Update : The Witcher Season 3 Probable Release Date, Plot , Cast & Everything You Need To Know

Spoilers for The Witcher to follow.

These days, the Witcher series is truly a valley of plenty. The world built by Andrzej Sapkowski appears to expand daily between the anime prequel and the several spinoffs currently under development.

Of course, everyone’s attention is still firmly focused on Henry Cavill’s flagship programme, and not just because Geralt is attractive. The good news therefore is that before season two even arrived, Netflix already stated that season three is officially on its way as well.

There is a lot more information to give about season three now that some time has elapsed since the announcement, which was made during Netflix’s TUDUM event in September 2021. Grab your trusty mount and as many cash as you can carry, and let’s journey back to the Continent to see out what The Witcher season three has in store for us.

The Witcher season 3 potential release date: When will it air?

There are spoilers for The Witcher below.

The Witcher series is now in fact a valley of wealth. Between the anime prequel and the other spinoffs now in development, the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski seems to be growing every day.

Of course, Henry Cavill’s flagship show is still the centre of attention, and not just because Geralt is hot. The good news is that Netflix already announced that season three is on its way before season two even premiered.

After some time has passed since the announcement, which was made during Netflix’s TUDUM event in September 2021, there is a lot more information to provide regarding season three. Let’s get back to the Continent to see what The Witcher season three has in store for us. Grab your dependable mount and as much money as you can carry.

It’s noteworthy to note, though, that after finishing the screenplays, we just began discussing casting with the directors and performers, as well as discussing the limitations of producing eight episodes into a single story.

“For instance, it’s crucial to me that the performers have a strong sense of empathy for their characters’ journeys and that they themselves feel enthusiastic about them. Therefore, all of those dialogues will shortly begin.”

The Witcher season 3 cast: Who’s in it?

Season three will feature Henry Cavill with our favourite characters that have helped make the show what it is (since without Geralt, there really isn’t a show, right?)

Anya Chalotra plays Yennefer of Vengerberg, Joey Batey plays Jaskier, Royce Pierreson plays Istredd, Anna Shaffer plays Triss Merigold, and Kim Bodnia plays Vesemir. Freya Allan portrays Cirilla, also known as Ciri.

If you watched all of season two in one sitting, you’ll also be aware that Emhyr, Ciri’s father, essentially “comes back from the grave.” If the foreboding season two finale is any indication, actor Bart Edwards will play a significant role as the Big Bad in season three.

You may anticipate seeing characters from this war return, not to mention the mages as well, as the relationship between Nilfgaard and the elves becomes more strained. Thus, season three will likely see the return of Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla), Media Simson (Francesa), Mahesh Jadu (Vilgefortz), and MyAnna Buring (Tissaia).

A list of new cast members was announced when season three’s production got underway, including some well-known names from other well-known brands.

This so far consists of:

• Gallatin, played by Robbie Amell of The Flash, commands a guerrilla Scoia’tael army that is battling for Nilfgaard.
• Shang-Meng’er Chi’s Zhang as Milva, a fearless and gifted human huntress who is also an amazing archer and has a strong survival instinct. Milva is adopted by the dryads of Brokilon Forest.
• Hugh Skinner from Fleabag, who plays Prince Radovid, the playboy brother of King Vizimir (Ed Birch). According to the press release, Radovid “amazes with how incisive he can be in political affairs with his good looks and drunken charm, but it’s all games until someone gets wounded.”
• Christell Elwin from the Bloods plays Mistle, a distrustful and vengeful member of the Rats, a group of misfit teenagers; however, a chance encounter changes everything.

How The Witcher season 2 fails LGBTQ+ fans

And perhaps the programme will finally feature some LGBT characters. Philippa Eilhart is one of the most well-known LGBTQ+ characters from this franchise, and after her brief appearance in season two, Cassie Clare may be counted on to play the character more prominently in season three.

Additionally, Lauren S Hissrich discussed Ciri’s sexuality with Digital Spy “We start to go into Ciri’s sexuality more as well, which I would argue is just hinted at in the books since you never truly learn what it is.

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“It’s exciting to see all of that coming down the horizon. I’m pleased you brought it up because I believe that one of the things we work very hard to achieve with The Witcher is to demonstrate that fantasy is accessible to and inclusive of all people.”

Actress Freya Allan from Ciri added: “I won’t know how I’m going to negotiate Ciri’s sexuality until until we arrive at the destination. In the season, you catch flashes of her attempting to balance it with the fact that she’s practically turning into a boy. […] But I doubt that she has actually realised what her sexuality is just yet. She’ll undoubtedly learn about it in season three or four, depending on the circumstances. We shall see.”

