Tenikle Shark Tank Update 2022: Where is Tenikle Now? How Much Money Did They Make?

On Shark Tank, a number of the inventions that we’ve come to adore made their public debuts. Along with the Ring Doorbell, other businesses that benefited from shark funding included Scrub Daddy and Squatty Potty. And the most recent businessperson to present their offering in the tank is expecting to achieve the same results.

Hans and Lydia Dose, a husband and wife team, launched their business in a garage, much like many other prosperous business owners do. Tenikle is a tripod with suction cups that resemble tentacles that is intended for both amateur and professional multimedia creators.

Tenikle has gained popularity online since the product’s launch. Will Hans’s pitch, however, be sufficient to catch a shark? After their Shark Tank debut, Tenikle has received the following update.

Where is Tenikle now?

One savvy smartphone user was introduced to the selfie through the digital age. Additionally, Tenikle allows users to shoot high-quality self-portraits without worrying about damaging their smartphone or camera’s screen.

Hans claims that a hiking excursion gone awry served as the company’s source of inspiration. Hans accidentally propped his phone up on a tree branch to take a photo while forgetting his tripod at home. Unfortunately, the phone fell and was lost forever.

Hans claimed that this is when Tenikle’s concept first came to him. The tripod has legs that can adhere to almost any surface, much like an octopus.

Hans stated in an interview with Bontena that he was inspired by octopuses and starfish because they appeared to be nature’s best means of firmly attaching to anything. Hans grew up surfing and loved the water, so it was only natural for him to draw inspiration from them. I therefore mimicked their design to be tech-friendly.

Hans later promoted Tenikle on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, which resulted in presale sales of more than $230,000. Hans said, “I’d say the main thing that drove the success of our Kickstarter was discussing less about Tenikle’s ‘features’ and more about how it may improve your life.

Following the original release of the product, Hans and Lydia revised their prototype in response to consumer comments, resulting in the Tenikle 2.0. Customers can also choose from Tenikle accessories or the Tenikle 360, which has an attachable arm that can be rotated and removed.

Hans described the business as being “essentially like a personal cameraman that fits in your pocket.” It’s ideal for influencers who shoot a lot of images or videos because they can get virtually any shot they want, all by themselves.

Tenikle’s Deal On ‘Shark Tank.’

According to Tenikle’s website, Hans and Lydia run the company from the luxury of their RV while touring the nation. The former lovers who are now business partners frequently write about their travels.

And with Daymond’s funding, who knows how far the business will advance. There is always hope, Daymond stated on Twitter. “I believe in Hans and his concept and am looking forward to working with my new partner,” he added.

Tenikle’s official Instagram account has more than 16.3K followers prior to the business’ Shark Tank debut, and this number will probably rise after the programme premieres on December 17.


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