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Where Is I Survived Bear Grylls Filmed: Adventure Spots Revealed

The popular survivalist Bear Grylls and comedian Jordan Conley provide a combination of game and survival shows on TBS’s “I Survived Bear Grylls.” Every episode introduces a fresh group of players who have to overcome a variety of special tasks created with inspiration from some of the most illustrious and memorable exploits of Bear Grylls’ past. He gives the nation’s armchair explorers a chance by assessing their physical and mental prowess rather than putting his own survival skills to the test.

At the conclusion of each episode, the last competitor standing gets to declare, “I Survived Bear Grylls,” and they also get to keep the big cash prize. Since every activity and challenge the competitors take part in takes place in the outdoors, viewers are left wondering where and how the “I Survived Bear Grylls” production team managed to film. Would you want to get more specifics about the same? Should that be the case, we have you covered!

I Survived Bear Grylls Filming Locations

The Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia serves as the shooting location for “I Survived Bear Grylls.” The first season of the reality show’s principal photography is said to have started in October 2022 and ended in November of the same year, giving it about a month to wind up. Let’s now explore the woods where the survival games are set and learn more about each unique area that appears in the TBS series!

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

The Atlanta Metropolitan Area, sometimes referred to as “Metro Atlanta,” serves as the main shooting location for “I Survived Bear Grylls.” The cast and crew reportedly used McDonough, a city in Henry County, and its chilly, rainy forests for filming a number of important scenes for season 1. To give viewers and competitors a sense of realism, the production team constructs the whole set of tasks on location in the middle of the forest.


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Bear Grylls discussed the set and acknowledged that the tasks were not easy for the competitors in a May 2023 interview with the New York Post. “We completed a tonne of challenges, and it was a lot of fun to come up with all these things, which I’ve experienced in the wild numerous times,” he remarked. They had to cross a mud pit with a live alligator inside, splint a simulated broken leg, get shocked by 50,000 volts of electricity, and attempt to recover a broken cellphone—all of this occurred while they were being pelted with water and in excruciating pain.


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Grylls went on, saying, “We always have a large team of medics and survivors there. We drove them to the brink of their physical, mental, and emotional limits because they were suffering from hypothermia and had near-misses with axes, bows, and arrows, among other weapons. In addition, some Atlantan locations appear in the survival series.

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