Warrior Nun Season 2 – Unanswered Questions Explored

In its two-year run, “Warrior Nun” on Netflix has already taken a number of fascinating detours. The series, which centres on the Order of the Cruciform Sword (the OCS), a group of demon-slaying nuns, and its most powerful member, the Warrior Nun, has surprisingly sensitively addressed subjects including misogyny and politics. But what it’s done well is build up the main mystery over the course of the series before ending in a very unexpected way. Finding the culprit behind Sister Shannon’s death was the central mystery of Season 1. After all, Shannon was the final Warrior Nun, which meant that she had a relationship with the enigmatic Halo relic, which had previously given life to Ava, our paraplegic hero.

The power-hungry Cardinal Duretti appears to be the prime suspect in Shannon’s death, and her diary entry suggests that she was on the verge of learning something prohibited about the Halo’s covert history. Adriel, an angel whose remains were found under the Vatican, makes an appearance. Ava and the Order’s sisters reach the vault under the guidance of the compassionate Father Vincent, only to discover that Adriel is still alive and is truly a demon. Father Vincent is shown to be the traitor, clearing Duretti of any involvement in the plot.

The confrontation between the OCS and Adriel that leads to a fierce finale is the focus of Season 2. Even after that conflict, there are still lots of unanswered concerns regarding the nature of reality itself and the viability of a holy war. Let’s talk about the main unsolved issues from “Warrior Nun” Season 2.

Whose side is Sister Lilith on?

Everyone assumed that Sister Shannon’s replacement as the Warrior Nun would be Sister Lilith, a member of the OCS. She seems like a natural candidate because of her fortitude, combat prowess, and six generations of Halo-bearers in her family. Lilith is enraged when the Halo choose to go with Ava instead. Just seconds after attempting to kill Ava, she dies battling a terrifying creature known as a Tarask, saving her.

She is dragged by the Tarask to the Other Realm, where she is changed and returned to prevent Adriel from being set free. She develops teleportation abilities, demon claws, and a potent healing factor. She asks Adriel for assistance with her transformations, such as the development of scaly skin. Adriel activates her massive, leathery wings and demonic second sight. She falls in love with him and rebels against the OCS.

She appears to have peace of mind after defeating Adriel. She assists Sister Beatrice in navigating the portal with a dying Ava to the other side. She foretells a holy battle and asks Bea to join her on the same side. How does she know that this conflict will break out? Who is fighting whom in this conflict? What precisely transpired to her over there? All of them appear to be the most crucial inquiries about Sister Lilith in Season 3.

What will happen to Ava?

Ava faces off against Adriel in the “Warrior Nun” Season 2 finale, but none of her strategies work. After finally using the Halo’s power, she summons Tarasks to murder Adriel, although this nearly kills her. After suffering terrible harm from both Adriel and Lilith, she loses the use of her legs once more, and because the Halo has been drained, she is unable to repair herself.

Sister Lilith explains that there is only one way to heal her, which is to send her through the gateway to the Other Realm, but Sister Beatrice won’t let her go. Only Lilith and Miguel are known to have been abducted there and returned. In order to stop Adriel from being set free, Lilith is brought back in the shape of a demon, and she gradually takes on more demonic characteristics. As a child, Miguel travels there, is raised by Reya, the ruler of the Other Realm, and then returns with amazing superpowers and a built-in Divinium bomb.

What will happen to Ava? Will the Other Realm ultimately be seen by the viewers? Will Ava have a role to play in the likely upcoming Holy War if she makes a return? Will she bring the Halo back? Will she develop the same distorted personality and goals as Miguel and Lilith? What percentage of her experience will she be able to recall, and how will this impact her interactions with the sisters in general, and Beatrice in particular?

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What does Reya want?

Reya’s introduction is a major unknown for “Warrior Nun.” She is a being of godlike power, the ruler of the Other Realm, and Adriel’s previous master. What Reya desires in the human world is a mystery. Is she nice or wicked, or does she defy categorization? She is referred to by Adriel as a tyrant who has subjugated a whole realm. He steals the Halo for this reason, flees to the human realm, and provokes Reya’s wrath by summoning the terrifying, demonic Tarasks, who are ordered to kill him and retrieve the Halo.

When Adriel instructs Dr. Jillian Salvius to construct a doorway to the Other Realm, things become even more complicated. Michael, Salvius’ son, runs through it, but Jillian is turned away. When Lilith is sent through with recording equipment by Jillian, she is compelled to return. Salvius hears her say that the other realm’s intelligence has made it apparent that Lilith is not wanted there. Salvius decodes the signal and discovers a picture of Reya’s face, which appears to be evil. Ava discovers the Tarasks are Reya’s guardian slaves in a dream about her.

