Who Exactly Are Upper Moon 6? Who Are The Strongest And Weakest Upper Moon Demons?

Meeting a demon is obviously terrifying, especially if it belongs to the 12 Kizuki in a world where katanas are the most reliable self-defense weapon. It is the grouping of the 12 most powerful demons, who serve directly under Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon kingpin. The higher six moons and the lower six moons divided even such a powerful organisation. Since Muzan ate the majority of the Lower Moons before they had a chance to shine, we are not worried about them. Instead, we have ranked the Six Upper Moon Demons, who have long been a source of contention for the Hashiras.

The previous Upper Moon to pass away before Gyutaro did so roughly 113 years ago as a show of their power. The Lower Moon demons, however, were constantly replaced due to their inferiority. Muzan decided to eliminate all of the Lower Moons after realising their incapacity and turned to the Upper Moons to destroy the Demon Slayer corps. But not all of the Upper moons are equally powerful; some of them could even employ breathing techniques to outperform Hashiras in it.

The Upper Moon Gyokko

Gyokko is the demonic being whose look is the most peculiar and about whom we know the least. He raided the Swordsmith town and came close to wiping it out. He was incredibly challenging to capture because of his capacity to teleport from one ship to another. He could conjure demons that resembled fish and unavoidable fish that could throw their spines as a result of his passion with fish. Even Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, was imprisoned in water by him, and he nearly strangled him to death.


Upper Moon 3 Akaza

Akaza was the powerful demon who caused Flame Hashira Kyojirou Rengoku to die a horrible death. We had no idea that later in the series, we would lament the loss of the same demon. He used to steal money when he was a teenager to pay for his father’s medical care. After a while, his father’s ability to live off of stolen money became too much for him to handle, and he killed himself. His attempt to begin a new life with his master and her daughter Koyuki was also unsuccessful.

As a result, Akaza developed a psychological drive to become stronger in order to defend those who were important to him. He was regarded as a demon for killing people with his bare hands even before he met Muzan. His animosity was only increased by the demonization, which also weakened any remaining humanity he may have had. His ability to discern someone’s battle spirit is the secret of his rapid reflex. Even after having his head chopped off, he continued to fight, and Tomioka and Tanjiro would never have been able to defeat him if he hadn’t offered to die.

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Upper Moon 6 Daki

Daki wasn’t much of a danger to Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui, despite being an Upper Moon 6. Even Inosuke’s broken blade was enough to behead her as he casually chopped off her head. She probably wouldn’t have achieved an Upper Moon without Gyutaro’s help. Muzan claimed that Daki was the obstruction that resulted in the death of the first Upper Moon in 113 years after Daki and Gyutaro were both dead.

However, slaying seven Hashiras during her lifetime is more than enough to make her feel valuable. Even the hardest nichirin swords would struggle to sever her indestructible Obi, which she could appear into. She is even more unbeatable because beheading her won’t be enough to take her down. She and her brother Gyutaro had a telepathic bond, and the only way to kill them both was to cut off both of their heads simultaneously.

Upper Moon 2 Doma

The monster for whom none of us feel the slightest regret is named Doma. He was the mindless psychotic who delighted in consuming his prey, particularly if it was a young woman. When speaking, he is incredibly nice, but when fighting, he turns much more savage. Furthermore, he asserted that even someone as powerful as Akaza would not stand a chance against him in a fair fight.

The exceedingly apathetic Doma served as the god’s representative at a temple for years while continuing to eat his female followers. His Blood Demon painting is quite distinctive and has the power to thaw anything in its path. He has the ability to release air that is extremely tough to breathe. In times of need, he may erect a massive statue of a Bodhisattva that can freeze anything in its path. Shinobu’s poisons were the only thing that allowed Kanao and Inosuke to successfully murder him.

Upper Moon 4 Hantengu

Hantengu, who raided the Swordsmith village alongside Gyokko, is the original Upper Moon 4. He appeared feeble at first, but he ended up being the more bothersome one. His expertise is getting cut and splitting into various demons. The demon slayers didn’t immediately recognise his abilities, so they continued to slice them, only to find themselves encircled by four more demons. The worst thing is that, because the actual body was somewhere else, not even chopping off their head would kill them. Tanjiro discovered his sixth body, where his life energy dwelt, thanks to his improved sense of smell.

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Upper Moon 6 Gyutaro

The Upper Moon Gyutaro Gyutaro is the merciless demon who lived in the Entertainment District’s gloom and kept guarding Daki like a rock. He was the main cause of Tengen Uzui’s early retirement and killed about 15 Hashiras in his demonic lifetime. He was constantly despised and despised for being a human. However, the cruel world’s removal of his beloved sister broke his limit of endurance. Daki was burned alive by a samurai for using a comb to pierce his eye. When he transformed them into demons, Doma discovered a helpless Gyutaro alongside the half-dead body of her sister.

Gyutaro wielded a lethal pair of sickles as weapons and had mastery over the Blood Demon Art of Flying Blood Sickles, which allowed him to boomerang them in all directions. In addition, those sickles were coated in a poison that, even with a small cut, could kill a person. The longer the battle went on, even Tengen’s poison-resistant body began to slow down.

Upper Moon 6 Kaigaku

The Upper Moon 6 member Kaigaku Kaigaiku took Gyutaro and Daki’s places at some point in the Hashira training arc. He used to be Zenitsu’s senior under Jigoro Kuwajima, the former Thunder Hashira. He hated Zenitsu for being their teacher’s favourite, despite the fact that he was better than Zenitsu in every manner. When he learned that Grandpa Jigoro intended to name both of them as his successors, he reacted with rage. Over time, this intense hatred intensified until Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1, offered him the chance to become a monster.

He never regretted becoming a demon since he constantly sought the attention he believed he was lacking. Even worse, he quickly rose through the ranks of demons as a result of his power-fueled craving for human blood. He was definitely more powerful than Daki thanks to his thunder breath abilities. No one else could have imagined to blend his thunder breathing with his electrokinetic Blood Demon Art. He wouldn’t have lost to Zenitsu if he had perfected the first form of Thunder breathing slowly.

Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo

The Hashiras had to overcome Kokushibo as their last obstacle before reaching Muzan. You could say Muzan had the greatest faith in him as a demon. He was Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s brother and a human demon slayer corps from the Senkgoku era. Yoriichi was the first person to employ sun breathing. He hated his brother for being the more accomplished one since he was very little. He even uprooted his family to join the demon slayer corps in the hopes of one day outpacing his sibling. He had a few more years to live, though, thanks to the presence of the Demon slayer mark, so he decided to turn into a demon to lengthen his life and hone his moon breathing method.

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He developed sixteen types of Moon breathing throughout the course of his centuries-long existence, and paired them with his Blood Demon art of projectile-firing moons. Additionally, he could extend his katana anyway he pleased because it was created from his own flesh. Despite having everything, the flame of vengeance lit by Yoriichi aeons earlier defeated him. He understood in his final moments how pointless his life had been and how he would never be the “ideal guy” that his brother had been.


Upper Moon 4 Nakime

The demon responsible for building the Infinity Castle, which gave the demons the upper hand in the decisive battle, is Nakime Nakime. She had known Muzan for a very long time, and after Hantengu’s passing, she took over as the Upper Moon 4 from him. She is unquestionably the most aggravating demon to deal with due to her extraordinary capacity to entirely alter the environment around her. Two of the strongest Hashiras were halted by her as if it were child’s play. She is however weak in terms of endurance and sheer power.




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