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The Untold Story of Linda Kolkena: A Journey of Intrigue and Mystery

Linda Kolkena left her position as an airline hostess in 1983 and went to work as a receptionist at the location of Dan’s law practise.

Dan had been married to Betty Broderick for 14 years when Kolkena first met him. The couple have four kids together.

Linda Kolkena Met Daniel Broderick at work

Linda Kolkena, then 21 years old, worked as a receptionist at the office where Dan continued to practise law in 1983.

Betty quickly began to question a relationship after she allegedly overheard Dan refer to Linda as “beautiful” during a party talk.

Betty’s testimony in The Los Angeles Times claims that Dan declined to have an affair and that he denied terminating Linda when she requested him to. Betty composed herself at the time, “This was just a phase, a bad time—too stupid to be true.”

That chick was no match for me. She is a dummy, illiterate tramp with no background, education, or ability; I am prettier, smarter, and classier. He’ll undoubtedly move on.

But when Betty went to the office to surprise Dan on his 39th birthday, November 22, 1983, she found that both Linda and he had left for the day. She told the San Diego Reader, “I waited till like five,” and she said that she had seen party leftovers in Dan’s office.

“They never returned. I then noticed the refrigerator, my bridal china, and the plenty of imported wine. the stereo, too. and [Linda’s] desk, where his photo was. However, it was a photograph of him from before our wedding.

Dan later vacated the house he shared with Betty and his kids in February 1985. And he proposed to Linda in June 1988.

Linda Kolkena and Dan Got Married In The Backyard Of Their House

On April 22, 1989, Linda Kolkena and Daniel Broderick exchanged vows in their San Diego home’s backyard. The couple was from the Marston Hills neighbourhood.

They got married in their garden in San Diego’s Marston Hills neighbourhood.

Dan married Linda following their legal and formal divorce from Betty.

He might want to wear a bulletproof vest during the wedding ceremony, Linda advised as she grew increasingly anxious that Betty was a real threat. Dan denied, but he nevertheless hired some guards to keep an eye on the proceedings.

She continued to be concerned about Betty’s actions and frequently sought advice from a close friend. Documents to get a restraining order against Betty are being prepared by Sharon Blanchet and her divorce attorney.

Dan, however, refused to let Linda, his new wife, file the paperwork.

Betty routinely left rude messages on the Broderick answering machine and mistreated Linda Kolkena over the course of the more than five years that Linda and Dan were together.

Dan will deduct £76 ($100) from her monthly salary of £6,800 ($9,000) for each profanity sent.

Dan served legal notice on Betty on November 1, 1989, threatening her with criminal contempt charges if she continued to send him and Linda’s home phone rude and threatening texts.

The pair decided to be married despite the warnings and threats. Instead of donning a bulletproof vest, Dan improved the security of the house and hired a security guard.

Fortunately, the wedding was peaceful and harmonious. Later, the couple went on their honeymoon to the Caribbean.

Linda Died In Bed Beside Dan

One terrible night, the couple was slain in their own home, putting an end to their previously blissful marriage.

The couple had a wonderfully happy marriage in their own home up until one fatal night.

Tragically, Betty shot them both to death while they slept.

On the dreadful morning of November 5, 1989, Betty used a house key that she had stolen from her daughter to enter Dan and Linda’s home.

She walked to the bedroom while also brandishing a recently purchased revolver and began firing “really fast, no hesitation at all.” Three of the five bullets she fired struck Dan in the back, while the other two struck Linda, one in the neck and the other in the breast. Both were fatally shot.

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Dan was 44 years old when he passed away, and Linda was only 28. After a bullet pierced Linda’s chest and then her brain, she passed away instantly.

600 people showed up for Dan and Linda’s funeral at San Diego’s St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral five days after the attack. “She seems perfect to us,”

But she wasn’t, Maggie, Linda’s sister, said in her eulogy at the burial. She struggled with being on time.

The pair is interred next to one another at San Diego’s Greenwood Memorial Park.

Betty Blamed Linda for Sending Her a Poison-Pen Letter

Due to the seriousness of their legal conflict, Betty and Dan kept comprehensive records and filed them in court.

Finding a precise picture of the tension between Betty and Linda is challenging, though.

On the couple’s answering machine, Betty left voicemails in which she cursed Linda and called her a variety of derogatory names.

When Betty received an anonymous letter in the mail with a picture of Dan and Linda and the words “Eat your heart out, bitch,” she was sceptical that Linda was the culprit.

Betty claims Linda also gave her anti-wrinkle treatments and refused to return the wedding china.

Friends of Linda and Dan have consistently defended the pair, claiming they are incapable of the evil Betty claims that occurred.

USA TV Series Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story

The second season of the Dirty John anthology series, Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, explains the details of what Oprah termed “one of America’s messiest divorces.”

Dan and Betty Broderick were a wealthy San Diego couple, and news of their traumatic divorce process spread across the country.

The main characters in Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story are Dan and Betty, played by Christian Slater and Amanda Peet, but the show also explores how their conflict affected their four children and Dan’s girlfriend and subsequently second wife, Linda Kolkena.

Rachel Heller portrayed her in the role.

Kolkata finally paid the price for the bleak outcome of the divorce.

Months after the divorce was finalised, on November 5, 1989, Betty broke into Kolkena and Dan’s bedroom and shot them both viciously. In April of that same year, the pair was hitched. 28 was Kolkena’s age.

Betty Broderick is currently incarcerated serving her sentence. Three novels, numerous documentaries, an Emmy-nominated film, and now a Dirty John season have all been based on her narrative.

In Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, Betty’s perspective on the events leading up to the night she shot and killed Dan and his second wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick, on November 5, 1989, is the main focus.

