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Latest Update On Super Potty Trainer From Shark Tank | How Is Is Doing?

Judy Abrahams and her business partner Chris Guerrera used the perfect platform for young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and businesses to a panel of industry moguls by appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ season 12 episode 25. The duo submitted their product, Super Potty Trainer, to the Sharks in the hopes of landing a one-of-a-kind investment arrangement.

The show’s revolutionary Potty Trainer piqued the curiosity of a number of viewers, particularly parents with children. As a result, it’s no wonder that fans are interested in learning more about their journey before to and following their presence on the show. So, in order to assist, we went deep to learn everything we could about Super Potty Trainer!

Super Potty Trainer: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Judy Abrahams and Chris Guerrera, the owners and operators of Super Potty Trainer, came up with the concept when they failed to toilet train their little daughter, Hayat. Judy’s kid, like many other children, was terrified of falling into the facility and avoided it at all means. Judy decided to leave her career as a paralegal to stay at home and design a fool-proof solution after this frustrating encounter. She figured she couldn’t be the only one who was having trouble with this.

Judy devised an adjustable support system for Hayat in 2015 after noticing that she only needed Judy to assist her from the back while she used the restroom. This device, formerly known as the Super Trainer, is shaped like a half-top hat and is made of silicone materials that limit movement. Judy started her company, I Got Your Back Baby, after seeing her innovation in action and bringing the Super Potty Trainer to market. Judy coupled with a local businessman, Chris, whom she’d met on social networking, a few years later.

Super Potty Trainer: Where Are They Now?

Judy Abrahams is said to have created 400 units in 2015 and sold 383 of them. However, when she moved from Arizona to New Hampshire, she teamed up with Christopher “Chris” Guerrera, the president and CEO of PACE Systems, who helped the company to new heights. Chris, who has a lot of expertise in the sector, came on board as soon as he noticed potential in Super Potty Trainer and quickly became an important part of the team. We should also highlight that he hosts a podcast called ‘Made in America,’ on which he frequently discusses this endeavor.

The Super Potty Trainer is made of high-quality silicone and is meant to limit the size of the toilet seat opening while also providing back support. The finest feature is that the device’s underside is lined with non-slip pads to prevent it from moving accidently. To install it, just lift the toilet seat, carefully set the trainer on the rim, and close the lid. The entire procedure will take less than a minute.

The product, according to the company’s website, measures nearly 7′′ long x 5.4′′ wide x 13.9′′ high and is appropriate for children weighing up to 30 pounds. Each Super Potty Trainer costs $24.95 and may be purchased through the company’s website, Amazon, Walmart, and their respective websites. Judy and Chris are actively working to increase their manufacturing and sales figures in order to solidify their position in the infant goods sector. They also donate to the Southern Arizona Autism Society.

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