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Amy Fisher Married: Did She and Joey Buttafuoco Reconcile?

When she met and fell in love with Joey Buttafuoco when she was 16 years old, Amy Fisher’s life took a different turn. Then, on May 19, 1992, when she was 17, she attempted to murder Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her lover, making matters worse. When it was revealed that she worked for an escort service during her attempted murder trial, the scandal and the specifics of the case only got worse. As a result, this tale was the focus of a few TV films and specials. Then, nearly three decades later, ABC’s ’20/20′ decided to commemorate it in an episode named ‘Growing Up Buttafuoco. However, let’s limit our attention for the time being to Amy Fisher and her interpersonal connections.

Is Amy Fisher Married?

Amy Fisher was sentenced to 15 years in prison with the possibility of parole after five years on December 2, 1992 after being found guilty of the lesser crime of first-degree aggravated assault. She filed a complaint in 1996 while she was incarcerated, alleging that the prison guards there had repeatedly raped her. In addition to asking to be sent to another prison, she demanded $20 million in damages. Her claims, however, were found to be untrue in 1997 by the United States District Court for the Western District of New York. The case ultimately came to nothing. But during this period, Amy’s victim Mary Jo met her mother and began writing letters to Amy.

did amy fisher marry joey,amy and meg,fisher married

As a result, Amy had the support of her victim when it came time for her to appear before the parole board. Mary Jo claimed to have pardoned Amy and approved of her release. So, in 1999, when she was 24 years old, Amy Fisher regained her freedom. She then made every effort to advance. A few years later, specifically in 2003, Amy wed former NYPD officer Louis Bellara. They later relocated to Palm Beach, Florida, where they first enjoyed a happy life with their children. Amy, a mother of a son and two children, claims that her husband Louis was instrumental in influencing her decision to pursue a career in the sex industry. He has refuted this accusation, nevertheless.

A viral amateur sex tape of Amy and Louis from 2007 showed them engaging in sexual activity throughout their home and garden. Amy claims that Louis intentionally made this public in order to capitalise on her and drive her into the entertainment industry. This is conceivable because of the tape’s role in Amy receiving offers to star in other adult films, strip clubs and TV shows. However, as we already said, Louis has always refuted these allegations, claiming that Amy and her agency were actually the ones who leaked it and that he was never involved. In 2015, after a few years had passed, he filed for divorce. That year, the pair permanently split apart.

Did Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco Try to Get Back Together?

did amy fisher marry joey,amy and meg,fisher married

Amy and Louis were momentarily apart at the time the sex tape was made public in 2007, and there was much media speculation about Amy getting back together with Joey Buttafuoco and setting him up on a date. However, their affair, which for a period dominated tabloid headlines, was only for show and financial gain. They took advantage of the media because they were broke and needed money. After all, they were confident that people would love their tale.

In a dramatic and extravagant reunion spectacular that aired on Entertainment Tonight in 2006, Amy, Mary Jo, and Joey all made appearances. Following this, Amy and Joey went on a “dinner date” in public in 2007 as a result of the phenomenal ratings. It appears that this was an effort to lay the foundation for a reality show that was never picked up. Even though the current relationship is inappropriate, the couple’s connection was real in the 1990s, but it was a charade in the 2000s.

As for their current situation, Joey has been wed to Evanka Franjko since 2005, therefore there is no chance of a relationship developing between him and Amy any time soon. Additionally, we don’t think Joey will ever be able to forget that Amy attempted to kill his then-wife once when she was driven by excessive jealousy. According to what we know, Amy Fisher is currently single, living with her kids again in Long Island, New York, and making money through webcam shows.

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