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The Swan: Where Are They Now? Uncovering the Transformations of the Show’s Participants

The Swan, a reality programme on Fox that blends the worlds of pageantry and makeover, is hosted by Amanda Byram. Two contestants go through a number of makeovers in each episode of the show before one of them is picked to compete in the Swan Pageant. The programme debuted in 2004, ran for two seasons in that same year, and was then cancelled. The public is curious to know what their favourites are doing these days more than two decades after the show’s debut, and we are here to provide that information!

Where is Kelly Alemi Now?

Kelly Alemi, who debuted in the fifth episode of “For Real: The Story of Reality TV” in 2021, will serve as our first example. Though she seems to prefer to keep the specifics of her private life private, she does appear to be thriving since her time on the show. We do, however, hope that she and her loved ones are leading happy lives.

Where is Rachel Love-Fraser Now?

Rachel Love-Fraser won the first season of the show after undergoing a significant makeover while competing. Though he appeared to be a model-supportive spouse on the show, she did seems to have divorced Mike after her reality TV debut. Later, in 2005, Rachel participated in “Battle of the Network Reality Stars.”

Where is Cindy Ingle Now?


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Cindy Ingle, the second runner-up of season 1, is up next. The reality TV star reportedly required more surgery after being struck in the face by a ball during her tenure on the programme. She has embraced life to the fullest thanks to the confidence she gained from the show, and it appears that she has even travelled abroad to countries like Italy. Cindy, who is presently situated in San Diego, California, uses social media to advertise a variety of goods and businesses.

Where is Tawnya Cooke Now?

Tawnya Cooke appears to have accepted her job as a cast member of “The Swan” wholeheartedly because she is now creating “react content” to the programme. Viewers get a peek at her show, “The Swan Diaries,” which shows them what it’s like to work behind the scenes. She also collaborates with AuthorHouse as a writer.

Where is Beth Lay Now?

Beth Lay has worked on numerous entertainment-related ventures since her stint in “The Swan.” She made an appearance on “The View” in a 2005 episode and played a supporting role in the 2013 Indian movie “Yamla Pagla Deewana 2.” She also contributed to “Forza Horizon,” a 2012 video game, as extra Crew.

Where is Belinda Bessant Now?

Belinda Bessant has contributed as a writer and producer to a number of short films since leaving the Fox programme. ‘Homegrown,’ ‘Tarry,’ and ‘One Foot in, One Foot Out’ are a few of her works. We believe Belinda has prospered in her life and has only advanced confidently towards realising her goals.

Where is Kelly Becker Now?

Let’s talk about Kelly Becker, who is now known by her married name of Kelly Becker-Berdyck, and who enjoys spending time with her two sons. The reality TV actress is always excited to give her followers peeks into her life. She also loves to travel, drink coffee, visit spas, and is completely smitten with the French capital of Paris.

Where is Lorrie Arias Now?

Star of the Fox show’s second season Lorrie Arias has been outspoken about her time there and the allegedly detrimental effects it had on her life. After the production was completed, she claimed she ended up gaining back the weight she had lost during the pageant-based metamorphosis, going from 155 pounds to 248 pounds. This happened about ten years after her television appearance.

Lorrie also talked about her issues with body dysmorphia, agoraphobia, bipolar disorder, and despair. The reality TV star admitted that she only ever left the house to visit her therapist. We hope she stays steadfast on her path towards optimism and send her our warmest wishes.

Where is Christina Ozuna Now?

Christina Ozuna has been employed at EMPLOYERS as the Vice President of Corporate Claims since December 2003, and she is based in Henderson, Nevada. Although the reality TV star has not spoken much about her personal life, we are optimistic that she will keep moving in the right direction.

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