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Alone Season 9: Where Are They Now?

History’s “Alone” eliminates all pretence of comfort by having contestants compete for a monetary reward of $500,000 by living in the woods for as long as they can. Ten contestants are featured in the survival show, which takes place in a remote location with deadly wild animals and subzero conditions. The competitors must hunt, fish, and scavenge for food and water because neither is guaranteed. Season 9 of the reality TV programme will premiere in 2022 and has a really compelling premise. Therefore, if you’re interested in the contestants’ whereabouts as well, look no further because we have all the details right here!

Where is Juan Pablo Quiñonez Now?

The Canadian survivalist continued to write his book, “Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide,” after winning season 9. Juan, who was born and raised in Mexico, lived the most of his childhood travelling and surviving in the outdoors. His passion of exploration endures even after the show, and he advances along with his partner Jennifer, the reality star in his 30s.


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Juan sells a number of goods via his website in addition to continuing to serve as a survival expert, outdoor professional, and wilderness first responder. The specialist sells a number of items essential for survival in the wild and provides guidance on adventures through his web blog. Juan is utilising his monetary award to buy a house and begin a family with his fiancée.

Where is Karie Lee Knoke Now?

Karie’s experience on the show had captivated innumerable viewers and left them in awe. Juan ultimately defeated the reality star, who had worked in corporate for many years before retiring to the outdoors. However, the survivalist from Northern Idaho still lives off the land even when not filming the show. Through her business, Sacred Cedars Wilderness School, Karie continues to instruct individuals in wilderness survival and primitive living techniques. Herbal treatments and energy medicine are some of her other creations.

Karie collaborates with pesticide research specialists to examine the effects of dangerous pesticides on the food that people consume while using her knowledge to make creative cures and essences. The following year, she plans to publish “The Art of Sacred Living” and introduce an experiential programme. Karie, who is getting close to 60, is still a voracious explorer and adventurer who looks forward to developing each day in harmony with nature.

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Where is Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan Now?

The physician from Canada, a former corporal in the Canadian Forces, came into the competition with confidence in his skills. The star ultimately finished third on the show, despite the fact that his preference for plant-based treatments and tactical manoeuvres had given him the ability to survive in the wild. Dr. Teimojin is nonetheless pursuing new endeavours and broadening the scope of his skills. At Grey Bruce Health Services, he is currently providing his medical services.

Dr. Teimojin, who now has his own channels on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, uses his knowledge to instruct families about medical emergencies in survival circumstances through his business, Survival Doctors. He has an online business where he offers emergency trauma first-aid supplies that has received FDA approval, in addition to the instructions and courses he provides through his website. He also highlights his work as a lecturer and medical advisor. Dr. Teimojin, who is in his 30s and engaged to Gabrielle LeClerc, keeps making new memories with his loved ones.

Where is Adam Riley Now?

Adam, a native of Fayetteville, had travelled extensively before boarding “Alone.” He has expanded his repertoire beyond his traditional roles as an alpaca shearer and treehouse builder by using his survival abilities. The ‘Alone’ season nine alum now writes about his opinions and experiences as a shearer on his blog. Through his website, he also offers tool sales and imparts information on his trade.


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Along with his co-star Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan and other individuals, Adam has also undertaken an excursion via The Northwest Passage. Additionally, the crew is building its own boats for this adventure. The actor, who is getting close to 40, is taking on new tasks with his partner Hannah Evergreen and their dog Bellerina Trotsky.

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Where is Jessica (Jessie) Krebs Now?

Jessie, a former Air Force SEER instructor, possessed a number of abilities that allowed her to survive in the wilderness. After leaving the programme, she started her own company, O.W.L.S., where she imparts survival skills to women and guides them through rigorous training in how to live in the wild. For Masterclass, Jessie serves as a guest instructor as well.


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The wilderness skills instructor and survivalist frequently posts videos of her trips on YouTube. Jessie provides lectures and courses on her website and has been as a guest on the podcast “Why We Hike.” The 50-year-old reality star from Colorado is still developing her skills and growing her company with her lover Blake.

Where is Tom Garstang Now?

Born in South Africa, the regenerative farmer and practitioner of prescribed fire in Virginia used his special abilities to survive on the show. He was raised by his game ranger father and had a lot of experience in the wilderness before arriving at the show. Tom has carried on honouring the memories of his loved ones and mentors even after his departure. In his late 30s, the celebrity enjoys spending time with his family and partner Ashley while also excelling as a leather artisan and conservationist. His outdoor games business also provides a number of wilderness journeys.

Where is Terry Burns Now?

Terry had made the decision to move to Alaska and enjoy the abundant natural beauty firsthand after quitting a ten-year employment in the building industry. He’s still working as a commercial fisherman in his 30s. When he’s not at sea, Terry continues, as usual, his backpacking journeys. Living off the land in the port town of Homer, Alaska, he cultivates his love for nature in addition to making life-changing experiences with his parents.


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Where is Benjamin “Benji” James Hill Now?

Benji was forced to tap out earlier than anticipated due to an unexpected medical problem. The Idaho-based hunting and pack goat adventure guide, however, keeps speeding up. Benji has been using a traditional bow for more than 30 years, and he still performs quite well in many areas. Along with maintaining his survivalist mentality, he also hosts camps for adults and kids via his website.


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On his website, Benji also offers backpacking trips with goat assistance, high-country fishing, and pack goat hunting. Nearing his fifties, the former powerlifting world champion enjoys spending time with his wife Erin, their daughter Zoe, and their two dogs.

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Where is Igor Andre Yvan Antoine Limansky Now?

On day 20, Igor gave up after failing to find a quality protein source that could sustain him. Nevertheless, the first-generation American and Armenian-Egyptian continues to work with refugees as a community leader and live off the land. Igor’s responsibilities as an industry leader extend beyond providing coaching for public narratives and leadership development to consultation on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Not only that, but Igor also provides retreats in Southern Idaho’s mountains and rivers. The leadership consultant from Utah, who is in his forties, travels to new places with his wife and dog, Enzo.


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Where is Jacques K. Turcotte Now?

The ice climbing-focused glacier guide was in his 20s and well-equipped to withstand the bitter cold. He lives off the land by fishing and foraging. He is skilled in bushcraft and shooting animals. Jacques continues to take part in new activities as a tour guide from his home base in Juneau, Alaska. He married his partner Catherine soon after leaving the programme, and they added another furry member to their family. With their pets, Rue and Pip, the pair embarks on new journeys.


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