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When a Tattoo Goes Wrong: Tia Kabir’s Angel Energy Story

After her ‘dream’ tattoo went tragically wrong, a woman broke down in tears.

Numerous tattoo-related anecdotes have gone viral, including the one about the woman who discovered that the meaning behind her upside-down pineapple tattoo was crude.

Others include the store employee who received an Asda-specific bit of ink.

The ‘dream’ tattoo of one influencer, however, went horribly wrong, leaving her inconsolable.

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Tia Kabir, a 19-year-old OFs star, flew to Bali from Australia to get the tattoo “angel energy” placed on her left forearm.

She has, however, captured her distress on TikTok after being left inconsolable by the entirely incorrect ink results.

She declares in a tearful video: “I came to Bali to get a tattoo and I’ve been dreaming of getting this tattoo.

It should read “angel energy,” the person said.

Woman in tears after getting massive back tattoo that is “nothing like what she asked for”

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Later, Kabir discloses that the tattoo’s true meaning is “energy angel.”

The phrase had a big value in the model’s life, therefore this saddened her.

She claims to have always wanted something strong, like Angel Energy, on her arm since she believes it helped her become the influencer she is today. She made the statement to Femail (via Daily Mail).

“I can imprint a good spirit on my body,”

tattoo goes wrong,wrong side tattoo,tattoo gone wrong,tattoo wrong,tattoo went wrong

Model Tia Kabir of OF Tia Kabir flew from Australia to Bali to get the tattoo of her dreams. Credit: Instagram/@tia.theofficial
She anticipated the relatively straightforward tattoo design to go smoothly, but that was far from the case.

She explains that the first time, the size was off, the second time, the spacing was off, and the third time, it miraculously switched.

“I’m soft when it comes to needles, so I was not paying attention to the tattoo and looked away the entire time.”

@tiakabirr I’m speechless. #tattoo #fyp #fail #foryou initial audio – Tia k Kabir admits that she requested a refund but was turned down.

About 1.35 million Indonesian Rupiah, or $72, was spent on the tattoo.

Her TikTok post has received 2.6 million views, and viewers have commented on it to express their reactions to the tattoo failure.

“That’s what you get when your budget for your DREAM tattoo is $20,” quips one person.

tattoo goes wrong,wrong side tattoo,tattoo gone wrong,tattoo wrong,tattoo went wrong

When her tattoo of the phrase “angel energy” actually read “energy angel,” Tia Kabir was devastated. Credit: Tiktok/@tiakabirr
Another person continues, “Don’t you often check the stencil before they apply it? Just a note.

“Why didn’t you look at the stencil?” asks someone else. You must have noticed it, right?

While a fourth viewer offers the following advice: “Just get ‘positive’ written above it, it’ll say positive energy angel then, problem solved.”

Someone person quips, “At least it doesn’t say energy angle.

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Kabir released an update following the tattoo failure, stating she had the ink changed.

The tattoo has been repaired and now reads “energy of an angel,” according to the OFs model.

She claims in a TikTok post that she was surprised when the initial post went viral and that several news organisations had contacted her as a result.

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