Reya is weakened when she gets drew into the world of things. She is about to be subjugated by Adriel utilising the Crown of Thorns’ energy-diminishing abilities. Reya stops them from killing Ava and offers her a nod before departing to her home realm when Ava summons the Tarasks and Adriel is murdered. But the issue still stands: What does Reya desire from the world of matter?

Who will become the next pope?

In Season 1 of “Warrior Nun,” Cardinal Francisco Duretti is one of the more evil characters. Several hints about Sister Shannon’s murder go in his direction. He appears to be an obvious villain because of his general hostility toward the Order of the Cruciform Sword and his aspirations to become the future pope. Of course, the major plot twist of the season is that he was completely ignorant of Adriel’s existence. He only attempts to stop the OCS because he views them as troublemakers who could undermine his pope ambition.

He does in fact become Pope Duretti, and when he realises Adriel’s presence is a threat, he unleashes a full-scale attack. He tries to assemble a coalition of other well-known clergy figures, but Adriel is always one step ahead because he has spies in every major religious institution on the planet. That includes having a number of Duretti’s most reliable allies.

Duretti attempts to expose Adriel on global television, but the scheme fails and Adriel’s bizarre lightning abilities cause him to disintegrate. Duretti’s passing leaves a major leadership gap for the Catholic church, even though Adriel is vanquished. Who will take his place? What position will he take on paranormal phenomena in general and the OCS in particular? Is there a possibility that one of Adriel’s former thralls assumes control? The outcome will significantly impact the Order of the Cruciform Sword.

Is Adriel actually dead?

Adriel is fleeing from a Tarask sent by Reya to murder him and take the Halo when he first shows up on Earth. There is a purposeful amount of doubt regarding deity, just like there is with everything else in “Warrior Nun.” Areala, the first Warrior Nun, is able to see right through Adriel’s deceptions despite his claims to be an angel. Instead of saving her, he painfully implants the Halo within her in order to successfully conceal it from the Tarasks. He cannot be killed on this realm, not even with the Halo or Divinium-based weaponry, that much is certain. Areala tricks him into being imprisoned because of this.

Adriel freaks out when Ava calls the Tarasks after failing to murder him in another way. Ava only wants to stop him, regardless of the fact that he knows the Tarasks will kill everyone in the room. He is stabbed in the back by one, and two more people rip his body apart as his very being disintegrates. When his control over his followers is ultimately lost, they are horrified and come to their senses.

But what if he isn’t really dead? Nobody is aware of the true nature of creatures like Adriel and Reya, other than the fact that they originate from a realm that resembles both heaven and hell. What if he reuses his essence in Reya’s golden metropolis after his demise on Earth? What if he and Ava end up there as prisoners and are forced to establish an odd alliance? He has a lot more potential for mischief.

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Is Shotgun Mary still alive?

One of the season one “Warrior Nun” breakout stars was Sister Mary, also known as Shotgun Mary. One of Ava’s fiercest guards and believers, the irascible, profane, and fiercely devoted nun frequently places herself between Lilith and Ava to shield the latter. Mary takes it the hardest but yet fights back the quickest when Father Vincent betrays them. As a result, she is killed and left for dead in Adriel’s army of wraith demons. Mary goes missing at the start of Season 2 and is presumed to have been abducted by Adriel. Before telling Lilith that Mary is dead, Father Vincent manipulates the sisters.

Shotgun Mary will return for Season 2 according to showrunner Simon Barry, who stated this in an interview with Screen Rant. Toya Turner, the actress who played her, departed the programme, according to Barry, for “personal reasons.” Their introduction of additional characters with fighting philosophies and spirits comparable to Mary’s, like Sister Yasmine and Sister Dora, caused them to stumble a little.

Even if the show hasn’t yet been renewed, it’s vital to remember that Mary’s body is never discovered and that the exact phrase used to refer to her is “Mary’s gone.” Mary could easily be alive and held captive elsewhere. Another alternative is that she visits the Other Realm and meets Reya there. Once the show is renewed, perhaps everything will fall into place and Turner will be able to return.

Where does Father Vincent turn?

Father Vincent’s Season 1 storyline focused on a guy who had led a difficult, violent past but found redemption by becoming a priest and offering the sisters spiritual support in addition to physical protection. He supports them in their search for Adriel’s bones when things get tough. Naturally, he has been Adriel’s thrall the entire time, and it is he who kills Sister Shannon to take the Halo for his master. It works out wonderfully for Adriel that the Halo is given to Ava, a non-warrior who seems to be amenable to manipulation.

Father Vincent still serves Adriel after that treachery, serving as one of his most dependable and well-known lieutenants. In a museum, he sets up a trap for the OCS and coldly informs Lilith that Shotgun Mary is missing. He starts to question his master’s motives though, and when he witnesses him destroying the pope, he steals the Crown of Thorns and changes sides.

