The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8: Recap and Ending

The eighth and final episode of “The Afterparty” on Apple TV+, which is centred on Feng, is a revelatory one as the second season comes to an end. The death of billionaire Edgar Minnows serves as the central theme of the mystery-comedy series’ second season. In the eighth episode, video from the wedding night is found, which makes Grace’s father, Feng, appear to be responsible for the crime. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “The Afterparty” season 2, episode 8 in case you are unsure as to whether Feng killed Edgar or what other secrets the people there at Edgar’s estate are concealing. Spoilers follow!

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

In the first scene of the eighth episode, ‘Feng,’ Zoe calls Kyler to want to watch the video footage he took on the night of Edgar and Grace’s wedding. Aniq tells Vivian that Ulysses informed him and Danner about their relationship. Aniq persuades Vivian to tell her daughters about the affair and speak to them as a result. Aniq and Danner watch the video while Kyler shares it with them. Feng also joins them, giving his version of what happened and explaining why he made certain decisions during the weekend. Feng asserts that he did everything for the benefit of his family. Feng admits that he recruited Kyler to broaden the social media presence of his Baobing truck known as “King of Bing.”

When Vivian speaks to them in private, Zoe and Grace believe she killed Edgar. But Vivian opens up to her daughters about her relationship with Ulysses. Feng was in severe financial problems, as seen in the video recording. He owed money to his investors because his Baobing firm had failed to take off. Feng had concealed his financial problems from his family, though. When Feng’s Baobing food truck was tow-away the night of the rehearsal supper, his chances of getting an investment were severely harmed. Feng explains that he intended to impress Edgar with his Baobing in order to persuade him to invest in his company. Feng made the decision to use a manual ice-shaving equipment to serve Baobing as a result.

Meanwhile, Ulysses’ presence at the wedding diverted Feng as well. Feng disregarded his brother and concentrated on preserving his company. Before the wedding, Feng made an effort to persuade Edgar to invest $400,000 in his company. Edgar declined, though, as he disliked making investments in physical stores. Nevertheless, Edgar agrees to think about making an investment if he loves the product, particularly because Roxanne, his pet lizard, doesn’t like cake and he wants to provide a different treat for her. After a brief argument with Ulysses later, Feng requested his brother to avoid the latter.

Feng spent the most of the wedding celebration’s reception in the kitchen making Baobings for the guests, and the dessert was a hit. Edgar, however, declines to partake of the dessert while arguing verbally with his mother, Isabel. Feng had to wait until the afterparty to give Edgar his meal as a result. However, because Roxanne and Edgar didn’t like the flavour of Baobings and didn’t want to invest in the company, Feng had a reason to kill his son-in-law. Feng defends his behaviour in front of Danner and Aniq, and Vivian confesses her affair and accepts her error. Grace confesses her affections for Hannah after Vivian declares her love for Feng.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Did Feng Kill Edgar?

The case against Feng is made stronger in the final act of the episode. First of all, Ulysses and Vivian’s affair shocked Feng, who also believed Grace was a product of the affair. Feng had a reason to kill Edgar in order to protect his family. Second, Feng was having financial difficulties and his company was having trouble. Feng had no other options after his attempt to raise capital through Edgar had failed. Grace is the inheritor of Edgar’s money because she did not sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married. Therefore, killing Edgar would be the answer to all of Feng’s issues. Feng storms away after being devastated by the accusations made against him.

Feng is being pursued by Aniq as she makes contact with him. Feng is urged by Aniq to reveal all of his secrets because that is the only way to keep him and Grace safe. The evidence is overwhelming that Feng killed Edgar, but Feng won’t accept responsibility. Feng contends that he was merely attempting to salvage his company. According to Feng, he wanted the Baobing business to be successful so that Vivian would discover his sense of adventure and fall in love with him once more. Unbeknownst to Feng, Vivian confesses her love for him and says she regrets having an affair. Nevertheless, Feng is now the main suspect in Edgar’s murder. When Danner chooses to question Isabel due to her altercation with Edgar, the story takes a new turn in the closing scenes. It is shown that the murderer is not Grace by Isabel, who spends the majority of the episode destroying evidence.

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