How Can I Watch Smiley New Episodes Online?

The current month of December is dominated by holiday-themed rom-coms that breathe new life into tired clichés with romance and Christmas cheer. The prior months were dominated by a tonne of terrifying movies and television shows. A man meets a woman. Everyone can see that they are much in love. Despite having similar feelings, they are reluctant to express them to one another. The plot includes challenges like a variety of loves. Even though the boy and girl are paired with different people, they can’t help but always think about one another. After spending the entire movie walking in circles, the lovebirds finally reconcile and kiss under the moonlight.

Every television programme and motion picture follows this model in some way, and the eighth episode of the Spanish drama Smiley is no different. Boy finds Boy happens more often than Boy sees Girl, and the rest of the pattern plays out as it should. The creators of the Spanish rom-com series Smiley are David Martn Porras and Marta Pahissa. The comedy, which stars Miki Esparbé and Carlos Cuevas, is focused on the story of two hopeless romantics named Bruno & Alex who have experienced repeated disappointment from their friends.

The show’s significant supporting cast includes Pepón Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis, Ramon Pujol, Brian McGovern, Carlos Noriega, & Yasmina Drissi. The series, which consists of eight episodes in all, focuses on the singers’ daily life and their struggles with uniqueness and affection/love.

What is Netflix’s Smiley Is All About? How Does It Start? – Plot Summary

Geeky people avoid gorgeous men like architect Bruno (Miki Esparbé), who is a kind and muscular bartender named Lex (Carlos Cuevas), since they feel they have no chance of getting a date with him. They don’t really get along with one other. Bruno is a passionate film fan who appreciates everything from Howard Hawks to Italian neorealism. In addition to knowing the director, he enjoys romantic comedies and can identify them by merely mentioning a scene. He laughs at Lex as soon as he mentions “Frozen.”

The first conversation between Lex and Bruno about face expressions is rife with insults and charm. They both make it clear that they are utterly disgusted by one another. But after a tumultuous affair, they both awaken on the same mattress. Note how Lex keeps a loving gaze on Bruno while the two sleep next to each other. Or how Bruno smiles in the bathroom mirror while Lex is using the restroom. I’ll leave it to you to decipher what that smiling face represents.

Since the plot doesn’t contain many surprises, my objective isn’t to stop revelations but rather to provide you with a first-person account of how rapidly and fervently Lex shares the understanding. One of Smiley’s pleasures is the dynamic atmosphere the passionate and flirty conversations between Lex and Bruno produce. The subsequent kiss is filled with passion and intense emotions because the two people have just fought or made fun of one other on television.

Where One Can Watch Netflix Smiley Episodes? – Streaming Guide

The Smiley Episodes are available on Netflix, the portal that houses Smiley (no other option). One of the biggest OTT providers, Netflix streams a huge selection of Netflix shows to millions of viewers at once. However, it thereafter saw a dramatic decline in the number of subscribers. The company introduced a new ad-supported approach to combat the decline. The Indian market is fairly comparable to many other markets. Netflix’s relatively high membership plan costs kept it from dominating the Indian market for a very long time. Other OTT services like Disney Plus, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video offer lower annual packages.

Let me discuss the pricing, subscription plans, and other details you might be interested in. Netflix has a different cost in each nation. The firm may use the per-capita income of the population as a basis for pricing decisions. The quantity of content they can make available for streaming in a country may also influence how much they decide to charge. Customers can undoubtedly find less Netflix TV shows and films in the countries with the most affordable access alternatives.

Additionally, when establishing the pricing model, Netflix viewing preferences for each country were taken into account. For instance, cell phone plans cost less in countries where the majority of people use mobile devices. It helps people who want to merge their accounts in order to get top-tier top deals.

Netflix Various Plans & Features Allotted To Each


If you only have a Basic subscription, you can only watch Netflix on one display at once. As the name suggests, consumers only get minor benefits, such as the ability to download and stream SD-resolution media on a single device. It is the lowest rung plan available globally.


If you have the Standard subscription, you can watch and download Netflix content on two different machines or devices at once. The mid-tier bundle includes access to movies.


Netflix Premium, the most expensive membership tier, allows for viewing on 4 devices. You may access UHD (4K and HDR) definition content with this plan. Additionally, it is the most expensive service that Netflix offers.

The Mobile Subscription can only be used on devices running iOS 12.0 or later, Android 5.0 (Lollipop), or Fire OS 5.0. Projecting or reflecting from a similar smartphone is also not possible here on the plan. In addition to the membership price, you can also be charged taxes, depending on where you live. When you register for a Netflix account right away, you can choose from a variety of payment options. You can easily change or end your plan at any time.

Netflix offers a variety of options to satiate your thirst for entertainment. As a Netflix customer, you will begin to receive monthly bills on the day you signed up. A Netflix login is required for a household of multiple people.

Netflix’s Plans For Advertising

Netflix launched its ad-supported option in October of this year in an effort to make their content generally accessible to users at a reduced cost (2022). Although the service has not yet debuted in India, in 12 other countries, it is in fact $6.99. (approx Rs 575). The advertising strategy is available in the United States, UK, Australia, Brazil, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Korea. Depending on the content, subscribers to Netflix’s ad-supported service can expect 4 to 5 minutes of advertising every hour. Each ad will run for 15 to 30 seconds. Advertisements cannot be fast-forwarded or skipped, although users may pause them.

Netflix basic plans with ads (Country, Local price & USD price)

Brazil: 18.9 BRL; US dollar: 3.6
Canada: 5.99 CAD; 4.37 USD.
Australia: 6.99 AUD; $4.42 USD
5500 KRW = 3.87 USD in South Korea
Germany: 4.92 USD / 4.99 EUR
4.99 GBP equals 5.65 USD in the United Kingdom.
Spain: 5.49 euros; 5.41 dollars
Italy: 5.49 euros; 5.41 dollars
99 MXN = 4.96 USD in Mexico
790 JPY = 5.30 USD in Japan
France: 5.90 USD – 5.99 EUR
In the United States, 6.99 USD
Together 4 total, 4

The fact that picking the basic plan with adverts results in significant cost reductions for each of the 12 countries undoubtedly comes as no surprise. However, as evidenced by the pricing above, some individuals receive better prices than most. Brazil, which offers the far less expensive basic with adverts subscription, keeps little under half of this money ($0.00022) for each title, while the United States and South Korea recover the most ($0.0005 and $0.00051, respectively).

Pakistan, which provides the most economical basic plans without commercials, obtains a more attractive offer for each item than neither of these countries. Pakistanis pay $0.00032 each movie for a service that is free of ads. They also have a collection that is average in that it contains somewhat fewer than 6,000 titles. In reality, in Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Argentina, hardly any of the ad-supported plans were more expensive per title than the complimentary basic options.

However, practically all of the entry-level solutions with advertisements—aside from those in the US—climb into and across the top twenty to offer superb value. When we compare the basic services in the USA to the basic services without advertisements, however, it hardly even contains the centre table. With a price per content of 0.00117, American customers pay more than 3.5 times as much for their basic plan with advertisements than do Pakistani customers for the same plan without advertisements.

Additionally, Americans only have access to a small quantity of contents compared to Pakistani customers (5,995 compare with 5,974).

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