Though they don’t have much of a choice, the OCS is reluctant to accept his assistance. They are helped by Father Vincent, and Adriel is vanquished. He removes his clerical collar. Now that his confidence in everything has been shaken, where does he proceed from here? Does he continue to seek forgiveness from the OCS and fight with them? Does he just disappear? Does he seek for a new deity to worship? He is a crucial wild card due to his abilities and influence.

What becomes of the OCS?

The global headquarters of the Order of the Cruciform Sword use both contemporary and conventional methods of communication. Despite being a secret to the majority of the world, their mission to combat evil draws admirers from all over. Adriel realises that they are his greatest foes at the start of Season 2, so he ambushes them with his own supporters all around the world. Outposts start disappearing before Mother Superion and Camilla can reach them, despite their best efforts to alert everyone to the danger.

Thankfully, there are enough sisters who have gone off the grid to provide as a vital second line of defence against Adriel. The remaining sisters, under the direction of the extraordinarily talented Sister Dora, are essential to defeating Adriel and his energy-focusing cross. Ava, Mother Superior, the sisters Camila and Beatrice, and others are still present. Sister Yasmine, a member of a Coptic order dedicated to the Crown of Thorns, is also introduced to them and accepted into the OCS.

Mother Superion has since passed away, and Ava has gone home. Will the OCS attempt to reassemble its force? Who will succeed Mother Superior as Mother? The most logical option is Sister Beatrice, but she struggles with choosing between duty and love. Beatrice might decide that she must fight the impending battle and needs all the allies she can find with a new OCS if she is aware of it.

Will the romance between Ava and Beatrice get a chance to blossom?

The romance between Sister Beatrice and Ava is one of the slowly developing Season 1 plotlines that is resolved in Season 2. Beatrice reveals to Ava that she is a lesbian and experiences social exclusion, which is why she has put so much effort into becoming the greatest at everything. Beatrice and Ava withdraw to a tourist town in Switzerland to train after Adriel makes himself known. They spend a lot of time focusing on Ava’s control over her ability to phase through objects, which includes walking on water, because she needs to master it if she wants to stand a chance.

Additionally, they collaborate in a pub where Bea manages and Ava serves drinks. They go dancing after Ava gets Bea intoxicated for the first time. Both experience jealousy toward other people, especially after Miguel enters their life. The fact that they would go to any lengths for one another is evident as Ava kisses Beatrice. Bea responds immediately after Ava tells her she loves her as she leaves and goes to the Other Realm to recuperate.

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What will happen to their relationship now that Ava is in the Other Realm? Will Ava’s drastic transformation if she returns cause them to split up? Will Bea find it difficult to hold onto her emotions as Ava inevitably becomes a new, possibly horrific form?

What does Dr. Jillian Salvius use her tech for now?

Because she exploits sacred artefacts from the OCS and is directly opposed to the church, Dr. Jillian Salvius is cast early on as one of the story’s major villains. It seems blasphemous that she wants to build a portal to heaven, but she is not acting for political gain. She only does it in the hopes that by going through the gate, her critically ill young son Michael will be healed.

Of course, Adriel, who implanted the idea in Michael’s sensitive mind, is the one who came up with the first thought of building a gate. To capture Reya, he seeks a portal for his own gain. She is devastated when Michael rushes through the gate, leaving her behind. At the conclusion of Season 1, she does assist the OCS, and when Michael makes a comeback as Miguel, she plays a more active role. She is furious to hear that Kristian, her friend and business partner, has betrayed her by joining Adriel’s inner circle and using all of her resources to develop technology that makes him stronger.

Adriel fights Jillian and loses, but Jillian still loses her son to him. She will now decide what to do. Will she attempt to disable this technology, possibly leaving Ava stranded? Will she undertake the trip by herself in an effort to confront Reya? How will the loss of her son affect her mental state?

What will the Holy War be fought over?

The most intriguing tidbit about “Warrior Nun” after Season 2 is revealed by Sister Lilith in the finale. Sister Beatrice warns Ava that a holy battle is coming and that she hopes they would both be on the same side after assisting her in moving Ava to the doorway to the Other Realm. Who will fight in the conflict if Adriel is dead and Reya has safely returned to the Other Realm?

There hasn’t been much information provided regarding the Other Realm, including how long there have been invasions from there into Earth’s past. What effect has Reya had on humanity if she is a godlike being and possibly the manifestation of what people consider to be god? Has she ever had to deal with rebellions like Adriel’s? Have angels and demons ever made it to Earth before? If so, what effect did they have on people?

There is a suggestion that superior beings may decide to utilise Earth as a battlefront. Who will Reya face in this conflict, if anyone? Given if Lilith decides to support Adriel, will she have Lilith working against her? How will the Halo and Ava be involved in the battle? What are the war’s objectives and what are the stakes? The only thing that is certain is that the stakes for “Warrior Nun” were drastically escalated in Season 2, and Season 3 may do the same.

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