Upper Moon 5 Gyokko: Gyokko’s Early Life, Powers And Abilities Explained!

If you ever see a lovely pot by the side of the road, stop and consider your approach. Who knows, Upper Moon 5 Gyokoo might live there. For those who don’t know, he is the demon that resembles a fish and nearly strangled Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito. He can be compared to Deidara in that he is even crazier and only thinks about his own art. He stitched the bodies of seven swordsmiths with swords just for his new artwork, so we know how incredibly sadistic he was. We have compiled all of the information on Gyokko’s skills and abilities here.

He is the strangest-looking demon we have yet encountered in terms of appearance. He hardly resembles a humanoid with his misplaced body parts, distorted face, and numerous infant-like arms. In contrast, he resembles a merman when he assumes his true form in times of utmost need.

Gyokko’s Early Life

Gyokko was once a young fisherman by the name of Managi before he changed into a demon. He led a very unconventional life and was despised by everyone in the area for stealing fishing jars. He lost his parents, who were fishermen, in a storm, and their horribly injured bodies were discovered amid rubble, adding insult to injury. That was the final straw that caused his mental stability to crumble altogether. A few days later, he killed and put in his fishing jar a youngster who had been making fun of him. As soon as the child’s parents learned of this, they stabbed him with fishing forks. When Muzan discovered him and made the decision to turn him into one of his toughest demons, he was left for dead.

Gyokko’s Powers and Abilities

Gyokko, like all other high-ranking demons, was incredibly adept at regeneration and endurance. He stands out from the others due to his unique ability to teleport from one pot to another, which makes him quite challenging to capture. He generated a number of fish-like demons during his invasion on the swordsmith village, and they took care of the demon slayer corps that was defending the village. Additionally, he has the power to conjure tiny fish-like creatures from his pot, whose poisoned spines render its target immobile.

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He fought Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito, who he kept imprisoned in his water prison for the majority of the fight, in which he displayed the majority of his skills. Later, once all of his transportation pots had been destroyed, he showed his real form, which included translucent scales and webbed limbs. Not only that, but he also conjured 10,000 gliding slime fishes, which devour the prey in a matter of minutes. Even if you split the fishes, the deadly liquid and dust are released first. Last but not least, when it comes to his non-combat skill, he excels at carving pots. I’m sure Muzan made a tidy profit selling them at the market.

Who Killed Gyokko?

Shadow Hashira After Upper Moon 5 Gyokko managed to escape the Water Prison pot method, Muchirio Tokito killed him. Gyokko appears to have dragged out his games with the swordsmiths for too long, giving Muchirio ample time to activate his demon slayer mark. After Muchirio mocked his artwork and shattered all of his pots, Gyokko went insane with rage. From that point on, Gyokko’s plans were unsuccessful, and he kept coming up with new ones.

There was no way Gyokko would have defeated Muchirio if it weren’t for his haughty and overconfident demeanour. Gyokko then went through his final change, which resembled a merman, and he asserted that he was able to transform anything into a fish by simply touching it. He didn’t get the chance to demonstrate his skills, though, as Muchirio destroyed him shortly after the transition using his Obscuring Clouds move. When the struggle ended, Muchiro’s poison had made him pale, and he quickly passed out. He needed many weeks to fully recover before he could resume his Hashira training.

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