Demon Slayer: Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Their Names, Cast & The Reason Behind 3 Wives

One of the main supporting figures in the Demon Slayer series is Tengen Uzui. He is the current Sound Hashira, a Demon Slayer, and a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He was a supporting character at first, but in the Entertainment District storyline, he took on a big role. Uzui, a 23-year-old man with three wives, is well known for being rather unique. Tengen Uzui has three wives, and you did read that right. But why?

The names of Tengen’s wives are Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru. The specifics of each of their individual histories have not been given in the manga, but at one point, all three of them married Tengen (apparently simultaneously). He responded that it was because he was flamboyant when questioned, although there is a persistent belief that it might just be a family custom for him.

This response will be further developed in the next paragraphs. We’ll address some pertinent inquiries concerning Tengen and his wives and provide details regarding their appearance in the Demon Slayer anime.

How many wives does Tengen Uzui have?

Tengen Uzui has a total of three wives, as was revealed in the manga and verified in the anime. While we are aware that it may sound unusual, that is the simplest and most direct response we can provide to this query. It really is precisely like that, though. Although it seems strange from a modern point of view, you must take into account the fact that historically speaking, this wasn’t all that strange and various societies and civilizations had various marriage-related laws.



The third spouse of Tengen is Hinatsuru. Long, dark hair is pulled back in a high ponytail on Hinatsuru. The girl has a tiny mole under her left eye on her face. She is dressed in a yukata with no sleeves that is patterned with tiny, black squares. Her hands are holding a net. In fight, Hinatsuru gives everything he has and does not hold back. She refused to listen to Tengen even after he gave her medicine and advised her to go home; instead, despite being nearly worn out, she assisted him in the fight with Gyutaro.

Hinatsuru had all the skills of a shinobi, but unlike other wives, she utilised kunai rather than a sword. She employed a weapon with several kunai that contained wisteria poison in her conflict with Gyutaro. To at least temporarily paralyse the demon, she shot them at him.


She has dark hair and eyes that are big. She has two light brown locks on either side of her face and black hair in a ponytail. She wears a short, sleeveless dress with a wide neckline and a vertical stripe, which is fastened with a black obi. Her thighs are covered in bandages all the way up her legs. Makio is a strong and responsible young woman.

She and Sumi defended everyone in the Entertainment District as her husband and Tanjiro battled Gyutaro. Makyo wed Tengen Uzuya alongside Suma and Hinatsuru at some time in her life. Her family travelled to Kagaya Ubuyashiki to participate in the demon slayers’ battles after she left the clan.


The second of Tengen’s brides is Suma. She sports a white sash around her white sleeveless yukata and beautiful, flowing black hair. Suma is an extremely sensitive young woman. Her tears are visible to all. She is a competent shinobi despite her distractions and irritations. The girl had all the skills of a shinobi, but unlike other wives, she utilised kunai rather than a sword.

Tengen Uzui’s wives’ names

In this section, we will provide more details about each of Tengen’s marriages, beginning with their names and continuing with additional details. Let’s get started.


Tengen Uzui’s wives’ cast

In the Entertainment District storyline of the anime, Tengen Uzui’s wives finally make an appearance after a long wait. We will discuss the details regarding the voice actresses who provided the voices for these three characters in this section. As follows:

Atsumi Tanezaki

Hinatsuru was voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki. She has acknowledged that Sailor Moon was a factor in her decision to pursue a career as a voice actress. After seeing her portrayal in “Sailor Senshi Dies! The Tragic Final Battle,” episode 45 of the TV anime, she made the decision to pursue a career as a voice actress. After leaving Oita prefecture and moving to Tokyo, she began studying acting seriously using the money she had made from working to enrol a training school.

Mayumi Tanaka and Miyuki Sawashiro are her favourite voice actors. After quitting the Toritori Office on June 1, 2015, she took advantage of some time off to join the Tokyo Actor’s Life Cooperative on October 1. At the 14th Voice Actor Awards in 2020, she took home the Best Supporting Actress trophy.

Nao Tōyama

Suma was portrayed by Nao Tyama. She is a Japanese voice actor (seiy) and an Arts Vision affiliate singer who is presently connected to the firm INTENTION. With the release of the Flying Dog record label’s double A-side song “True Destiny / Chain the World” on February 1, 2017, she made her singing debut. The anime series Chain Chronicle-Haeccelitas no Hikari’s closing theme was the song “True Destiny,” and the film adaptation’s opening theme was “Chain the World.”

While scripting with a friend of a classmate who wanted to be a voice actress in her second year of junior high school, she discovered the thrill of acting and developed a desire to become a voice actor. In gratitude for her diligent study for the college entrance tests, her parents gave her permission to attend a voice acting training facility. After three years of study at the Japan Narration Actors Institute, she passed the audition and signed on with the Arts Vision business. She enrolled there as a high school freshman.

Shizuka Ishigami

Makio’s voice may be heard thanks to Shizuka Ishigami. She is a seiy from Japan. She was formerly connected to 81 Produce, but she is now connected to Pro-Fit. She also performs in adult visual game books under the alias Mei Hanazono. She is most known for her voice work as Ikuno in Darling in the Franxx and Ch’en in Arknights. She initially intended to pursue a career as a mangaka, but after auditioning for a voice role in a video game, she changed her mind.


Why does Tengen Uzui have three wives?

At this point, you’re probably asking why Tengen Uzui even has three wives. The truth is that we don’t actually know the answer. The manga depicted him as having three wives, and it is even implied that they all wed Tengen at the same time (perhaps when he reached 15), although the specifics were never made known.

Tengen’s simple response—that it was because he was flamboyant—does not provide any additional information. Although it hasn’t been officially proven, there is a belief based on lines from the manga that it is an Uzui family custom (to marry three women when the male turns 15 years old).

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