The Professor, aka Ralf Blunden, is a character that those familiar with the Witcher canon know of essentially as an assassin in specs with a large vocabulary, though he doesn’t always understand the words himself. Thanks to Redandian Intelligence, we do believe that the producers have put out casting feelers for this character.

Naturally, he’s looking for Yennefer and Ciri. (The Professor from the original Witcher game, who was somewhat akin to him but otherwise much different, is not to be mistaken with him.) Worth noting is that none of this has been confirmed.

Safiyya Ingar has reportedly been cast as Milva, a pivotal character from Time of Contempt, according to the Redanian Intelligence, but until we hear otherwise from an official source, we’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Adjoa Andoh, who portrays high priestess Nenneke and is from Bridgerton, is one actor who might be absent from the action. The actress has acknowledged that she is not sure how much she will be involved in the forthcoming episodes.

Andoh responded to RadioTimes’ inquiry regarding a potential return with, “Yeah, I don’t know.” “We shall see. They are enormous books. And the stories have taken them in so many different directions.

“A lot of the books mention Nenneke. However, it depends on what they want to accomplish with this particular version of it. We’ll have to wait and see what the show’s creators intend to do with the material from the novels and how they intend to use it.”

The Witcher season 3 plot: What will happen?

“As monarchs, wizards, and monsters of the Continent compete to capture her,” the official synopsis for the show promised, “Geralt takes Ciri of Cintra into hiding, desperate to defend his newly-reunited family against those who threaten to destroy it.”

“The walled castle of Aretuza is where Yennefer, who has been entrusted with Ciri’s magical training, hopes to learn more about the girl’s untapped abilities. Instead, they find themselves in the middle of a war between political intrigue, dark magic, and betrayal. They have to fight back and risk everything if they don’t want to lose each other for good.”

Lauren S Hissrich claims, “Money aside: S3 is big,” and she should know. She is also aware of the budget, but it is reasonable that she chooses not to disclose it.

This material was taken from Twitter. At their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

The following episodes will mostly centre on Ciri’s destiny as a world destroyer, or hopefully a saviour if we ever want to see season four come to light, following season two’s catastrophic finale. Even though Ciri’s own (previously deceased) father is among the many forces assembling to use the princess’s power for their own ends, at least she now has Geralt and Yennefer at her side.

Looking for a more detailed analysis of the final episode of season two? Here is our incredibly detailed conclusion explained.

And speaking of the future, Hissrich informed TechRadar that The Time of Contempt, the second book in the Witcher narrative, will serve as the inspiration for season three. In that book, Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt travel to Aretuza, where there is a coup that forces the trio to split up once more. But it’s important to keep in mind that this blueprint might change, as it so frequently does during the transition from page to screen.

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henry cavill, the witcher, season 2

After the release of season two, Cavill spoke with Netflix’s Geeked channel and revealed that after that significant betrayal, things will be very different for Geralt and Yennefer:

“It’s a challenging combination of circumstances to overcome. It will take a lot of effort to forgive this one because it is so difficult. This season, Geralt has really grown in his ability to admit when he can’t complete a task by himself.”

Anya Chalotra chimed in too, explaining that Yennefer has a lot to learn too moving forward:

“It’s routine, isn’t it: she’s cowled, she’s lived the way she’s lived with all the rules she lives by, and that’s Yen, and she doesn’t trust anybody. It will be quite difficult to just dive into a new way of being, even though she may have learnt to think things through more carefully.

We questioned Joey Batey about his future plans for Jaskier on the most recent promo tour for The Witcher in November 2021.

It’s a difficult one, he acknowledged. “I have complete faith in Lauren’s [Hissrich] vision. She is modernising old texts from the 1980s and incorporating elements of modern life that viewers want to see on television. They no longer desire to see dragons. They want to see dragons, but they also want to understand how xenophobia operates on this continent. How is it with the conflict and turbulence?

She is “very, really excellent” at presenting all of these contentious issues via a fantastical perspective. The continuation of that and further investigation of the topics that interest viewers is what I’m most anticipating from season three.

When asked the same question, Freya Allan gave us a more specific answer:

“All I want to do is see [Ciri] grow into a wild fighter. That is the crucial aspect. I can’t wait until the day when she gets a real, substantial silver sword as opposed to a toy broomstick [laughs]. I am certain that I cannot wait for it, and I am confident that Ciri feels the same way. Thus, we shall share our excitement.

