The Honeymoon (2022) – Trailer, Main Cast & Release Date

The Honeymoon, a forthcoming comedy starring Maria Bakalova from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, has a trailer and a release date that we can share. The Honeymoon, a reportedly filthy rom-com, centres on the exploits of a newlywed couple who become involved with dangerous gangster characters.

The wedding, which is the most significant event in Sarah’s and Adam’s life, is depicted in the trailer. Unfortunately, the wedding’s best man, Bav (Asim Chaudhry), is careless and dumps the couple’s engagement rings into the water while they wait out their futures together. This brief scene tells us everything we need to know about the dynamics between the three of them because Bav is constantly getting in the way of Sarah and Adam’s happiness. He seems to be a magnet for turmoil, not because he doesn’t care for the marriage.

The pair feels compelled to bring Bav along for the vacation as their friend discloses he has been having some troubling thoughts lately, despite Sarah’s desire to spend a romantic honeymoon in Europe by Adam’s side. Bav befriends a dangerous drug dealer named Giorgio while they are travelling, just in case that wasn’t enough to ruin a fresh marriage (Lucas Bravo). Giorgio falls in love with Sarah very quickly, and the criminal takes advantage of the opportunity to get rid of Adam when Bav destroys a rare item of art in the drug dealer’s house. While holding Sarah prisoner, Giorgio sends Adam and Bac on a heroin run to make up for the artwork they damaged.

The Honeymoon centres on Adam and Bav as they encounter numerous difficulties while attempting to mule a significant amount of cocaine. Giorgio is courting Sarah at the same time and will stop at nothing to win her love. Undoubtedly, the journey will be unpleasant, but as the exclusive trailer already suggests, it will also be hilarious.

Who’s Involved in The Honeymoon?

Dean Craig, the writer and director of the popular rom-coms Love Wedding Repeat and Love Wedding Repeat, is the creator of The Honeymoon. Michele Enrico Montesano and Marco Valerio Montesano are also featured in The Honeymoon.

On December 16, 2022, The Honeymoon will be available digitally, on demand, and in a few theaters. View the exclusive trailer and plot summary for the film below.

Adam whisks his new wife Sarah to Venice for a honeymoon in this raunchy romantic comedy. But when Adam brings his best friend Bav along, Bav causes a string of disgusting mishaps. Giorgio, a charming gangster, falls for Sarah and dispatches Adam and Bav on a drug-dealing mission across the border to get rid of them. Can they escape the Slovenian police, avoid being shot by the bad guys, and return before Sarah finds a wealthy new mobster boyfriend?


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