Explained : How Dragon Ball Super Teased Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Much Much Long Ago

However, the narrative hinted Vegeta’s ultimate upgrade long before anybody realized—linking it to his most unexpected victory—and he has only just begun to unleash the full power of a God of Destruction by obtaining an all-new form known as Ultra Ego in the most recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku and Vegeta accompanied Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction for the 7th universe, and his angel sidekick Whis to their home world in the hopes that they would instruct them in the ways of god-tier techniques. As usual, Goku’s attainment of Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Ability allowed him to access the god-like power Whis demonstrated to him. The fact that Vegeta simultaneously breached his own personal barrier and unintentionally unlocked a power he didn’t even know was attainable may not have been observed by viewers.

Goku initially activates Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou while facing Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Vegeta is now engaged in combat with Toppo, a rival being prepared by the God of Destruction in his universe to succeed him as a Destroyer God. Vegeta becomes furious when he sees Goku using Ultra Instinct because he and the Saiyan Prince had previously been practising the move together. Vegeta then lets off a powerful energy burst that is powerful enough to knock Toppo out of the ring and cause his defeat.

Vegeta accidentally summons enough power to outmatch a combatant who is using Destroyer energy, which heightened the victory’s shock factor. This incredible strength display provides the first indication of Vegeta’s ultimate improvement. Following the Tournament of Power, Vegeta and Goku resume their training sessions with Lord Beerus and Whis. However, Vegeta has changed his mind about using the angelic power of Ultra Instinct and has instead chosen to devote himself entirely to the guidance of Lord Beerus and master the deliberate use of Destroyer energy.

Although it isn’t stated specifically that Vegeta used the god-like might of a Destroyer to throw Toppo out of the ring during the Tournament of Ability, the fact that he could defeat someone with the strength of a God of Destruction suggests that Vegeta was also capable of using that power. Before anyone realised it, Dragon Ball Super had already hinted Vegeta’s Ultra Ego with this victory, which occurred before Vegeta started his Destruction training with Beerus.

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