Additionally, Freya revealed that she had already gotten a preview of the season three scripts in an interview with Radio Times, saying, “It’s a lot of fun. I think the season is going to be amazing.

Even so, not everyone’s circumstances are always ideal. During an appearance on a panel at the Lucca Comics & Games Festival in Italy, the show’s creator, Lauren S. Hissrich, gave the audience the heads-up that season three will feature “a lot of action, some death… some death.” Now, is she referring to a notable person’s passing or just a basic monster killing? It would be best to wait and see.

More horrifyingly, Hissrich explained to Polygon what the season three increase in elven exposure means:

We put a lot of attention on the elven storyline in season two, as opposed to [the primary novel being adapted], Blood of Elves. I am nonetheless aware that the Scoia’tael, this army of elves fighting for Nilfgaard, will be introduced in season three. And they don’t seem to be doing well. It features a narrative that is fairly stern and evil.

“As a result, I want to be certain that we recognise and respect their contribution to the conflict. Where do they come from? What cause are they battling for? even if they become disoriented while en route. What sort of history do they have? As a result, we frequently think of The Witcher as a whole.

But don’t anticipate anything to be engraved in stone. Although a plan is already in place in the writers’ room, Hissrich reassured fans that she will take comments from season two into account and perhaps make modifications moving forward.

This text was stolen directly from Twitter. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format or with more information.

Lauren shared this in a tweet she sent on December 21:

It is December 21st today. I spent 2.5 years of my life creating the play, so I’m naturally curious to hear what the audience thinks of it (not just critics). That is an understatement. I can’t help but tweet, “Tweeted she.

She also made a suggestion that fans will discover more about Eskel’s passing and the relationship between Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer as the upcoming season developed.

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I want to reassure them that I can hear what they’re saying and that they’re not just shouting into nothing. However, I don’t have time to talk in great detail about Eskel’s passing or the timing of G/Y/bonding, or now isn’t the right time to do so. (Psst S3) C’s.”

Steven Gaub, the show’s producer, has started sharing photographs from season three’s set on Instagram, despite the fact that they don’t exactly reveal any big new locales or circumstances:

This content was copied from Instagram. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format or with more information.

But they did go for a walk in this lovely wood, perhaps to do some filming:

This content was copied from Instagram. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format or with more information.


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Expect that to continue for season three, which will have a condensed schedule, since each Witcher season has had a little unique structure.


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Our seasons as a whole, in Hissrich’s words, “are actually guided by the stories that we wish to communicate” (via The Wrap). “Therefore, structure is a good example. In season two, there was no basis for non-linear storylines. We took a fairly straight method instead of using timelines because it allowed us to play with different aspects of visions or flashbacks, for example. Season three is, in my opinion, really wonderful.

The Time of Contempt, which I think to be a work that lends itself exceptionally well to adaptation, served as the basis for my story. There is a tonne of action and a tonne of stuff that will wow you when you see them. As a result, we are really letting that direct our plot. For instance, season three’s events take place over a very, very short time. It doesn’t require much time to pass, so it doesn’t.

You shouldn’t assume that the story will continue after the already published novels. Thankfully, Andrzej Sapkowski publishes more volumes in his primary series than George R. R. Martin (sorry George).

“I have always said that I want to conclude our stories where Andrzej Sapkowski ended his,” Hissrich said.

Simply said, I don’t believe we should continue inventing tales in light of his purposeful conclusion. The funny thing is that since we started working on the series, he has actually released two new books. We’re trying to be a little bit nimble with it.

“I’ve always said that I’ll keep writing the programme as long as there’s demand for it. Right now, there certainly seems to be a lot of curiosity. But a portion of that is also a result of the new universe we are making. There are therefore ways for us to continue telling Sapkowski’s stories without detracting from the mothership’s main plot through the anime films or the spinoff that just finished production.

The Witcher season 3 episodes: How many will there be?

The Witcher season three’s duration has not yet been disclosed by Netflix, but if the prior two seasons are any indication, the third one will likely have eight episodes as well. We wouldn’t be shocked if season three’s length was extended to 10 episodes, though, since the Witcherverse’s scope continues to expand. This may mean more witchy awesomeness for us!

Netflix reported that 142.4 million viewing hours were logged in the first three days alone by fans after the premiere of season two. The Witcher season one was the closest rival during that time period, with 49.1 million hours watched between December 13 and December 19. Therefore, it is obvious that Netflix wouldn’t be squandering their money if they opted to add two or three extra episodes to season three.

The Witcher season 3 trailer: When can I watch it?

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