suspiciously. Ethan is preoccupied with something else while the pair is on vacation in New York, leaving Vanessa in the dark.

In the meantime, Rachel stops into the Tiffany store to inquire about caring for the ring. When the salesperson recognises the ring, Rachel discovers the truth. Gary admits the truth when she confronts him. When Gary informs Rachel that he still wants to marry her after telling such a colossal a lie, Rachel forgave him. She resolves the issue by making a call to Ethan. The two then go out to supper to celebrate Ethan’s marriage proposal to Vanessa. Vanessa makes a reservation at Gillini, Rachel’s eatery. The problems are resolved in the movie’s climax as all four protagonists come face to face.

Something From Tiffany’s Ending: Do Ethan and Rachel End Up Together?

Ethan and Rachel have a romantic relationship, although they are attracted to one another throughout the film. The two have common hobbies, including a love of the same acapella music and a preferred place along the East River. Ethan helps Rachel when she becomes overrun by a swarm of clients even at the Gillini pop-up in the park. The pair functions as a well-oiled machine when working together.

Both Gary and Rachel’s and Vanessa and Ethan’s relationship does not work out for a variety of reasons. The spouses examine their problems in great detail as a result of the Tiffany mix-up. They quickly come to the conclusion that their current relationships are unsuitable. The four protagonists finally confront their problems when they reunite at Gillini, and the disclosures leave them feeling conflicted. The following morning, Daisy persuades her father to confront his true emotions. He gets over his fears and tells Rachel how he really feels. She shares the same sentiments, and after a year, the most sincere proposal results in the couple getting engaged.

The idea of destiny is embodied by Ethan and Rachel. Nothing in their way could separate them from each other. They encourage and support one another’s goals and interests. Ethan is inspired by Rachel to begin a new novel, and Rachel is supported by Ethan in the restaurant. They act as yin and yang to balance one another. Additionally, Daisy and Rachel get along well because they both experienced loss after their mother passed away. Daisy is delighted to witness her father finding happiness with the woman of his dreams.

Furthermore, fate plays a significant role in connecting Ethan and Rachel. A weird accident brought their paths together, and they fell in love. Furthermore, Ethan and Rachel’s relationship is admirable in its transparency and support. They fill the gaps left by their prior connections. Being a highly upbeat individual, Rachel exudes warmth and trust with her outlook on life. She adores Ethan’s goodness and his honesty as a result. demonstrating how well suited Ethan and Rachel are to one another.

Why Does Rachel Break Up With Gary?

Gary’s efforts to help Rachel have been disorganised and sporadic from the start of the film. He relies solely on the salesperson’s recommendations because he is unsure of what his girlfriend will appreciate at the Tiffany store. Additionally, he consistently disappoints Rachel by showing up late for dates, forgetting stuff, and never showing any interest in her love of cooking. Gary’s tardiness is tolerated by Rachel since she cares about him. Gary doesn’t deserve her second chances, but she keeps giving them to him.

Terri, Rachel’s best friend, can recognise Gary for the person he really is. Terri is constantly looking for methods to help Rachel grasp the truth since she is worried about their relationship working out. Rachel discovers at the New Year’s celebration that Gary lied to her about doing the finest thing he’s ever done for her. Gary didn’t just visit her to return the jewellery to her. To meet up with another girl, he headed there. Rachel breaks up with Gary because she feels betrayed and devastated. In either scenario, it is improbable that the couple will end up together. Their differences in personality do not mesh well. Most significantly, they lack the compassion and honesty in communication necessary to a successful partnership.

Additionally, Rachel’s feelings for Ethan are a factor in her choice. Rachel feels void in her relationship with Gary after being pulled to Ethan and realising what a fine man he is. She observes what she is omitting. Rachel eventually realises Gary is not the right match for her. She decides to give it a shot after allowing herself to acknowledge her feelings for Ethan. As a result, this proves to be the most advantageous course of action because Ethan shares her sentiments.

How Does Vanessa Know About The Ring?

Vanessa is kept in the dark throughout the entire movie since Ethan doesn’t want to divulge his unexpected proposal. She accepts Ethan’s romantic proposal with joy because she is over the moon about it. Vanessa reserves a seat at Gillini to celebrate because the eatery aids Ethan in creating the ideal proposal. Ethan accepts the circumstance even though he is unaware that the ring is in the bread. Naturally, when she learns that Ethan’s plans to propose are quite different, things go bad.

When Gary and Rachel disagree, Vanessa finds out about the switched luggage. She wonders if Ethan would have proposed in another situation. She feels cheated because she misread his motives. Ethan wants to propose, but things just don’t work out the way he had hoped. Ethan and Vanessa have some crucial chats as a result of the mess. She grouses that she doesn’t know Ethan wants to write more.

Vanessa is unhappy because her coworker, not her lover, informed her of this. Ethan then admits that Vanessa doesn’t agree with his desire to write more. Vanessa plans to stay in Los Angeles, whilst Ethan wants to move to New York. The pair separates due to their divergent ideologies and disparate life goals.

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