Explained: What’s The Smiling Titan’s True Identity In Attack On Titan

Who is the sinister Smiling Titan from Attack on Titan, and what will become of it? Attack On Titan, a manga by Hajima Isayama, spawned a massively successful franchise that includes two live-action films, a critically acclaimed anime series, and video games. A fortified city is under attack by enormous man-eating creatures known as Titans in the 2013 anime. Eren Yeager, the main character, joins the Survey Corps to fight back after his mother is brutally killed, and while doing so, he learns the history of the Titans, the truth about his city, and his personal connections to the Titans.

The ensemble of recognisable heroes and villains, unexpected plot turns, and exciting action in Attack On Titan all contribute to its addictive nature. The IT director Andy Muschietti is currently attached to a Hollywood adaptation of the property, which has long been discussed. Muschietti is also slated to direct an adaptation of the popular video game Shadow Of The Colossus, so it seems unlikely that the movie will move forward very soon. Hopefully, though, he’ll soon be able to satisfy his desire to make a movie about gigantic creatures.

Eren witnessing his mother Carla Jaeger being devoured by the unsettling behemoth known as the Smiling Titan is one of the series’ defining moments. As its name suggests, this Titan is infamous for having a nightmare grin on its face, and even though it only actually makes an appearance twice during the entire series, it creates a lasting impact. In the end, the episode explained the background of this Titan, showing that Dina Fritz, Eren’s father Grisha’s first wife, was its original human form.

Dina’s past in Attack on Titan calls for a little history lesson; she is a member of the Eldian race, which formerly used the titans’ devastating might to wage a bloody battle. They were ultimately defeated by the country of Marley, who succeeded in claiming the Titans’ power for themselves. As a result, the Eldian King was forced to exile himself and his subjects to Paradis Island. Grisha and Dina, two members of the royal family who remained in Eldania, were subjected to oppression and imprisoned in ghettos. They join forces with the Eldian Restorationists, who intend to depose Marley from inside by using the strength of the Founding Titan.

Zeke, the son Dina and Grisha finally conceive, betrays them to the Marley government after their marriage and childbirth. The couple and other restorationists are subsequently brought to Paradis Island, where they are each given an injection of the Titan serum to transform them into Pure Titans. Dina is then transformed into the Smiling Titan, which makes it troubling since, in the first episode of Attack on Titan, Carla, Grisha’s second wife, was eventually devoured. Eren runs into the Smiling Titan again during a battle five years after it killed his mother, and after seeing it eat one of his friends, he is able to push its hand away as it reaches for him.

Eren’s own Titan Shifter form gained a new skill as a result, and he was able to order the nearby Titans to attack and destroy the Smiling Titan, which is still grinning as it is being destroyed. Eren’s vengeance is less satisfying in retrospect given Dina’s tragic past in Attack on Titan.

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