ICYMI: Ultra Instinct Goku & Ultra Ego Vegeta Are United In Dragon Ball Super

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku seems surprised when Vegeta decides that going Ultra Ego is the best way to defeat an unstoppable Gas. While the form will surely force Gas to work harder for the win, it is unlikely to succeed without help from a Goku in a similarly powerful form.

Ultra Ego is the power upgrade that Vegeta learned from Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus. While there was initially some debate, Ultra Ego has officially been declared Vegeta’s most powerful form. In essence, it allows a practitioner to absorb the punishment they receive from an opponent and transform it into a power boost of equal magnitude that they can recycle and integrate into their own offense. It’s an evolved version of the old “rope-a-dope” boxer technique that lets the opponent expend all their energy until they are at their most vulnerable. The problem for Vegeta is that Gas is such a force of nature in his current form that it’s unlikely he will be able to control the energy input he receives for each Gas strike. Vegeta is likely to reach his power control limits fairly soon. When this happens, he will experience a dramatic decline in ability as his overtaxed system is unable to recycle energy at an appropriate rate.

In chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Super Goku and Vegeta put aside their rivalry, and enter their strongest forms to take on Gas. Though the duo puts up an admirable fight, Gas’ power is still overwhelming. Despite this, the fight is just beginning and the two Ultra forms may complement each other more than initial appearances suggest. It all adds up when looking more closely at Ultra Instinct’s abilities. Ultra Instinct is the form of “Angel Combat” that Whis taught Beerus, but that was subsequently passed onto Goku in its purest form. Considering Gas’ abilities to beat a combined Goku Vegeta attack, the only possible way to overcome Gas’ berserker rage will be if both Saiyans can combine the unique powers of their strongest forms.

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Ultra Ego Vegeta and Ultra Instinct Goku attack Gas in Dragon Ball Super chapter 84.
The “Ultra” combo would allow Vegeta to absorb the best that Gas has to offer but allow him time to “digest” the power input and effectively recycle for a punishing counter-attack. That “recycle time” will be provided by Goku in Ultra Instinct form. A form that allows him to step in and occupy time by “mindlessly” parrying any attack Gas attacks. In short, Goku’s Ultra Instinct could provide a defense to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego offense. When Gas is sufficiently worn out by the encounter, either or both Saiyans, could then swiftly take over to deal the final blow. Gas might be more powerful than any Saiyan, but two combined might just do the trick.

It’s the rare occasion when Goku’s and Vegeta’s interests are so perfectly aligned. Fighting Gas is one such occasion. Fortunately, they both have the abilities to defeat Gas and return the Dragon Ball Super universe to balance.

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ALSO READ  Explained : How Dragon Ball Super Teased Vegeta's Ultra Ego Much Much Long Ago

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