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Sugar Rush: The Baking Point Season 1 – Where Are They Now?

‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point,’ also known as ‘Pasteleros Contra el Tiempo,’ is a Mexican baking programme on Netflix that is hosted by Carlos “Capi” Perez and has gained international acclaim. Some of Mexico’s best bakers are featured in the series, which is a part of the popular “Sugar Rush” franchise. People are curious to know what these extraordinarily talented bakers are up to today after seeing the recently finished season 1 of this cookery show. Fortunately, we are here to investigate the same.

Where Are Ruth Cabeza and Rubí Esparza Now?


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Ruth Cabeza and Rubén Esparza, the season one winners of the Netflix series, will be our first competitors. They earned the big prize of one million pesos after captivating the world’s attention with their talent. Ruth is a pastry chef and an actress as of this writing. Her talent as a baker has earned her quite a web star, as evidenced by her Instagram account, which has more than 149 thousand followers. Ruth offers her followers delectable meals that they may make for themselves. Even pastry chef Rub, who has more than 101 thousand Instagram followers, is well recognised online for her eye-catching cake creations.

Where Are Israel Vázquez and Iván Zavala Now?


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Following them are the runners-up, pals from college Israel Vázquez and Iván Zavala. Israel currently works as the pastry chef for Coucou Cakes, a pastry shop he founded. Even a teaching programme named Coucou Pastry School is offered by the establishment. Israel enjoys spending time with his partner, Natalia Gasca, when he isn’t performing his duties as a Professional Pastry Consultant or making mysterious baked goods. Regarding Ivan, the reality TV star offers offline and online baking workshops and has more than 36,000 Instagram followers. Along with making hyper-realistic cakes, he regularly shares new recipes with his followers.


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Where Are Alan Tercero and Alejandra “Ale” Ambríz Now?

Alan Tercero and Alejandra “Ale” Ambrz proved how great they are at using their culinary skills by making it to the competition series finals. As the pastry chef and chocolatier at Craquelin Cake Shop and Chocolat3k, Alan appears to be doing well. He has a separate Instagram account where he posts some of his best creations. He is known for his amazing work with chocolate. Ale, meanwhile, is a pastry chef based in Mexico City who makes customised desserts. Although the reality TV star wants to keep the specifics of her private life private, her work can be seen on her Instagram account, which is devoted to the same.

Where Are Karen Castañeda and Gabriela “Gaby” Iracheta Now?

Karen Castaeda and Gabriela “Gaby” Iracheta, semifinalists, may have connected online, but their close relationship was clear in the Netflix series. Karen is an expert at making incredibly realistic desserts that are influenced by horror and popular culture. She even has a bakery in Mexico City called Nel Pastel that mixes her passion for baking and horror. Gaby, Karen’s on-screen partner, is a skilled baker who accepts special requests from her clients and makes cakes that meet their requirements. In addition, she enjoys posting her final products on social media, garnering appreciation from her followers.


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Where Are Lis Magaña and Luli Palacios Now?


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The mother-daughter team of Lis Magaa and Luli Palacios, who are based in Mexico City, rose to fame for their extraordinary baking prowess. The two are currently associated with the Bendito Pastel Bakery, which they appear to run together. They are known for making incredibly lifelike products and accept custom orders depending on the details provided by their customers. This specific work of art really appeals to Luli, who even shares it on her own Instagram account. Lis is a really skilled baker as well, but she is not very active on social media.


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Where Are Dany Orsan and Ana Laura Rodríguez Now?

Dany Orsan and Ana Laura Rodriguez are last but by no means least on the list. With more than 3.6 million followers, the former is a TikTok sensation. Dany also has her own Proveedora Gastronomica supply store and Cecuc culinary school. She has over 309 thousand followers on her personal Instagram account, and she even has a page for decorating pastries and cakes with over 78 thousand fans. Regarding Ana Laura, the pastry chef from Guadalajara, Mexico, is renowned for her comments on personalised cakes. Under the name Cupcake Art, she additionally teaches aspiring bakers.


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