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Ultimate Smoke Spots : 5 Best Smoke Spots on Dust 2 Map In CS: GO


Players have been asking what the greatest smoke placements are since the legendary Dust 2 map was updated in CS: GO.

While some of the previously used smoke sites remained the same, CS: GO players had to make minor changes to a few others. This was due to changes in the environment’s elevation or the presence or removal of inanimate things.

The five best smokes in Dust, CS:most GO’s popular map, will be detailed in this post.

The greatest CS:GO5 smoke places on the Dust 2 map.

A Long smoke

A Long is a popular destination for players at the grassroots level of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, regardless of whether they are on the terrorist or counter-terrorist side. When playing as a counter-terrorist, a player can usually reach A Long far faster than a terrorist, preventing the place from being flooded. As a result, it’s usually a good idea to lay down a smoke grenade to effectively deny counter-terrorists the initial look and give entry-fragging terrorists the upper hand.

To do so, the player must first enter the deep tunnels and make their way to the left corner near the exit.

Then they must align their crosshair in the angle depicted in the image below.

The player only has to jump and throw the smoke grenade after that.

CT crossing smoke

It takes a lot of practice and precision to execute the CT smoke because it depends on how long the player runs before tossing the smoke grenade. First, the gamer must locate this tile in A Long.

The terrorists must block off the CTs hunkered down in CT Spawn in CS:Dust GO’s 2 in order to carry out a Mid to Bombsite B push. To accomplish so, a player must first go on the XBOX platform, as demonstrated below.

Mid to B Smoke

Players must then line up the crosshair with the roof right over the golden tooth emblem and conduct a short sprint before chucking it.

The crosshair must then be aligned as illustrated below.


T Spawn to A Short Smoke

To do this smoke, the player must tuck oneself into a nook near T Spawn, as illustrated below.

The CS: GO player must then align the crosshair and do a running leap throw, and the smoke will appear to obscure the terrorists’ approach to A Short.

XBOX smoke

The XBOX spot is the iconic box sitting beside the catwalk when heading down T Ramp towards mid doors in CS: GO’s Dust 2 map, which allows players to effortlessly jump up to A Short. One can question what this smoke spot’s significance is. Countless CS:GO players have paid the price for trying to enter into A Short from Top Mid without it.
To make this smoke, the player must first move outside of Long Tunnels and towards Top Mid, aligning their crosshair with the left side of the arching shadow as shown below.

Then they must look to the right, place their crosshair in this location, and simply spew smoke.

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