Are Violet and Riley from 90 Day Fiancé still together?

A fascinating ’90 Day’ offshoot, ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ on TLC centres on Americans who have fallen in love abroad. Additionally, as the program’s name implies, it records the days that foreign nationals prepare their K-1 visas for travel to the United States. However, in order to create a happy life together, the couples on the show must deal with variations in habits, lifestyles, and customs, just like in most cross-border relationships.

Similarly, Season 6 of the show introduced us to Riley, a citizen of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, who fell in love with Violet, his Vietnamese girlfriend. In addition, cameras even caught Riley and Violet’s first encounter in Vietnam, when they both seemed to be much in love. But because people were now clamouring for additional information, we made the decision to find out whether Riley and Violet were still together.

Riley and Violet’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Journey

Riley, a resident of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and a former member of the American military, was 48 years old at the time of filming. Having little time for romance while serving in the military, he started looking for a life partner as soon as he was discharged. The US citizen did have a few love relationships, but he also experienced a lot of betrayals, which led to a severe problem with trust. In addition, Riley’s damaged heart made him avoid romantic relationships for a long time until he met Violet on an online dating site.

However, Violet, a 43-year-old Vietnamese native of Ho Chi Minh City, too has a troubled dating history. She was previously married, the show discovered, and had two daughters, but she was distraught when her marriage quickly disintegrated. But with the support of her family, the Vietnamese native gradually recovered and even started hunting for love once more. That is when Riley finally caught her eye, and the two quickly became good friends. Naturally, their friendship quickly developed into romance, and they started spending a lot of time talking on the phone and watching videos together.

Riley even became close with the majority of Violet’s family; he was eager to meet them all in Vietnam. Despite the fact that the two appeared to be in love, the American refused to declare “I Love You” because he thought doing so would result in a betrayal. In addition, Riley was not fully trustworthy due to his trust issues, and he questioned whether she was seeing someone else behind his back. When Violet began criticising him to his father via SMS, these problems grew worse. The US citizen even asked a private investigator in Vietnam to follow his girlfriend at one point.

Riley’s suspicion of Violet’s every move seems to have increased after his trip to Vietnam. He was also dissatisfied with how she decided to spend her day elsewhere despite the fact that he had flown halfway around the world to meet her. Sadly, their worst argument started over a text that a male coworker sent to Violet’s phone. Riley, of course, was immediately suspicious of the communication and enraged when she said it was private. In fact, he threatened to break up with her after calling her a liar. The argument also altered Violet’s family’s perception of Riley; they now thought she wouldn’t be content with him.

Are Riley and Violet Still Together?

The couple almost fell out because of Riley’s problems with trust and Violet’s insistence on keeping a certain aspect of her life confidential. He clearly felt quite awkward about the whole thing and did not enjoy how her family mistook the communication for a joke. Additionally, Violet’s loved ones made it clear that labelling her a liar was severe and that they would not tolerate such behaviour going forward.

However, recent events seem to indicate that Riley and Violet have patched things up and are still together. In example, there is no hint of a potential breakup in a picture he recently published of himself and his partner from their time in Vietnam. However, readers should be aware that the US citizen had to return home after his visa ran out, and it appears that Violet and he are currently residing in different nations.

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