Betty claimed that Dan, a well-known lawyer at the time, was abusing his “legal influence to cheat her out of her fair share of his seven-figure annual income” during their bitter divorce battle in the late 1980s, as we see in the series and what actually occurred, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Furthermore, Betty was subjected to psychological torture at the hands of Dan, according to her defence attorneys.

In the autumn of 1991, Betty told The New York Times, “He took my home, my kids, and my money.” The manner he thrashed you was a white-collar method. I could have exposed him to the public and forced him to stop if he had struck me with a baseball bat.

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It was a reality that shocked and split a large portion of the nation, with some seeing Betty as a cold-blooded killer while scoffing at her claims of mental torture and others even agreeing.

Finally, Betty was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder and received a sentence of 32 years to life in prison.

Where is Betty Broderick now in 2023?

Because of the 1989 killings of her ex-husband Dan Broderick and his new wife Linda Kolkena, Betty Broderick is still behind bars in 2023.

According to reports, Betty has twice been denied parole. Then again seven years later, first in January 2010.

The California parole board’s two members unanimously agreed in January 2017 not to grant her parole.

She will be 84 years old when she is up for parole once more in 2032, according People.

In 2017, Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Betty Broderick is an unrepentant woman.” “She has no regret and no understanding of the murders… They literally drove me to do this, she basically said.

According to People, Betty wrote a letter to Katie Dunn, the show’s producer, concerning her continued incarceration after the docuseries Murder Made Me Famous episode about her aired in April 2017.

According to reports, Betty wrote, “I have no one to speak for me.” This was an instance of domestic violence; the pattern of coercive control continued throughout our marriage until the day I killed them.

“I have met all criteria for parole, and my release date was 2010,” the letter continued. I’m merely a political prisoner right now. They have no justification for refusing me release.

Betty Broderick claimed that she still speaks to and sees her and Dan’s children, Kimberly, Kathy Lee, Dan Jr., and Rhett, in her 2015 autobiography Betty Broderick: Telling on Myself. They gave testimony during the parole hearing in 2010 when Betty came up for parole.

The siblings were now arguing about whether or not she should be allowed to go free.

When asked at the time, Kathy Lee stated to the parole board that “she should be able to live her later life outside prison walls.”

But according to her son Dan Jr., she was still “hung up on justifying what she did.”

He said, “I know in my heart that my mother is a good person. But she became disoriented on the way. It could be risky to let a lost individual back into society.

A Friend Of Daniel Broderick Speaks About The Murder

Betty Broderick murdered her ex-husband Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkata, his new wife of only six months, in November 1989.

Dan Broderick’s friend Spencer Busby voiced his amazement at learning of the killings. Busby claimed that Dan had received advice from friends to be cautious of Betty’s fervent disapproval of his new connection.

“I was stunned.” Dan was warned to use caution frequently, but I felt particularly sorry for Linda. Dan and Linda’s close friend Spencer Busby, an attorney who took part in the Oxygen programme, claimed to Fox News.

She was extremely young and still had the rest of her life to live. But she unavoidably found herself caught in a crossfire. You never want to imagine that someone could be so enraged, he continued.

After being married to Betty in 1969, Dan went on to get degrees from Harvard Law School and Cornell Medical School before founding a successful medical malpractice law firm.

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Betty grew angry that Dan ignored her and their kids as he pursued his star career, though.

Their marriage fell apart over time. By 1983, Betty had accused Dan of dating Kolkena, his newly hired legal assistant, who several people thought resembled a younger Betty.

Dan filed for divorce in 1985, and after being married to Kolkena in 1989, tensions between them and Betty only grew.

Dan was prepared to continue living his life, according to Busby.

His decision to wed Linda was a very obvious indication that he desired to begin a new chapter in his life. And he was incredibly torn. They had a long history together because he was married to Betty for more than 16 years. And he had not made the decision to continue living on the spur of the moment. He cherished his family. However, he wished to make things better for his kids. And things with Betty just weren’t improving,’ he continued.

Busby may somewhat understand Betty’s feelings because he is a divorcee himself.

But you just cannot support that sort of conduct. You can’t carry a pistol into someone’s house and expect them to engage in conversation,’ he remarked.

On the evening of November 5, 1989, Betty entered Dan’s San Diego, California house with the help of their daughter’s key and armed with a Smith & Wesson revolver.

After breaking into the house, she shot Kolkena, who was 28 at the time, in the head and chest, and Dan, who was 44 at the time, in the chest as they slept in their bed.

Busby claimed that Dan and his new wife Linda experienced a unique love.

Busby said, “From my experience, I would characterise their relationship as one of love.”

He claimed that the argument with Betty made the pair ’embarrassed’ and caused them to rarely bring it up.

Dan was attempting to choose how to handle the circumstance of Betty not letting go, the man claimed.

He was educated to leave everything to the judicial system because he is a lawyer. But it was difficult. The kids would hear her irate messages filled with profanity. He continued, “I suppose he was expecting that she would move on, too, for the sake of her kids.

Betty committed the crime when she was 41.

Even after their divorce, she claimed Dan had abused her physically and mentally for years even though she never objected to the deaths.

She had a successful parole appeal in 2017, but she won’t be eligible for parole again until 2032, when she’ll be 84.

The kids here are the ones that suffered the most loss. Both of their parents passed away. That is terrible. Here, a lot more things may have happened. This is a loser’s game,” By Busby.

Undoubtedly tragic and making national headlines is the story of Dan Broderick, Linda Kolkena, and Linda Kolkena. But throughout the entire narrative, nobody is joyful, and the children suffered the most.

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