Spellbound’ Ending Explained: Does Cece Break the Curse?

Teen drama ‘Spellbound’ on Hulu was created by Jill Girling and Lori Mather. The fantasy drama series “Find Me in Paris” is the source of this spin-off. Cece Parker Jones, a student who enrols in the Paris Opera Ballet School in France, is the centre of the story. Cece’s world is turned upside down when she learns she is descended from a powerful witch family, though. Cece is consequently compelled to balance her pursuit of magical research and her desire to become a professional ballet dancer. In the meantime, an unknown menace is attempting to use Cece’s strength against her. Here is all the information you need to know about Cece’s beliefs in “Spellbound” if you’re looking for answers. Spoilers follow!

Spellbound Plot Synopsis

The main character of “Spellbound” is Cece Parker Jones, a ballet student accepted into the famous Paris Opera Ballet School’s third-year class in Paris, France. Cece meets Simone Souter, an American ballet dancer, on her first day at the school. She meets Mia Banks and Benoit Ducasse, two prominent ballet dancers, and makes friends with Jack Ryder, a fellow student. Cece is currently living with her aunt ginger, who manages the W Apothecary location in Paris. Cece learns from her teacher Armando Castillo that the school admitted sixteen students rather than fifteen due to a clerical error. One of the students will consequently be removed from the class.

Aunt Ginger discloses that Cece’s mother, Lizzie Jones, used a spell to get her accepted to the school despite Cece’s lack of dancing training, and Cece learns that she is descended from a family of witches known as Wizens. Eventually, with the aid of her new friends, Cece is able to obtain her position at the school. However, two Wizens from the UK named Amy and Lola assist Cece in escaping after she is struck by an energy of red dust. Amy and Lola help Cece learn how to use her magical abilities while becoming apprentices to Aunt Ginger. Cece, on the other hand, keeps honing her ballet skills while befriending Mia and growing romantically interested with Benoit.

Cece is revealed to be the “Wise One,” one of the most influential Wizens in the entire planet. The Mystic, a gang of individuals that aimed to take the magical abilities of the Wizens, was the source of the red energy dust that assaulted Cece. It is revealed that Adrian, a young man Aunt Ginger hired to manage her shop, is the Mystic. Kevin, Adrian’s older brother, is imprisoned within a pocket realm, and Adrian wants to set him free. Adrian therefore makes an effort to get close to Cece in an effort to drain her powers and use them to release Kevin.

Meanwhile, Aunt Ginger, Amy, and Lola learn that Cece’s defences have been compromised, making her vulnerable to attacks from the Mystics. In addition, Adrian surreptitiously drained Amy and Lola of their powers, causing them to lose their abilities. Aunt Ginger, on the other hand, aids the girls in regaining their abilities, delaying Adrian’s achievement of his objective. Simone and Mia are her roommates when Cece transfers into the school’s dormitory. Simon becomes aware of Cece’s magical abilities and assists her in juggling ballet and magic in her daily life. Adrian develops a strategy to finally release Kevin while slowly stealing magical energy from the Wizens.

Spellbound Ending: Does Cece Break the Curse?

Armando informs her that the class will perform a ballet adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” towards the end of her first semester at the Paris Opera Ballet School. But every production of the play seems to encounter a number of troublesome occurrences due to a purported curse on the play. Cece uses her magical abilities to bring about the ideal cast for the play, but she unintentionally curses her entire class in the process. Cece eventually learns that Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” was cursed by a wandering Wizen by the name of Juliet Birdman after the playwright stole her ideas. Cece, Amy, Lola, and Simone therefore struggle to come up with a way to reverse the curse.

When Juliet’s curse spell is finally finished, Cece discovers her locked within a theatre. Cece is under her control as she completes the ritual using magic dust. As a result, Cece goes back to practising her dance routine as Juilet’s ghost haunts her. On the other hand, Lizzie and Aunt Ginger are made aware of the danger to Cece. They therefore assemble the other Wizens in the coven’s Paris branch to carry out a ritual that will both free Cece from the curse and protect her against it.

Finally, during the midseason showcase, Cece and her pals present their ballettic adaptation of the well-known play. When the show is over, Cece vanishes, leaving the destiny of the curse a mystery. Cece appears to have broken the curse under Juliet’s influence, based on the Wizens’ work and Juliet’s deceptions. But it’s not obvious what it means for Juliet to finish the spell, or how it will affect Cece. In the climactic moments of the climax, Cece is carried away by an enigmatic, cloaked man as her companions applaud their accomplishments on stage.

Do Juliet and Kevin Escape?

The play’s climax reveals that Juliet was imprisoned by her own enchantment when she attempted to avenge herself by destroying Shakespeare’s play. She spent over 400 years waiting for a Wizen to help her escape the prison she had created for herself after becoming lost in limbo. Juliet’s curse appears to be breaking, suggesting that she may have fled limbo and now poses a serious threat to Cece and the Wizens. On the other side, in the climax, Adrian also advances his strategy to extricate Kevin from the dark dimension. He transforms the ballet dancers into momentary wizards using the magical energy that was syphoned.

The dancers’ formation became the ideal emblem for Adrian to pierce the evil dimension and release Kevin when it was charged with magical energy. However, Cece completes Juliet’s spell, preventing Adrian’s scheme from working. Thus, it appears that Adrian was unable to set Kevin free. There is a strong implication that Kevin and Adrian are connected by the dimension in which they are both imprisoned. The conclusion might therefore suggest that Kevin was let free and assumed Adrian’s body. Adrian and Kevin lead Cece away in the epilogue.

The first season concludes with a significant cliffhanger as Cece is left at the mercy of a Mystic. She runs the risk of losing her magical abilities as a result. The conclusion also establishes Juliet and Kevin as significant enemies that Cece will have to contend with in order to defend her friends, family, and secret. The season is said to end with the villains pulling off their evil schemes as a result. The conclusion thus sets up an intriguing follow-up in which Cece will probably battle the forces of evil represented by Juliet and Kevin.

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