What Does Sussy Baka Mean? Sussy Baka Origin, Meaning & Examples

Do you know what a Sussy Baka is? Roses are Red, Omae wa mou Shindeiru. Why… Deku, why are you acting like one? If you recognised the allusions from above, you could have seen that memes are now a language and a means of communication. Whether you enjoy playing video games or watching anime, you’ve certainly heard or come across words and phrases that originated in these settings. This demonstrates how the cultures of anime and video games have spread all across the world.

These gaming and anime slang terms have entered our memes and, as a result, have appeared in several “inside” jokes. Since communication is crucial for humans to communicate their feelings, these slang terms have taken the role of ordinary, uninteresting language.

A brand-new set of words has recently been created. Both of the aforementioned worlds are represented by this pair of words. Following one hit video, it is now used in numerous memes and catchphrases. It will soon become a part of your lexicon. The “Sussy Baka” is the name of this new group.

What is a Sussy Baka?

It is usually a good idea to be familiar with your memes. Where exactly did these terms come from, then? Deku, a character from My Hero Academia, was labelled a “baka” and someone yelled, “Baka! Deku!! Why are you behaving so Baka-like? Deku!! Why are you being so Baka-like? However, Bakugo would adore this moment from Akeam Francis’ TikTok live stream even though it wasn’t him this time.

After a while, a user on TikTok going by the name Nyatsumii uploaded this portion of the live video, which after a month received 1.7 million views. Since then, the phrase has been featured on a TikTok cover variation. In response to a comment asking him to repeat the same sentence, but this time with the addition of the word “Sussy,” Akeam responded in one of these covers. Consequently, the new phrase was created. Now a Sussy Baka, Deku. But what exactly do the words mean?

Sussy is a character from the wildly popular online game Among Us, which was extremely popular in the early Pandemic days. In the game, players would refer to someone as “sus” for “suspicious” if they believed them to be an imposter. In contrast, the Japanese word “Baka” denotes “fool” or “silly.” Therefore, you can refer to someone as a “Sussy Baka” if you ever think they are foolish or silly (affectionately or derogatorily).

Despite the fact that we have a lot of characters who might fill an entire team with Sussy Bakas, here are 5 of them who have experienced such moments:

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager has recently been experiencing his own Baka moments, or perhaps it has been ongoing for a while. However, he earns a slot on our list thanks to the internet sensational video mentioned above. You’ve probably listened to this recording more than once, and if your sense of humour is anything like mine, you find it difficult to move on.

Kaguya and Shirogane from Kaguya-Sama: Love is War


You probably blushed or facepalmed while watching this anime because of the characters’ “Bakaness.” Since they are both incredibly bright and self-aware in their actions, both characters are admirable. However, their intelligence is also used by their pride to play stupid games against one another, which makes them suspicious bakas.

The Sussy Baka Couple

And lastly, any one of these is a Sussy Baka

Light Yagami from Death Note

Despite being a positive character at first in the anime, Light ended up having a lot of Sussy Baka moments. He was most clearly a sucker and practically an imposter among them all! He frequently comes dangerously close to revealing himself as the anime goes on. After all? He was defeated by a 13-year-old. What an idiot! I have to say, though, that I’d want to watch a series where he plays Among Us while narrating.



Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

We claim that Emo boi Sussyke Uchiha experienced his Baka moment when he appeared in the midst of the Fourth Great Ninja War and declared himself a contender for the position of Hokage. When you replay the sequence, even Kiba’s dog Akamaru says, “Bruh…?”


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