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Netflix’s Paradise: Behind the Scenes Revealed

In the near future, a biotech startup called AEON has made the groundbreaking potential of transferring years of life from one person to another possible. Boris Kunz, Tomas Jonsgrden, and Indre Juskute are the film’s directors. Naturally, this increases the company’s revenue as it grows into a billion-dollar big pharma behemoth. Emma now decides to sell 40 years of her life to AEON and take care of the insurance for the time being when she and her husband Max are confronted about the insurance claims that they and their family cannot afford to pay.

The AEON employee Max, on the other hand, makes an effort to make up for her wife’s lost years. He kidnaps Elena after learning that the CEO of AEON wants to end her life, which sets off a manhunt for the couple, causing them to flee their home and remain on the run. Many viewers tend to be curious about the location of “Paradise” given the futuristic scenario and modernised versions of various locales. If you are a person who is naturally curious, we have you covered!

Paradise Filming Locations

“Paradise” was filmed in Berlin and Vilnius, particularly in Germany and Lithuania. The sci-fi movie’s principal photography reportedly started in February 2022 and appeared to end in June of the same year. Without further ado, let us to walk you through every single site that appears in the Netflix film!

Berlin, Germany

To begin filming “Paradise,” the production crew established a base of operations in and around Berlin, the nation’s capital and largest city. They allegedly travelled to several neighbourhoods and streets throughout the city to film various scenes against appropriate settings. Numerous interior sequences appeared to have been filmed indoors in a real establishment, based on appearances. However, it’s possible that the production team shot parts of the futuristic interior scenes for the movie using the resources of a movie studio.


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The majority of the exterior sequences were shot on site because some of the streets were given a futuristic makeover. As a result, there is a good chance that many of you may recognise some well-known structures and landmarks that had slight alterations made for the film, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam Square, Charlottenburg Palace, Museum Island, Neues Museum, and Victory Column.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The directors and their team travelled to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, for shooting reasons in the later phases of the project. According to rumours, the future love story also takes place in various Lithuanian sites, primarily in the area around Vilnius. Regarding filming in Vilnius, the German line producer Stephan Barth had a few things to say. It’s fantastic to be back working in Vilnius, he said. You can usually rely on things to go smoothly in this city because it has always been a production-friendly place.


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The film benefited quite a bit throughout production and had roughly a few hundred extras and background performers thanks to Lithuania’s 30% tax advantage. Despite the city’s significant historical and cultural landmarks, it was able to serve as one of the key filming locations for a futuristic movie. Along with ‘Paradise,’ Vilnius locations have appeared in a number of other films and television shows. “Vesper,” “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “Zero. Lilac Lithuania,” “Beforeigners,” and “LX 2048” are a few of the prominent ones.

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